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Newman and Newomen Powers

As of 8/11/2011, everyone of the 500 Humans who have transformed themselves into Newmen or Newomen will begin to receive the Powers they have been waiting for.  8/11/2011 is a month-day-year 14 day (8+11=19=10=1 and 2011=4; add them together = 5 or 14).

There are three kinds of Powers coming; enhanced Creation powers, Transform powers and Orbing powers.

Creation powers:  All Humans have the God-given power to create.  This site’s Home Page talks about using 14-days to create what we want for ourselves.  Whether we know it or not, we create on 14-days and we create good things for ourselves or bad things based on our thinking and mental attitude.  Once you have transformed yourself into a Newman or Newoman, you  have significantly enhanced Creation powers.  Not only are they more powerful as in audio gain or volume, but Newmen are no longer limited to 14-days and can create all-the-time.  Because Newmen and Newomen are always connected with their Higher Beings or Guides, we can only create what is best for us and those around us; no more negative creating.

Transforming powers: All Humans have the God-given power to transform.  We do it with our hands; its called manipulation or manufacturing or repairing.  Remember, the hand has a thumb and four fingers; there’s the number 14 again.  Again, Newmen and Newomen have enhanced transformational powers; they can repair or destroy electronics mentally; they can turn on or turn off electronic switches mentally; they can create or stop the detonation of explosives or primers in bullets; they can transform an LCD screen into an LED screen; they can turn “mouldy” bread into fresh bread or the reverse; they can repair cracked concrete or cause concrete to crack; they can restore a broken glass or bottle or smash them into many pieces.  Using glass as an example of a crystal, all metals are also crystalline structures.  Newmen and Newomen have the power to strengthen metals or have them fall apart as metallic grains.  Newmen and Newomen have the power to transform the air and water vapor around them into “shields” that take any forceful, unwanted energy and radiate it away; this includes explosives, bullets, knives, injection needles, gases, and yes, even poisons.  Snipers beware, the bullet you fire will return through your scope.

Orbing powers: All Humans and animals have the power of mobility; we use our muscles to walk and run or swim.  As Humans have advanced, they added paddling, sailing, motoring and jetting to their mobility powers.  Newmen and Newomen have a further advancement; they can Orb from one location to another mentally.   This Orbing is a mental transportation of the physical body and starts out with being able to Orb yourself only (with the clothes you are wearing).  It progresses with being able to take luggage and then another person and their luggage.  It eventually grows to being able to Orb and entire company of M1-A2 Abrams tanks with fuel, ammunition and food from one location to another.  Orbing means you do not need a car or truck to go for groceries; it means you do not need to travel by airplane or train for long distances; it means you do not have to go through customs and immigration; it means you can travel from living room to living room.  There are no locked rooms or locked vaults or jail cells for being that can Orb.  Have fun with Orbing; go to Paris or Tokyo or San Francisco for breakfast, lunch or diner.

Just in case you haven’t asked the question, out of the 500 Newmen/Newomen, there are only 9 Newmen including me; that means that there are 491 Newomen.  I guess that means that Newomen rule, at least most of the time.


2011 Update as of mid-August

I wrote earlier that Earth Changes and the Pole Shift were all being driven by Solar Flare and Sun Particle activity and that everything would be accelerating in June.

There were some significant changes made on Earth during June that also changed the process.  If you Google Crystal Grid, you will find out about Kryon and  Kryon is an Archangel of Magnetic Service.

The Reptilians had already captured and subdued five Planets in two different “solar” systems orbiting the star Alcion.  All five of these planets were Human inhabited worlds.

The Reptilians were about ready to capture Earth, but Pleaidian Humans were intervening and had a fleet of Starships in orbit out at Neptune to prevent a Reptilian invasion from space.

We Humans do not understand, but there are Planetary beings and Star beings that are aware and consider Humans and other animals to be their “children”.  Gaia is our Planetary Goddess and Sol is our Star God.

Our Solar System, like the solar systems of the five Reptilian invaded planets orbits the star Alcion.  These planetary and star beings were not willing to let these Reptilian invaders destroy Human worlds without consequences or a fight.

