Do you know what Energy Suckers are?

I have written about these people before; use the search on this site to look up Energy Vampires. There are enough new subscribers that I wanted to revisit this topic.

Of all the people in the world, only 5 percent are right-spinners, one in twenty. We have the best energy; it is much higher in frequency. The next group are the people in the middle; they are people who are not quite higher than 60% right-spin or left-. I tend to think of these people as those who can move easily between fear, force, and control or more freedom, truth, and choice (Left-Spin or Right-). As soon as these people move higher than 59%, one way or the other, it gets much harder to go back. That leaves 85% of us that are 60% or higher in left-spin energy. These people make our world so oriented toward fear, force, and control.

Just think, out of 7 billion people, there are 350 million Right-Spinners and 700 million in the middle. That leaves about 6 billion people who are oriented toward Darkness/Left-Spin. Now, do you see how screwed up our planet is?

All those Left-Spinners are like an army; most of them are low in rank like privates and corporals. But there are officers as well. By the time they have advanced to 80%, they are officers. What does that mean? They get an additional power to help them advance higher in rank more quickly. They become energy suckers or vampires.

If you are a Right-Spinner, you know exactly what I am talking about. These Vampires will get close to you or touch you and drain you of your energy. They love to have sex with us as that tends to be supercharged energy. Many of our spouses are Energy Vampires who get very nasty when we figure out what’s going on and cut them off. Many of us wonder where all that hostility/hate comes from, particularly in divorce.

Why the dark assholes have this power is unknown. They suck our energy and convert it, somehow, to the energy that they can use for their agendas; whatever that is. Obviously, it helps them get higher in the Dark Ranks. They have equivalent ranks to 4-Star General. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and Xi Jinping are all good examples. The more they suck, the more money and power they get.

We, Right-Spinners, are the only place they can get this energy. Many of us eventually figure out what is going on and we stop them from sucking more. But most of us think this a one-off situation; we have no idea that there are more than a billion of them.

Here is a little program that you can install to protect yourSelf.

“My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.” Then say, “Apply.”

“My energy is my own. No one may give me any unwanted energy (spells) without my permission.” Then say, “Apply.”

This will piss them off, but they are like a burglar and just go to the next target that is unprotected; there are millions of us.

This post may be a shock to you. These Energy Vampires are not in the consciousness of our world; we know they exist, but not to the degree.

OK. Now you know how to protect yourSelf. Great, but there is more.

Now, you must start to ask questions about the people around you. The first question is, is this person an Energy Vampire? It could be your mother or father, or brother/sister or aunt/uncle or someone new. This is especially important if they meet you in church or a bar; we tend to be like Lighthouses on a dark night. They can see us shining our Light from a long way off; we are easy to target. You meet that person and go home with them. Are you feeling lucky? Maybe not.

They may have just sucked someone dry and they look just like a Right-Spinner to us; they can pass the test and we think they are Right-Spinners. OK. If something does not feel right, even a little bit, ask if they are a hidden Energy Vampire. If you feel drained, ask. If you get a yes to either of these questions, run the other way. If you are married to one of them, they are slowly killing you by disease; literally draining your life force.

We call them narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths; they are all Energy Vampires. Put your Shields up and run as fast as you can the other way.

Last suggestion/recommendation. Right-spin energy has just taken over. Now, and more as we move closer to 2023, we will have the powre/power in our world (80%). What does that mean? You will be able to manifest whatever you want by using this energy. You cannot be trapped anymore. You do not have to stay with anyone you want to get away from. It may be difficult at first, but the Universe will provide for you; just ask for help.

Soon, it will become impossible for any of THEM to suck our energy; we will be too powerful or strong.  I have another little program in place; anyone who tries to suck my energy(or puts a spell on me) gets a boomerang effect; all of their accumulated energy gets drained like water from a tub. They go back to buck private. If they are trying to do harm to me, it happens to them. Remember to say, “Apply.”

Think how unhappy THEY will be.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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