Light has Taken Over; Now What?

There are three entities that Darkness has put a lot of energy and effort into: the US GOVERNMENT (US GOVT), the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU).

People do not realize it, but the legal, Constitutional government of the United States ended when the Southern Representative and Senators left at the beginning of the Civil War. The US Congress, like many other governments and organizations, was using something called “Roberts Rules of Order,” which requires a quorum to get business done. This is fairly logical; there must be enough representative present to have enough votes to pass or fail a measure.

When the Southern Law-Makers decamped from Washington, DC, roughly half of the Congressional representative left. A quorum in Congress was 60 percent, at a minimum. Whoops, Congress had only 50 percent and could not, legally, conduct business. What did Congress do?  They disavowed all of the rebel, Southern States and ejected them from the Union; now they could have a quorum and get business done. While Congress was trying to figure out how to do future business, the Executive took the initiative to promulgate “Executive Orders”; these had not been authorized or legal prior to the break-down of the Federal Government. Executive Orders or Memos are not mentioned in the US Constitution.

OK. The Union Forces won in the battlefields and the Southern States were brought back gradually in the Re-Construction Phase, but the US Constitution was broken and they, the people running it, never had another Constitutional Convention to give the United States a re-birth.

So…the United States GOVERNMENT, is, essentially, a Military Dictatorship with non-binding Constitutional trappings. Darkness took over the United States in 1861 and has been very much in charge ever since.

OK, what about the UN? If allowed to continue, the UN will become a World Government with the full powers of military, police and taxation. This is, of course, without a constitution that is the basis for personal liberties like speech, assembly and privacy.

Ok, same for the EU. It already has the power of regulation and taxation and what a mess it has made of it. The EU does not have a constitution either.

All three of these organizations are very DARK; full of fear, force and control. All continue to grow-in-size, reach and power at the expense of individual freedoms.

OK. Now, that Light has taken charge, these three organizations will be attacked and destroyed, vigorously. It is going to be like the Vampire caught in the Light shriveling into dust/ash. When this sudden change will occur, I am not sure, but probably, in February. There must be enough light being focused through a magnifying glass to burn the paper.

So…Sudden changes to our world are, definitely, coming.

How about the world’s financial system? What about all of the bankers and brokers? Are they or the Light? Not so much. Will these Dark structures burn down as well? No, but they will melt into something that Light can do something with; you know, injection moulding.

Will people still get money in their bank accounts? Yes. Will credit and debit cards still work? Yes. Will food and gasoline still be available? Yes. Will the Internet, Wi-Fi and Smart Phones/Tablets still work? Yes. All of these have been gifts from Light.

Will all of the Darkness-oriented people begin to leave? Yes, the Great Return (to Spirit) will begin in January 2015 and continue through December 2017. Those who remain after that will be survivors and will be allowed to stay. Focus on staying alive during the next three years.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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