We are at the Tipping Point; Time to Use Your Majik Wands

I have written about the 90-day transition from the control of Darkness to the control of Light.  This 90-day period started on February 13th and has nine (9) ten-day periods that my Spirit Guide asked me to call “Innings,” as in the American Baseball game.

On Monday, March 25th, we entered the 5th Inning.  This is the middle Inning of 9 and represents a significant shift from Darkness to Light.  Over the next few days, we will pass through a “tipping-point” similar to a see-saw and will see a dramatic shift in power to the Light.

Fortunately, unlike a see-saw, this increased powre of the Light will last for another 2,160 years before another tipping point is reached.

So… In celebration, I have a gift for all of you.  Along with the shift in power from Darkness to Light, we are shifting from Magic (Dark) to Majik (Light).  To use Majikal Powre, you must have a Majik Wand.  Unlike Harry Potter, we all carry our Majik Wands around with us all-the-time; it is our forearms with a special fist.

To create this fist, take your thumbs and put them into the center of your palms and then wraps all four fingers over/around your thumb.  This works for both hands; yes, we have two Majik Wands (most of us).

Try this out.  Make the fists with both hands.  Now relax.  You do not have to worry about when to use your wands or even how to use them.  You now have to pay attention to when you make this special fist.  It will seem unconscious or automatic, but your Spirit Guide will tell you to use your Majik by making the fist for you; you just have to pay attention to the circumstances that you are in.

Do not hesitate.  Put your wand or wands up and point them in the needed direction and release your Majik.  It is really that easy; no Hocus-Pocus or magic words necessary.

The first time you use this, it will probably be to help someone you know.  You cannot use it to help yourself directly, but you can use it to help a group that you are part of.   What the Hell are you talking about, you ask?

You can form a Triumvirate or a group of three people.  This group can be family, friends, and loved ones or special Light-workers that you know.  Only form Triumvirates with people that you know and trust.  Once the Triumvirates are formed, you can use your Majik to help everyone in the T-Group, even yourself.   If it doesn’t work our, you can dis-band the Triumvirate; after all, you are the one who created it.  Ask for guidance from your Spirit Guide or Inner Being; they can help a lot.

Will this work for everyone?  No!  It will only work for those who have at least 70 percent Light.  If you have 50-69% Light, then you must find a way to move more to the Light.  Ask you Spirit Guide to move you more to the Light; it is that easy.  But, you have to start paying attentions to what your Spirit Guide is trying to do for you to get there.

Love, Light and Laughter (LLL),

Merln, the Majikan

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