Who and What are the Energy Suckers?

Many of you know about Energy Suckers; I call them Energy Vampires.

This is a phenomenon of Left-Spinners sucking the energy of Right-Spinners.  The Energy Vampire cannot suck the energy of Left-Spinners; only Right-Spinners.

Again, many of you have figured out who these people are and avoid them whenever possible. Some of you have figured out how to “shield” yourself from these Vampires.

Here’s a “Shielding” program we should teach our kindergarteners:

“My energy is my own, no one may take it without my permission.”

“My energy is my own, no one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

Just say, “install and run” after saying them aloud. It really is that easy.

OK. We have all run into these Suckers; why do they do it? and how come this is even allowed?

Remember, Darkness has been in charge for the past 6,483 years with 80 percent of the power.  We light beings are fairly easy to identify as we are like Lighthouses and put our Right-Spin energies out in beams of Light .

So Darkness said, “if they are going to put beams of Light out, I will set up a group of Dark Beings who’s main function is to vacuum up that Light.”

So… there are about 10,000 Energy Vampires on Planet Earth now. Most people have no clue that these Dark Asshole Beings even exist and there is nothing that points to their existence at all, except the concept of Blood-Sucking Vampires.

What do they do with the Light that they suck up?

Firstly, they make themselves look like they are Right-Spinners so that they can get close to us; yes, to feed on us.

But, the main purpose of sucking our energy is to convert it to Dark Light so that they can use it to get ahead. Every single $Billionaire is an Energy Vampire. How did Carli get from being a secretary to a CEO? Most successful people, especially politicians, are Energy Vampires; Hillary, Bernie, Lyin’ Ted, 1-for-46 Kasich and, yes, Bill and Chelsea as well. Believe it or not, the Donald is a Right-Spinner.

This applies to the Wall Street types and our Judges; most of them are Energy Vampires and have gotten to be successful by using stolen energy as Dark Magic. I know, Magic does not exist, but do you really believe that?

How many times have you had your energy sucked?

Here’s the good news.  Starting in January 2016, the Light that they sucked had an additional property; it started to make them sick.

So… Here we are in May and every time that an Energy Vampire feed on one of us, they were getting sicker and sicker. Just imagine, 10,000 of the most wealthy and most powerful people in the world are all terminally ill and they don’t even know why.

BTW, in May, Light has all of it’s powre available for the first time. The time for changes has arrived. The times, they are changin’.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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