Welcome to 2013 – Nothing Happened in 2012, Right?

Those of you who have spent any time at all reading my stuff know that I have been talking about the arrival of Aquarian Energies for quite a while.  Well ….. it is here and it arrived without fanfare on December 22nd, 2012.

OK, what does that mean?  In short, we ended the age of Pisces and completed the last Great Year cycle; we also completed the 5th age of the Mayan calendar system.  We also began or started a new Great Year cycle of 25,920 years which starts when we entered the “photon” belt.  The “photon” belt is a torroidial (doughnut-like) vertical structure composed of intense Light particles; it too, matches our 25,920 Great Year horizontal diameter.

When we entered the “photon” belt or Aquarius, we began a new age that will last for 2,160 years.  Ok.  So what?   Aquarian energies are very different than the energies of Pisces that we all know so well.  Piscean energies are all about “schools” of thought like schooling fish and follow the leader.  We were in Aries before Pisces and Taurus before Aries; both of them were follow the leader energies in the form of flocking sheep or herding cattle.

Ok.  I am breaking the rules on the order of things; Aries is supposed to be first and Pisces is supposed to last.  But if we have been in Taurus (Minotaur of Crete) and Aries (Old Testament sacrifices using Lambs) and Pisces (the Christian symbol using the Fish) and we have now entered Aquarius; then we are going backwards.  Guess what, Aries is not first; Aquarius is First.

So, how is Aquarius different than Pisces?  The symbol for Aquarius is a woman (not a man) standing at the top of a pointed mountain (think conical) and pouring water from a jug onto that pointed mountain tip.  The implications will take a while to sink in.  Each water droplet is allowed to find its own way down the mountain in Aquarian energies.  There are no schools of thought or established ways of doing things.  This is chaos to people happy with Pisces energies where there was so much more “order.”  All of those suppressed technologies will be allowed to come into the Light of Aquarius.  All of our organizations and institutions will no longer be supported by the energy of the universe.  Getting answers from within will be better than seeking answers from authority figures on the outside.  Big, Huge Changes are taking place.

I have described the difference between Light and Darkness elsewhere in these pages; the shift of power between these two has occurred.  Whereas Darkness in Pisces had 80 percent of the power, Light in Aquarius has 80 percent of the power. This is another Big, Huge Change; instead of fear-based resistance to change, there will be freedom-based embracing change for the better.

This next change will a tutorial for many.  We are all energetic being living in an energetic world.  If everything is made from energy, then there must be energetic forms for all of our everyday items; these are called templates.  There are energetic templates for everything; cars, computers, smartphones, houses, beds, chairs, tables, plates, cups, glasses, knives, forks and spoons and, yes, organizations and institutions.  There are many variations, but they are all based on a fundamental template.  Ok, I get it; templates are the baseline for everything here.

Here’s the tricky part; when we transition from one age to another as in leaving Pisces and entering Aquarius, the energy templates all change.  These changes can be quite small or very large.  For example, the Medical Establishment is already having a tough time explaining why their drugs have lost their effectiveness. I mean they worked just fine in testing ten years ago; why won’t they work now?

These templates are also transitioning from fear, force and control orientations (Darkness) to freedom, choice and truth (Light) with the shift in power.  What does this mean?  Ok.  Take very dark organizations like the US GOVERNMENT, the IRS, the UN, the EU, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and many more; under Pisces energies, these organizations/institutions thrived because the underlying power of the Universe was 80 percent Darkness.  More to the point, the energetic templates provided support for these entities to grow and thrive.  Guess what?  In Aquarian energies, there are no organizational/institutional templates that support fear, force or control to the degree required to keep these evil organizations.  By the end of 2013, these and many other Dark organizations will be gone or much changed for the better.  By January 22, 2013, these new energetic templates will be in place and will support what is here or not.

We are already seeing people begin to question the expense of a College or University Education; it costs way too much.  Same with the whole insurance-driven medical system; it costs way too much.  What about Government, the Bureaucracies and all of the out-of-control spending; it costs way too much as well.  The whole idea of big government who is going to take care of you is based on fear, force and control.  Fear not, Big Government is on its way out as well.  Self-reliance and self-responsibility will be strongly supported in the Aquarian Template structure.

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