Darkness and Light are GONE; Bye Bye

Today, September 1, 2013, is really, finally, the Shift-of-the-Ages.  I have been writing about this, but did not really know what was happening, until now.

Before today, the two forces that we all know so well, Darkness and Light, have been the primary forces in our individual realities and our world in general.

This year, a third force, Turquoise was introduced as an equal third. Rather than embracing each other as equals, Darkness and Light turned all their power on each other.  Being equal in power (one-third each), they cancelled each other out.

On August 22nd, both Darkness and Light merged with each other into Zero and started leaving this space.  As of September 1st, today, all remnants of Darkness and Light are now gone.

Remember, Turquoise was the third equal power, but Turquoise was the male half.  As it became obvious that Darkness and Light were in a departure embrace, the female side of Turquoise power began ramping up; Aqua power.

As of today, Turquoise and Aqua power have taken over from Darkness and Light.  Both of these colors are very close to each other.  Rather than having the extremes of Darkness and Light, Turquoise and Aqua are harmonized; very close in color and vibration.  To use the coin metaphor, one side is Turquoise and the other is Aqua, but which is heads and which is tails?  The point is, it does not matter anymore.

The battles between Darkness and Light are over, or soon will be.  The chasm between fear and fearlessness will not be so wide and deep.  Same with freedom and force/control.

So… For all of you who can get answers from within, find out how much Turquoise and Aqua you have.  That will tell you whether you are oriented towards the Universal Male or Female; this will be important as we move forward.  If you want to adjust your ratio, ask for more Aqua or Turquoise; you have the choice.


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