A Physics Lesson

We know a lot, but do not know a lot as well. Take this concept of the Law of Relativity, you know, E=MC2, where E equals Energy and M= Mass and C=the speed of Light.

What is the Speed of Light?  You say, it’s 186,000 feet per second per second; everybody knows that.

They measured in a famous experiment back in 1906, didn’t they? What were they using to generate the Light? In incandescent light bulb. Wait a second, doesn’t that use tungsten filaments to generate resistance, to make heat so bright that it puts out a lot of Light.

So… It turns out that they measured the Speed of Heat. Wait a second, it is Light, isn’t it? OK. Fast forward to 2016; we are all buying LED devices. What is LED? Light emitting diodes which put out a very bright light without Heat. I wonder, if the LED Light was measured, would it be faster than the Light coming from an incandescent light bulb.

OK. Here’s the Physics Lesson.

Take a corner, any corner; it is a shape where three planes come together. Each of those planes are 90-degree planes and are perpendicular to each other.

Every corner has a point where the three planes meet; what is that point?  It can be called the Zero Point and that is where Zero Point Energy (ZPE) can be found. It is also the place that you try to get to when you meditate; yes, use the corner as a guide to get to that deep place.

So now, visualize a corner with the point furthest away from you. The right-hand plane is always the plane that contains Heat and Cold energy. The left-hand plane is always the plane that contains Dark and Light energy and the Horizontal-plane is always the plane that contains Gravity and Magnetic energy whether it is the ceiling or the floor.

Let’s talk about Heat and Cold first. Cold is an energetic particle or wave that travels in the direction towards the point and Heat is an energetic particle or wave that travels away from the point. Wait a second, isn’t Cold just the absence of Heat? No, this is an example of absolutely knowing something that is just not true. Heat travels at 186,000 Feet per second per second (what we call the Speed of Light).  Cold travels at twice (2x) that speed. Oops, E=MC2 is kind of tossed out the window?

What about the Dark/Light plane? Light travels towards the point and Dark travels away from it.  Light particles/waves travel at four (4x) times the Speed of Heat and Dark particles/waves travel at three (3x) times the Speed of Heat.

What about the Gravity/Magnetic plane? Magnetic particles/waves travel at six (6x) times the Speed of Heat and Gravity particles/waves travel at five (5x) times the Speed of Heat.

So…In our three-dimensional word (height, depth and width) which is made-up by corners everywhere, there are six fundamental energies; Heat and Cold, Dark(ness) and Light, and Gravity and Magnet(ism).

Spirit gave Man(kind) dominion over three of these meaning that he/she could exercise some control over them; they are Cold, Light and Magnetism.  The other three we call, Constants; Heat, Darkness and Gravity.

Each of the three pairs of energy are equal and opposite, even if they do travel at different speeds. The faster particles/waves are smaller and have less mass than their counterpart pairs so that they are equal when they meet. Yes, they all have mass.

Cold can be made less cold by adding Heat and Heat can be less hot by adding Cold. This equally true for Darkness and Light and, this is important, it is equally true for Gravity and Magnetism.

The mechanism for adding Gravity to Magnetism or vice versa is one thing that has eluded us. Why, because we were not yet ready for the knowledge.

That is changing now. This fundamental shift is happening now, as Light takes over from Darkness. Being able to teleport, or jump are powres (and later, technologies) that operate using the shifting balance of gravity and magnetism.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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