Your “Green Lantern” Energy Suits are Almost Here

Ever wondered why we had Super Heros in comic books and, subsequently, in movies over the entire life span of the baby boomers and younger generations.  This has been Spirit’s way of telling us that, we too, will have and use Super Powres.

I have been prompted by my Spirit Guide to watch Iron Man and Green Lantern frequently and I keep asking why?  Am I going to be getting an Energy Suit that protects me and keeps me warm/cool and breathing while I am doing super things?  I keep getting yes.

We are into the 4th Inning of Light’s Take-over from Darkness.  The 3rd Inning was largely devoted to filling up all of our cells with various kinds of energy that we can tap into or use as powres like flying and building energy constructs, like in the Green Lantern movie.  Apparently, that movie presents a good understanding of the kind of powres and energy suits we, Newmen and Newomen, will have soon.  They will be Purple, not Green, and they will have a rotating Tetrahedron (for Fire Beings) or a Hexahedron (for Earth Beings) instead of the Green Lantern on the chest.

If you haven’t seen “Green Lantern,” go get it from NetFlix or find it on-line.  It is worth trying to wrap your mind around, but without the drama of bad guys; our bad guys are the very dark Humans who will resist their loss of control.

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