Evil is being Driven to Aggregate in Evil Places

The energy shift has happened; the Plandemic is over. The jabs are now a matter of conscious choice (increasingly). Mandates and masks are gone (increasingly). Omnicron is the death knell of Covid; it is infecting everyone and making all of us immune. Vaccine Passports are being withdrawn; not needed. The Panic of our government leaders has, somehow, been reduced to the old normal. We are now living with Covid like we used to live with cold and flu; yes, people will die, but so what? There is always risk in living.

My point is that the shift from 80% negative to 80% positive has happened. Fear has been replaced by Freedom. This is just the beginning of this phenomenon.  We all just watched the Dark side try to destroy the US Senate; it failed. We just watched a year of failure after failure by Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Schummer. BoJo may survive, but I am not betting on it. Truss is another Deep State disappointment.

Back to my title; the Dark side has been reduced to 20%; it cannot rule like it has for 10,000 years. Now what? It will tend to accumulate in Dark places.

What are these Dark Places? We all know them well. London, Brussels, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles. These are the cities of the Left (Dark). These are the cities that have defunded the police and have gotten very WOKE. Darkness still has 20% of the power in our world; it has to go someplace and put up its walls of self-protection.

These cities will degenerate into lawlessness. The good people will leave them and shun them for about 30 years. They will die, be burned, looted, and gang warred until the good energies get around to recapturing them from Evil. Paris is being recaptured already. London will be recaptured in the next 10 years.

What about the WOKE companies? WOKE Governments? They are being transformed from Fear to Freedom now, but it will take a year or so. WOKE is dissolving and it will go much faster than most of us realize.

The UN, the EU, and the CCP are all very Dark side organizations that are being dissolved on a priority basis. That applies to the Deep State/Davos/Bankster groups as well.

This is really GOOD NEWS. Stay away from the Evil Places. Forget the memories of past events; they are just Evil places now and will get even Eviler moving forward. Focus on the good energies and people who share common customs, traditions, and beliefs.

Big cities are dying all around us. When we could move away and work remotely, the dying started. The lockdowns and high crime finished it for most. Globalism, Critical Race Theory,  and Wokeism are the Dark side; run the other way.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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