We are all experiencing a Shift! What is It?

Some say we are experiencing a shift in dimensions and others a shift in density. These are both true, but they miss the mark. What we are experiencing is an increase in Awareness or Consciousness. It is not so much a place that we are going to, but, somehow, we are getting bigger from within.

I am going to confuse some when I say we are doing this by imploding. We know a lot about exploding, but not so much about imploding. We use imploding every day in the form of “UltraSound” which was not invented until the 1930s. Sound is somehow turned back on itself to become more powerful. We use Ultrasound to see what is in the womb, but it can be used for so much more.

Everything starts with our Sun. His name is Solar. Yes, as in Solar System. And yes, the Earth’s name is Gaia. Whatever happens on or in the Sun also happens on each of the planets and moons orbiting around Solar. I have written about the Mini Ice Age that we have just entered; it could last for 800 years. It, too, is Sun driven. We are entering a long period of infrequent Sun Spot activity that we call a Solar Minimum. When the heat coming from the Sun is reduced, it gets colder on all of the planets.

Earth is kind of unique as planets go of which there are millions in our multiverse. For whatever reason, Earth received very different vibrations over a long period of time than any other planet anywhere. There is no such thing as an accident; everything is planned or a “Setup.” Having said that, what happened on Earth was unexpected.

Just like a bag of popcorn in a microwave oven, things began to change rapidly on Earth. This degree of change had never happened on any of the other planets (millions) before. Wow, something “big” was happening on a small planet on the fringes of the Milky Way spiral.

What we do not realize is that whatever caused the popping sound on Earth, also happened to our Sun (and other planets/moons) as well. OMG, the Sun, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt, and the other planets are all going through the same shift?


Just to help you understand, the increase in Awareness or Consciousness is happening to Solar and everything in his system. This includes the gas giants, Mars, Venus, Pluto, and, even, Planet “X” which is Nibiru (the homeworld of the Annunaki). Say everything had “X” amount of awareness before; we are talking about a 3X increase in the awareness/consciousness of rocks which includes crystals (and any metal). For Humans, this will be a 10X increase in Awareness. We will all, suddenly, be more aware of our connections to each other and everything. We will understand at a more powerful intuitive knowing who Gaia is, where She is, and what Her rules are. Big changes coming.

So…This popping coming from Solar and His System; is it nearly complete (the bag of popcorn)? Yes. It was timed to be complete when the Solar System entered the new Aquarian Age. Everything in our multiverse is governed by cycles; the Great Year is a supercycle and, for us, so is a New Age.

We enter Aquarian energy Officially on January 1st, 2022. The last six months of 2021 will be a ramp-up of the increased awareness/consciousness for Earth and our Solar System. People, in vast numbers, are “waking” up or being Awoken. I do not mean “Woke,” which is still part of the old energies that are fading away. Yes, it is noisy, but still fading.

This is part of the shift from Darkness to Light; Darkness only has 20$ of the power in our world (now). On June 1st, Light will have 40% available for use against Darkness. On July 1st, Light will have 60% available to fight Darkness. Again, Big Changes coming.

With all of this increased Awareness/Consciousness, Humankind will experience an increase in its abilities to Create. Everyone will transition from being a 3-level (or 3 Plus) to a 5-level Creator. This is not a new dimension or density, but a huge increase in our capability to “Manifest” or just wish things into being mentally. Do you want to catch that big fish in the pond? You can. Do you want more money in your bank account? You can have it. The ages-long control of the people by money and food and pandemics and war is coming to a screeching  Halt.

Every one of us will be getting increased powers/powres to bring what we want to ourSelves. It will be even more important to become “Conscious” Creators as our abilities to bring bad things to us will also be increased. Those people who are mostly focused on the negative will be able to bring lots more pain, stress, and anguish to themSelves and those around them.

It will take a while, but people will be more aware that what they think (and say) is what they get.

We must all stop the negative “self-talk” where we limit ourSelves. Change the “I can’t” to “I can.” Drop the “Not,” it kills your creations.

For those of you who have tried (and tried and tried) to release your Blocks; here is some wonderful news. All of those blocks were put there by Darkness as a 3-level Creator. Darkness and Light will both remain at the 3-level; they will still be powerful Creators, but Humans will be more powerful. Those of us to Create Consciously.

So, with this huge increase in Awareness, is there something coming that will replace Darkness and Light as 5-level Creators? Yes. It is called Right-Spin energy.

Wait a second, only Light/Right-Spinners can put themSelves into the Cube or become NewBeings? Yes, true. For now, DarknessLeft-Spin does not have a mechanism to become New Beings; they would have to give up too much control. Remember, they are all about more Fear, Force, and Control.

For now, the new 5-level Creator force is totally under the power of Right-Spin energies. Again, Big Changes are coming.

Yes, Darkness and Light can still mess with us, if we allow them. Yes, they know all the correct buttons to push, but we can remove the “Nots.” (Do Not, Can Not, Will Not, and Shall Not)

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people on Earth are strong Left-Spinners (85%); that is 17 out of 20. Because this Left-Spin orientation is “hard-wired,” they cannot undo their focus on Fear. They cannot become a New Being and their negative focus will bring a lot of pain, stress, and anguish on themSelves.

These people will be using their new Creation powers to setup departures from Earth; they will not be allowed to stay. They were very comfortable in the old energies dominated by Fear, Force, and Control, but can not adjust to more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility, and Doing-the-Right/Light-Thing. This is the baseline for the new Aquarian energies.

I will close with a recap on Aquarian energies. Women are dominant; not men. Going your own way is supported; not following the leader/school/flock/herd. It used to be that not following the leader was dangerous or fatal; no longer. Intuitive Innovation is supported; not gatekeeping credentials. The powers that Be have lost their powers; new ideas/technologies will no longer be suppressed. They will no longer be able to buy up an idea or kill the inventor; that is no longer supported.

Politicians, Multinational businesses, the Bankster, and the Media have all demonstrated how untrustworthy they are. This energy will no longer be supported. Big Government will become Small and accountable. The Hive will be dismantled.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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