We are All Inventors, NOW

I keep writing about Light taking over. What does that mean?

We have all accepted our world and our place in it; it is all that we have ever known. Just for fun, imagine everything in our world (money, banking, medical/health, housing, clothing, transportation, education, food, wine and beer, and police, courts and governing) is sitting on a huge table cloth. We are being told that we can take anything off the table and replace it with something better; yes, we have that powre.

If we can rid of the fearful things, the force that makes us do things that we do not want to do, the control of people and things over us. Say, we want to get rid of crime, especially the crime like robberies, rapes and home invasions. These are all, frequently, power games being played by Dark assholes.

OK. Here is my charge to you. Stop thinking how awful or bad or negative things are. How many times have you said, “I wish I had the power to change THAT?” But, then you said, “I don’t have the power.” Guess what, we are all creators and can create on Creation Days (you know, 14-days). Start using these days to create the world you want. How would you change things if, you had a Majik Wand?

Well you do, start using it. The new Light Templates are in place, but are waiting to be “written” on. Oh, you can stand on the sidelines and wait for others to create the new world, but why?

Just re-member, you are creating with Light and you cannot use fear, force or control. You cannot make people do things, they must want to do them. There will be no more enforcement or punishments. Emphasize the positive, more freedom, more choice, more integrity, more self-reliance, more self-responsibility, more self-actuating. You are creating for other Light Beings; they will get it.

What about the Dark types? Their world is going upside down; they will not get it. Their world is all about the application of fear, force and control; what do you mean there is not one or two ways to do everything? The take-over of Light will be chaotic to them; way too much freedom and choice for all of these “common” people.

So…Now is the time to start thinking about how to make this world a better place. But, do not day-dream as these creations may actually happen. This month the monthly 14-days (5th, 14th & 23rd) are also Triple-14-days (1+5=6 plus 2+0+1+5=8, 6+8=14). Yes, I am being serious. Yes, this is important. And Yes, you should do this.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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