Wells of Emotion

We are all Emotional Beings. We feel and frequently get overwhelmed by our emotions. What to do about that? How to cope?

Whenever we have a loss of a loved one (a parent, a spouse. a sibling, a lover, or a dear pet), we are forced to go through a grief process. This can also apply to failures that we beat ourSelves with. It can be debilitating as we heal. We do that by shutting down the emotional ties one by one until we can be calm (or calmer). Some people try to cut ties with force, but that just covers over the wells.

I am going through such a trial now. I have already written about using “Clean” as a tool; it works well. But today, the well of emotion poured out again and I was a mess again. A dear friend reminded me that we are all energy beings and that we store energy as emotions (sometimes unwanted).

So, what did I do? I asked my Spirit Guide (the nodder and shaker) if I had wells or reservoirs of emotion that I was carrying around with me. I got a big “Yes.”  I then asked if my current issue was one of them. Another Yes. Then, I asked how big it was on a scale of 0-9; it was a 6 after a week of Cleaning. Still far too powerful to be healed. The Clean tool helped me bring down the Emotional Well from 9, but I needed a more powreful tool.

I asked if I could lower the 6 down to a 3 and got a yes. I said “Apply,” and it was done. Wow, I felt an immediate reduction in the amount of energy stored in that well; I could cope better. Next, I asked if this had worked? Got a Yes. Apparently, this process dumps all the negative emotions like feeling sorry for oneself or being left behind/abandoned. Wow, did I have more wells to treat? Yes.

I went through my past emotional events and asked whether I was carrying around a lot of energy.  Yes, emotions store a lot of our energies and we can regain use of those energies when we reduce our emotional storage (think unnecessary stuff on a hard drive). I asked about a previous wife (we had a nasty divorce) and she was a 4, even though we have been apart since 1997. Wow, I made her a zero/0; what a lift in my available energy. I asked about my parents and reduced them to a 2 each, but storing all the positive memories.

I went through all of my emotional events and asked if I needed them as emotions; memories could be stored as data, not emotions, it just takes a bit longer to access them. This even applied to events from earlier lives; I was still carrying around emotions from before I was born. I made them all Zero/0.

Think of all the pets we had growing up. What about the divorces we experienced as children? Or the loss of a parent growing up? Or the abandonment we felt when a parent left/disappeared? Emotions are a no-fault zone; they just are.

Then, I asked if I had any Emotional Wells over disappointments. Yes, several. Wow, let’s reduce them to Zero/0. I am who I am by living through all of this, but do I have to carry around the strong emotional ties? No. I applied this to regrets over the choices I have made; that was interesting as most of them I was supposed to make.

I sitting here swimming in emotions; they take a little time to shift (think water going through a funnel). I expect to be in a much more energized state tomorrow.

In this post, I have shared how to reduce your unwanted emotional storage (and get back a lot of your available energy). If you have something or someone in your head trying to push you in directions you do not want, you may have a demon. Go back to my  previous post about using EVICT and remember to use “Apply.”

Love, Light and Laughter,


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