The Majik is in the “Alloy”

I am writing this to share an insight. We think of our History in episodes that we call the Stone Age, then Copper, then the Bronze Age which included Brass, then the Iron Age and, now, the Steel and Aluminum Age.

If you think about it, everything in our modern age is dependent on steel, aluminum, concrete or plastic.

What are these things? They are alloys of various natural elements; I know, Alloys usually mean metal and there doesn’t have to be any metal in concrete or plastic.

My point is that creative people invent new combinations of various natural elements that can have a huge impact on our world. There is little doubt that our world would not be anywhere near where it is now without steel or concrete (or aluminum or plastics).

We tend to think of these creative solutions as “technology”, but that is just another name for Majik. When primitive peoples see and airplane or helicopter, they tend to think of visitations by “God”; who else can fly.

When talking about alloys, we must also talk about properties. All of these modern alloys have superior properties over Iron, Bronze and Stone; it is these properties that make them valuable.

So… Is there something, on the horizon, that has better properties than steel? Yes, there is a new alloy, called Tungsteel, that is made from Tungsten and Sand; it is lighter than aluminum, stronger than steel, can be transparent, can be bent, welded, rolled, molded or ground, does not rust (no iron) and does not corrode in fresh or salt water. It is not magnetizable, so iron and steel are still very needed.

But, again, it is a new alloy and new, better properties that are more useful to everyone that make huge changes in our world. What about a new alloy that gets heavier or lighter when Direct Current (DC) electricity is applied? I know this “anti-gravity” and impossible; not so. What about a new alloy that gets colder, much colder, when DC electricity is applied? I know, this is refrigeration without compressed gas.

These and other Majikal Alloys are getting ready to come into our world soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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