Timing, Order of Things to Come

Many people have started drawing parallels to what happened in 2008 and are predicting a great crash in 2015. Yes, folks, this is going to happen, but not for the reasons being stated.

Yes, Light has taken over and yes, Darkness has been in charge for 6.5 thousand years. Do you think that Darkness has given all of it’s people ALL of the Money??? Do you think all of those billionaires got it by being sweet and kind, granting freedom and being truthful? Nope; they got it by using their Dark powers. Think about it; it is incredibly hard for most people to get a million units of currency. A $Billion is 1000 $Million and getting that is not something ordinary people get.

Oh, it was luck, or a fortunate accident, or good happenstance; there is no such thing. EVERYTHING is a Setup by Spirit and these Setups are implemented by Dark Forces for Dark-oriented people and Light Forces for Light-oriented people.

While Light had, only, 20 percent of the power, it had it’s people keep their heads down. Don’t make a big splash of success or you will be stomped on (by Darkness).  I used to call it “living down in the weeds.”

So…For those of us who have been down in the weeds for a long time, we now have a front row seat on the destruction of wealth for all the Darkies (no race is implied).

These same people who are warning us of the impending financial disaster have started pointing to “black holes” where great wealth will just disappear.  We all know that there is many times the amount of digital money than actual currency; it is a factor of at least 1,000,000 and perhaps, many more than that. Then, there is this thing called derivatives which is a casino for banks and governments.

Guess what, the Banks and Governments have lost their “shirts” on the derivative game; that is why the Central Banks will not let the interest rates raise. If the interest rates go up, they will not be able to pay their losses and the entire “piggy bank” shatters. This is what happened to Lehman Brothers and it’s going to happen to all of the big banks this year; sooner, rather than later.

The derivatives are the “black holes” and huge amounts of wealth will just disappear into them. All of a sudden, the amount of capital, cash, credit, currency, etc. will be greatly diminished because all of the digital money just disappeared.

What about the great amounts of debt that all of the nations of the world owe? Just like Argentina, they will default and declare that they no longer owe anyone. Can that happen in China? Yes, definitely. How ’bout Europe? Again, definitely. Russia? Oil is killing Russia as I write. How about the good ‘ol US of A? Yes, the US will default on most, if not all, of it’s 18 $Trillion in debt.

I there a choice here? If it were just men making decisions, they might be able to keep the bubble inflated, but it is a force greater than Man that is calling the shots and Light is hitting this bubble with a sharp point. The bubble is going to go, “POP” and deflate rapidly.

The US Stock Market is now around 18 thousand and the US Treasury Bonds are nearly at zero percent interest. By the end of this destruction of Dark wealth, the stock market will be around 2.5 thousand and TBills around 7 percent. The markets will fall in stages and appear to recover, just to suck in more Dark Wealth.  This cycle will completely destroy the wealth amassed by Dark-oriented people who are most of the people on the planet.

OK. What about real estate? Won’t that still be valuable? The money is going away; no one will have money to buy. Real Estate values will plummet just like the Stock Market. This post has been dedicated to describing the coming destruction of wealth, but there same Dark-oriented people will be “leaving” in large number because they cannot stay here. This is not going to be optional; those who are powerful in Darkness will be forced to leave (die) and go to another planet for rebirth. When all of these people start leaving, who is going to buy the houses? Or the products? And who is going to pay the taxes? The Beatles’s had a hit song, “Ticket to ride.”

The Times, They Are A Changin’.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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