You are a Majikal Witch or Wizard

THEY told us for centuries that there was no such thing as Magic; yet THEY used it to acquire great wealth and power through many generations.  How does one become a $Billionaire without Magic/Majik?

Magic is the Dark side application; it is all about force and control. You know, Love Potion 9 that makes you helplessly fall in love.

Today, we’ll talk about Light Majik which can be used to bring more Order (a 5-letter powre word) into your life.  Below, I will introduce you to some Spells you can begin using now.

Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO). This is just like it sounds; it is a very positive spell. You can give this to yourSelf, other people, situations, or organizations. You ask yourSelf if you can have an MBO or give one. Your Self will give you a nod or shake. This is very powreful for healing, helping against the authorities, or sending money or other help. This tends to shut down any attack from Darkness (fear, force, or control). Give this away to people who smile and are caring/kind/considerate; it will lighten you and make you a more powreful right-spinner.

Negative Setups. There are no accidents, luck, happenstance, or coincidence; everything is a Setup. OK. Who is doing these Setups? You, or more specifically, your Spirit Guide; you know the one you talk to with nods and shakes. The first part of this Spell is to find out if you have any negativity coming at you. If you don’t ask about it, how will you know? So, once a week or month (ask about the duration), ask your Guide about any Negative Setups. If you get a Yes, use your powre to delete it, delay it, or reduce its impact on you. Again, if you do not know about it, you cannot take action and it will blindside you.

EVICT. This too is just like it sounds. This is a Spell that is used to get rid of a Dark Asshole or situation. It is not just to get someone out of a house/apartment/building. Say you have a Boss who is a jerk. Evict him; help him get fired or re-assigned somewhere else. This is a bit more negative, but its aim is to restore Order for you. Again, ask yourSelf if you can have an Evict. I have Evicted the Deep State; they are collapsing and just do not know it yet. Pile on, if you want.

Other spells that are not so negative are Eject which is similar, but with less impact. My favorite is CLEAN. This is especially good to use on yourSelf and those you love. Say you have a cold or allergy or pain in a joint; use Clean on it. Say you are emotional about someone or thing; use Clean on it. This applies (APPLY is one of the most powreful command words) to diseases, deafness, blindness, dental issues, balance issues, skin issues, etc. Same for money and legal issues. You can use MBOs and Cleans together. Opposite sex issues can be Cleaned very effectively. If you are diving down a rabbit hole emotionally, Clean it. If you are beating yourSelf up mentally (you know Self-talk), Clean it.

Use these Spells to make your world what you want. If you are living in a mess, Clean it up. It just takes intention, will powre, and focus.

Many of you use command phrases to keep the Vampires away.

My energy is my own, no one may take my energy without my permission. Apply.

My energy is my own, no one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission. Apply. This keeps the Unwanted Spells away.

Here are a few more.

My energy is my own, no one may enter my energy without my permission. Apply. Keep burglars and Swat Teams away.

My energy is my own, no insects may enter my energy without my permission. Apply. To be more specific, Roaches, Ants, Termites, and Mosquitoes are allowed not.

My energy is my own, no one may use force on my energy without my permission. Apply.

Just some more examples of what you can do. It just takes intent, will powre, and focus. As Right-Spinners, we seek more order; use these tools to restore your Order.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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