Are You a Witchy Woman?

Do you know if you are a “Witch” or not?  I have written extensively about the battles between Darkness and Light; that is over now, but how did Light cope with only 20% of the power for 10,800 years?

Light is female and Light put its power into women; they were healers and, frequently, their attractiveness was enhanced with Majik.  Witchy women were frequently put in place to influence powerful men.  By definition, powerful men used Dark power (Magic) to achieve power and position.

Ok.  I know. This is history, but what about now.  Be patient. A few of you Witchy Women out there know that you are a Witch and know that you have powers that you can, have been, using.  You have felt the transition of Light leaving and Aqua coming in and most of you have embraced the new Aqua energies.

But……There are many Witch Women out there who have no clue that they have Majikal Powres; they have effectively turned off the powres.  This is, perhaps, as many as 10% of all women of European decent.  Yes, this ties in with the 50,000 Pleiadian Warrior-Colonists who arrived on Earth 3,500 years ago.

If you are “talking” to yourself internally, you are a Witchy Woman.  It now time to turn-on/activate your Witchy Powres and ask for more Aqua.  Keep asking for more Aqua once a week until you get told there is no more available for you.

By using your Witchy Powres, you will be more attractive to men; be able to stay thinner more easily (if that is what you want); be able to look younger longer and attract rich and powerful men.  This is the historical use of Witchy powres.  Under Aqua, this is still true, but is in transition to the unknown.  The number of men:women could be far fewer and Witchy Ways may be used on women more in the future.

Women are far more ceremonial than men.  Burn some sage and get your sacred treasures out.  Find out if you have Witchy Powres; turn them on and start using them.

Be sure to embrace the Aqua; Light has left and will not provide any new powres.  Any powres you have from Light will also be leaving soon.

Love, Aqua and Laughter,


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