What’s Going On? An Update.

September has been the primary month of transition for Light to take over from Darkness; it is the month/number of completion (9). Light has, actually, been at 67% for a while, but could not use it all in our world until now.

On 1 October, 2015, Light will be able to use all of it’s powre against Darkness.  This is a change that has been a long time coming from a Human perspective, but a blink in the Mote of God’s Eye from a Spirit perspective. Frequently, our urgency is not theirs.

There are many of us who are here as Light Warriors and we have had to wait to take action against Darkness.  Darkness was just too powerful and would respond lethally if we attacked it before it was time. Some of us could not wait and payed the price.

Finally, I can go on the offensive in October.  I can after the Dark people who have been attacking me, using the physical world, and remove them from the board.

I have been attacked several times earlier, but I could only respond defensively.  Those attacks were all energetic using Magic against me and I was able to use my Majik against them; while I was under attack, I reached out and closed off the attackers access to their Magical Power, even if it was many, in a coordinated attack. After a while, they have left me alone; too many of them lost their powers for good.

I have spoken about the powre of the number 5; it is really a 1 and a 4 and 14 is the Creation Number. Words that are 5 letters long are the strongest from an energetic perspective; same for names like Susan, David, Laura, Sally, etc.

In Human consciousness, we have all known about the power/powre of the word, “Spell.” We use this word to put our letters together to create word pictures because we must have symbols; we are all symbol processors. Many of us know about the other use of this word, but do not really believe it as this is the 21st Century. I am talking about using Majikal Spells.

Why not, when Darkness has all of the power (80%), it used Magical Spells to aide it’s power users. How do you think anyone gets to be a $Billionaire? Do you think it is Luck or Accidental? There are no accidents: everything is a SetUp and powers or powres can influence SetUps.

OK. Darkness is not going away; it still has 33% of the power and it will continue to go after its interests; you know, fear, force and control. But, now, Light has 2/3s of the powre and can block Darkness at every turn.

There is an exception to this, Darkness, or Light, can save up their powre and use it as overwhelming force to achieve something it really wants and plans for.  The creation of the United States was such an achieved goal by Light; even when Darkness had 80% of the power.

So….We cannot count Darkness out of the game; it can still build/save its power up and achieve tactical successes. That is what Light has been doing since December 2012; it has only been able to use a fraction of it’s powre during this transition.

Starting on Thursday, this week (October 1st), Light will be able to use it’s full powre and the powre it has saved up to make changes towards more freedom, truth, doing-the-right-thing and less fear, force and control.

I know who I am going to aim my SPELLs at; they are going to be very targeted and they will strike at the Darkest-of-the-Dark first. And yes, I am a warrior and my attacks will be lethal by intent.

For those of you who are horrified that I would think that killing people is the answer, I have this to say, “leave them in power to continue their Dark ways?”  What about Karma?  Karma is another 5-letter word, but it is a powerful word for Fire-Beings only.  Once you have become an Earth-Being (put yourself into the Cube/Hexahedron), you have left Karma and the Wheel-of-Life, behind.

Start taking yourself seriously. Start thinking about using your Spells to improve your world.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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