What the Future is looking like?

The biggest change will be that women are in charge of everything. We are already seeing women take over positions of power and authority worldwide. Look for this change to accelerate.

People are bracing themselves for the coming food shortages in many parts of the world; this is unavoidable and many will starve. There will be many more small wars over food and energy. Globalism is collapsing and the need to keep the oceans peaceful and conducive to trade is fading; regional players will be freer to go after their interests.

Earth changes are coming as well; Europe, North America, South America, and Australia/New Zealand will be largely unchanged. Everywhere else will be going through massive changes. All of North Africa including the Sahara will sink into the sea along with much of Central Africa. Most of the Middle East will sink into the sea. Same for Central America, China, and India. Central Asia will be “blended” by huge forces. Many millions (even billions) will be leaving.

Then, there is the magnetic polar shift coming; lots of sloshing water (tsunamis) everywhere.

Last, but not least, we are going into a mini-ice age that could last as long as 600 years. When it hits, it will not get warm until mid-May and we will see snow in September (Northern Hemisphere); a very short growing season. Everyone will be forced to move and grow in warmer climes.

Many of us will be dying and most of us will be unable to change our fates. Do not dwell on it as we are all immortal beings that shed this life like an old overcoat before being reborn on this, or some other planet. Be the best you can be.

Of those who survive (in the 100s of millions), most of them will be women. There will be 19 women for every man. The old notion of marriage between one man and one woman will be impossible; even five women per man as well. Remember, women will be our leaders and they will be the resource controllers; men will become dependent on women. You women must begin to think about this; our world will be very different.

Men will be so few (and so dependent) that it will be easy to get 1000s of years of payback. Men will still be needed for birthing children, but not much for sex. Woman-on-woman sex will become the “norm.” Sex between man and woman will still be very desirable; we are kind of made that way.

In this new world, babies will be born infrequently; not every woman will have a child. Why? Because all the survivors will have very long, healthy, youthful lives; 300-500 years or more. If we are going to live that long (or longer), we will not need many replacement people. Children will be born and they will be seen as wonderful gifts to the entire community. So, yes, men’s roles will be diminished, but still important.

We will return to a kind of tribalism and leave the big cities; they will become decayed and overgrown. There will be people who will be trusted who travel between the tribes. Tribes will not be welcoming to strangers, especially thieves and bandits.

Are we going back to the stone age? No, we will be able to hang on to electricity and communications (smartphones/tablets) and computers. Yes, we will have some form of the Internet and satellites, but more for coordination between tribes and education/libraries. Many new technologies will be replacing what we have/know now. We will grow things, build things, ranch things, fish things, and make things differently. Many of us will have unusual gifts or talents (or powers) that most do not have now. We will not be dependent on oil, gasoline, or natural gas for transportation or heating as much. Not coal either. Nuclear energy will be replaced by something much better that can be used decentrally. Many of us will ride horses again; the need for speed and being ON-TIME will be much less. If we are going to live extended lives, we will have to learn how to slow down. Got to stop and smell, taste, touch, and feel the roses (and much else).

Women will tend to do things much differently than men. Hopefully, they will be gentler, kinder, and more nurturing. But they will also be the warriors when needed against the bandits and any organized attacks. Women tend to be better planners about many things, but especially looking at options coming. With fewer children, that will evolve.

Some men will have great powers; they will keep everyone honest.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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