War? or Not

The Plandemic is falling apart. Everyone is starting to realize that the jabs and boosters do not work as advertised.

Now, it is going to become increasingly obvious that many millions of people who got the jabs/boosters will start dying. That was the plan all along; the Elites wanted to get the population of Earth down to 500 million (instead of the 7,000 million).

So, what are they to do? Simple, the old one, two, distraction. Threaten a war. Get everyone spun up about fighting the Russians or the Chinese (or both).

Guess what? It is not going to work. Why? Because it requires fear to be the primary, operative energy. That is no longer the case; freedom is the new operative energy in our world.

Oh SHIT. The distraction is not working. Putin realizes that if he goes into Ukraine, he will lose Kaliningrad; it will be gobbled up by Poland with help from the US Army. What’s even worse, Belarus will be turned against Russia like Ukraine was. Then, there is the effort to seize parts of eastern Ukraine which include the Donbas regions and Crimea.

What people do not understand is that the world of Russian tanks and air defenses has been bypassed by technology. The Israelis have demonstrated to everyone that they can bomb Syria at will; the S-400s do not work. If the Israelis can do that, do you think the US Air Force can’t? What’s worse, antitank missiles work very well.

So, if the Russians attack Ukraine, their air defenses will be destroyed quickly. Their tanks will be hit by 1000s of antitank missiles and stalled in a cold nightmare. With their air defenses gone, the A-10s will come in and thoroughly destroy their tank forces. What happens to Russia when the world watches the complete destruction of the Russian Military Machine? What about all of the “Istans?” Are they going to be getting 1000s of antitank missiles next?

Our world has changed. Most of us do not yet realize how much it has changed. Fear is now operating at 20%; it used to operate at 80%. People, everywhere, are starting to realize that we can all live with Covid; it is not going away. But we are also realizing that we do not need masks, jabs, boosters, vax passports, or mandates. The FEAR is evaporating.

Same for China; it is a failed state. The Debt Bomb is exploding. They cannot buy enough coal to make enough electricity. Never mind the export manufacturing, they cannot keep their people warm this winter. Australia and Indonesia are both refusing to sell the Chinese coal; oh shit. The Chinese banks and local governments have run out of money and they cannot borrow any more (too many defaults). Every company, except the stupid ones like Apple, is moving out of China as fast as possible. Yes, the Chinese have a huge Navy, but must depend on the US Navy to allow all of its oil shipments to get there from the Middle East. What happens if the US Navy stops protecting the Chinese Oil Shipments? What happens if the Indian Navy stops the oil? Or the Indonesians? Or the Vietnamese?

China only got big because everyone was on the same side. It could send its exports out into the world without having to fight the Japanese, the Koreans, or the Taiwanese. Take the US Navy away, now what? None of those container ships will get through; along with all of that oil and raw materials.

My point is that we have all been conditioned to be fearful about all of the fighting that happened in the last century.

We will all be having other concerns moving forward. Nearly everywhere, we do not have the populations to sustain ourselves; not enough young people to replace all the old retiring/dying. By 2050, the population will be reduced to half what it is now, even without Covid. To make things worse, 2022 is the first year of the next Mini Ice Age which could last 100-400 years. Food production will be reduced, but so will our population. Food production will have to be moved further south (or north Downunder).

What happens when all the Baby Boomers retire in the next 5 years. They will stop paying taxes and will all move to places where they do not have to shovel snow. Even worse, they will become takers from the government (no longer givers). What happens to all of the social services in the places that they are leaving? What about all of their knowledge, skills, expertise? Has the next generation figured out how to replace them?

Don’t panic!

This site is all about new directions. You can transform yourSelf into a NewBeing. What does that mean? Among other things, you can be given a young, healthy body with a lifespan of 300 more years (or more). Wow, that’s different. Why? How?

When you make the shift from Fire Being to Earth Being, your energies and vibrations go up.  Everyone who moves on the NewBeing path will be given more time to make more advancements. Again, with youthful, healthy bodies. This is a huge change in how we will view ourSelves.

As more and more of us move into NewBeings, we will also get more capabilities or powers to change our world using Majik; the new 80% Freedom energy.  All of our lives we have called this new force “Technology.”

Our world is changing as it always has. But, the changes coming at us now have not been seen for at least 10,800 years; we remember the last time as a “Golden Age.”

Love, Light and Laughter,


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