We All just got some Gifts from Spirit

It, normally, takes Spirit three (3) days to brings a major new creations into our world. Why three days? One answer is 3 dimensions (height, depth and width). Another is 72-hours which is 9, the number of completion.

OK. Light took over from Darkness, officially, on the 22nd. Light wanted to mark that occasion with gifts to Gaia and all of her people. Guess what, we all got these gifts on Christmas and none of us had to pay a penny; what a concept.

Let’s talk about Gaia first; Gaia is our Planetary Goddess who lives in an Inner Sun hanging in the center of our Hollow Earth. No, it’s not a solid core of iron and nickel. Gaia has a Priestess, in Human form, who live amongst us. She doesn’t understand why the EPA is not stopping the dumping of raw sewage.

What is Light’s gift to Gaia? A clean Earth; all of the polluted areas whether they be sewage, chemicals or radioactivity will be cleansed. All of these things are left-over from the reign of Darkness. We are all getting a fresh start, environmentally. Yes, this includes Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Ok. What about Human-kind? There are two kinds of Humans on Earth; those who were genetically engineered by the Annunakis as slave peoples and those who came here as Warrior-Colonists from the seven Human Planets in the Pleiades. We tend to call these last, Europeans, but it includes all of the Slav peoples (Russian and Northern/Eastern European).

The good news is that everyone/every person who is here now, today, on Planet Earth has received these gifts. Ok. What gifts? We will think it is our Medical Technology, but much longer lifetimes. As of 2015, those who survive the coming Earth Changes will tend to live for about 500 years and those who transform themselves, far far longer. What a second, if I’m 90 years old and trapped in an old, dysfunctional body; this is a gift?

Yes, because it is gifts, with an S. The first gift is longevity. Why? To give us all more time to get it right (right, is also, Light). The next gift is regeneration or youthfulness. Our DNA has been changed to allow us to stay in our “30s” physically for most of that 500 years. How is that possible? The Stem Cells have been reprogrammed; the cells, when they reproduce, will no longer degrade. For people over the age of 30, their cells will be reprogrammed to revert physically, to age 27 for men and 22 for women.

Yes, we will become like salamanders; we will be able to grow new arms and legs, new teeth, renew our vision and hearing and taste and touch. Our Medical technologies will enable much of this, but the underlying “allow” at the genetic level has been changed.

Wow, even if many people leave, our population will explode. Not true. With this gift of longevity and health and youthfulness comes less, much less, fertility. Having children will be a rare, celebrated event in communities. Women will not ovulate “normally;” they will only start to ovulate when they can (are allowed to) get pregnant.

Telepathy and telekinesis will become the new Norm; most will have limited powers, at first, but capabilities will expand to astonishing feats, to us today. We will call this Teleporting. In our mental communications, we will be able to talk to each other and to animals like horses, dogs, cats, dolphins, whales and sea turtles.

More people will receive the gift of Clairvoyance where they can see a “setup” unfolding a few minutes, hours or days in advance. Everything is a “setup;” there are no accidents or luck or happenstance or coincidences.

Some, not all, will receive the ability to “jump” from one location to another, instantly. This is one of those powres that will be reserved for those who can transform themselves into Newmen or Newomen.

Is that all? Are there more gifts? Yes, everyone will receive more “talents” or “capabilities” to pursue, or not. And why not, we will all have much more time to develop them.

When will these gift manifest themselves? It has started already, at a small level. More and more Light will be pouring into these gifts for everyone; be patient, it will happen for you.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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