Who is Merln and What is his background?

Hello All,

Shortly, there will be 60,000 different emails that follow this site (Subscribed).  Thank you, I guess.

As always, I do not sell or share any information with ANYONE.  I keep it hard to find this site; it is only for those who are “supposed” to find it.

I posted a Who I am and What my Background is on my technology site; here is a link.


One of the biggest differences between Right-Spinners and Left- is that we (Right-Spinners) have the ability to visualized complex things mentally. We tend to think that everyone can do this, but they cannot and it really messes with their minds.

2021 is getting ready to be a much better year; the second half. Aquarian energies are, finally, taking over. Darkness, and all of his minions, are getting ready to have a very bad, no-good year.

The old 80-20 rule is getting ready to be reversed. It will still be valid, but stacked against the interests of Darkness. Yes, 80% of problems will still come from 20%, but Light will have the 80% position.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Merln/Dave Maxwell


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