Unwanted Energy Followup

Let’s talk about Inflammation again. There are two kinds; the Medicos describe them as “Acute” and “Chronic” but do not really tell you what they are or how different the treatments are for each.

Ok. Let’s start with Acute; that is Infection. All kinds of infection; on our skin and deep within our bodies. Antibiotics work marvelously on this type of inflammation, but tend to be useless against the other kind of inflammation.

What is Chronic Inflammation? It’s complex, but gets back to that energy component that I wrote about in the Unwanted Energy post. Say you have been bitten by a cat and it got infected. You go to the ER and get a big shot of some antibiotic and, perhaps, a tetanus shot. You also get a prescription for a 10-day course of more antibiotics. Soon, you will be healed?

Not so much. Yes, the Acute Inflammation, the infection part, gets healed; it is no longer pussy. But why is it still red and why does it take another week or so (or longer) for the redness to go away.

That redness is the Chronic Inflammation. I don’t like that term. Yes, it connotes a persistence, which is true, but I like “Embedded” better. When the cat bit you, it put its teeth into from two directions and exerted pressure from several directions in the tearing motion. All of that energy got embedded into your body and your body takes a lot longer to resolve/release it.

Say you are a football player and get hit hard a lot or maybe you were in a car wreak and got thrown around. What does your body do with those energy impacts? The answer is not well known; it stores them in what you could call “cysts” or containers.

The body does not really know what to do with this impact energy and does what Oysters do when sand gets in; they put layers around these “cysts” and the cysts get bigger as more impact energy is added. People have these impact cysts in several parts of their bodies.

These are all Embedded Inflammation. So, all of us are walking around with stored impact energies and over time, these cysts start to leak. It is inflammation and seeks to link up with other inflammation in the body. Not so much the Acute type, which tends to be transitory, but the persistent type called Chronic.

The Medical Community is all abuzz about Inflammation being the root cause of many, if not all, dis-eases; what they are talking about is the Embedded Inflammation.

In the last 50 or so years, the world has been waking up to the need for energetic healing modalities; think Reiki and Cranial-Sacral. Both of these can be used to release stored energy cysts among other things.

In my last post, I wrote about your wrist being an energy release switch. I am getting a bit more specific now; it is a release switch for Embedded or Chronic Inflammation. You can set your Intent to release this kind of inflammation from anywhere in your body. Say you have diabetes and you know that your pancreas and/or liver are inflamed; that is the embedded or chronic type. Say you have a skin condition that will not go away. Say you have the ultimate form of chronic/embedded inflammation – cancer.

All of these are forms of energy that your body is attempting to deal with. All of them may be from eating too much sugar for decades or being exposed to the wrong chemical, but all of them are expressions of how your body is handling them. And, yes, all of them are “Embedded” Inflammation.

I have written that your body is like a computer or phone and that you are the owner, administrator, supplier and programmer. If this is so, you can install new programs/apps or change existing ones. Here is a new programming idea; use that energy release switch to install and run a program to release the embedded inflammation creating issue for you. Rock your hand or hands back against your wrists and then, say, “Release all chronic/embedded inflammation in my body.” Then say, “Install it and run it.” That may be too broad, but that is the idea. You can easily focus on your primary issue first and go one-at-a-time for any other issues.

Remember, other forms of Embedded Energy that you can release include blocks on your money, success, health, sex, pleasure, joy, etc. Yes, this switch is that powerful.

Ok. What about pushing your hand down against your wrist, does that work? Yes, but in support of the wrist rock up efforts already started. The wrist rock-up starts the program and the wrist rock-down adds either more or faster (different, but supportive) energy.

Perhaps, the wrist rock-down should be the primary programming tool for money, success, health, sex, etc. Not sure, try it both ways.

Another thought, you can do ankle rock-up and rock-down programming as well especially for issues related to your feet and legs.

I am not saying that this is a cure. I am saying that everything has an energy component and this is something that any of us can do. Try it, you may like it.

Think about it. The term Man means hands. Our hands are incredible important to us. It makes a lot of sense to put these two incredibly important energy switches right where we can use them both most effectively.

Emotional Impact Energy Addendum:

It is not just physical impact energy that is stored as “Embedded” Inflammation. We all have significant emotional events that our body stores as energy cysts as well. There are many examples but heartache and being wronged are two big ones. We don’t tend to think of these as being chronic or embedded inflammation, but they are.

When we seek forgiveness, we are trying to get someone to help use release this energy in ourselves and the other party(ies). Some forgive and forget, but others forgive (maybe), but do not forget. That is stored emotional impact energy.

This stored emotional energy can have significant impacts on our health and well-being especially when combined with other embedded energies.

These energy release switches are incredibly important tools for all of us.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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