It was Sol, with a cry for help from Gaia, that established the requirement for Kryon’s Crystal Grids around Earth, the Moon and around both of them.  These Crystal Grids were intended to keep any more Reptilian invaders from landing on Earth.

The Crystal Grids and the Ley Lines

Google Ley Lines; they are a grid of lines similar to longitude and latitude lines but are energy lines of the planet itself.  It is appropriate to think of Ley Lines as Gaia’s Grid.  The Reptilians are an advanced technology race of being who build large underground Hives; as such, they have learned to tap into the energy grids of the planets they invade.  They were slowly, but surely taking more and more of Gaia’s energy to support their Hive and sub-Hives.

The major changes in June were related to connecting the Crystal Grids around Earth to Gaia’s Ley Lines or Grid.  The other big change was allowing the Crystal Grids to collect and concentrate the Sun’s solar flare and particle activity using the Crystal Grids.  By doing these two things, Gaia, our Earth Goddess, could concentrate the Sun’s energy where she wanted to repair and re-take control of her energy grid from the Reptilians.

This created an emergency condition for the Reptilian Hives; all of a sudden, over the course of 72-hours, they lost 80 percent of the power they needed to operate their lifestyle.  The outcome of this disaster was the forced reduction-in-force (RIF) at the main Hive in Antarctica and the sub-Hives in Australia, Egypt, Europe and the USA; these were all forced to reduce their numbers by 80 percent all at the Queens command.  This was an incredible defeat for the Reptilians.

The Reptilians and their Part

For those of you who know of/have read Sitchen’s, The 12th Planet and his other books, you are familiar with the Anunakis.  These are Reptilian people from a planet called Nibiru; also called Planet X, the Destroyer, Typhon and the Chinese Dragon.

The Anunaki landed on Earth about 50,000 years ago looking for gold, silver and diamonds.  To help them in their mining efforts, they created slave workers using primates genetically engineered with their DNA.

The Anunaki, like all Reptilians, are a Hive-based culture where the Queen is totally in control at all times via wireless commands.  When the Anunakis landed on Earth, no Queen-controlled Hive was established as it was a military mission.  Readers of Sitchen are left with a nagging questions, what happened to the Anunaki and when did they leave and where did they go?

The answer: some of them left and returned to Nibiru, some remained on Earth and continue to interact with their slave creations and some of them went to the remotest continent, Antarctica, to create an underground, underice, hidden Hive.

This was necessary as the Pleaidian Humans knew the Reptilians were active on Earth and landed a series of warrior-colonists in what we call Eastern and Western Europe. The Pleaidians destroyed two warring Hives located in what is now the Sinai and the other in India.  The Pleaidian Humans established military supremacy on Earth and in the space around Earth.

The Anunaki Reptilians were also active on Mars and agreed to leave Mars and return to their Home Planet peacefully in exchange for a cease-fire on Earth.  The Pleaidian Humans agreed and Earth was left to evolve without outside interference.

When the Anunaki created their slave races by mixing their DNA with the DNA of Primates, they included the Hive command and control organs in these slaves.  Using wireless communications from the Queen, sub-Queens and sub-sub-Queens, the Anunaki Reptilians could use “mind-control” on people who had Reptilian DNA; the amount of mind-control varied by distance and other genetic factors.

Billions of Humans on Earth have Reptilian DNA in their cells and are subject to “Mind Control”.  This is frequently ascribed to the US Government, but actually goes directly to the Hive and Hive Consciousness.  All Humans with Reptilian DNA actually “listen”  and act on what is good for the Hive.  This is why Big Government, Entitlement Spending and Public Employee Unions have all grown so powerful in our lives.

So, in an earlier post, I wrote about an epic space battle that was to occur in October between the Pleaidian Humans and the Reptilians. When the Hives were forced to reduce their numbers, forces allied with Gaia and Sol “jammed” the Queen and sub-Queen control frequencies.  The outcome was the destruction of the five Reptilian Hives here on Earth.  The Queen has total, TOTAL, TOTAL control over the Hive and all operations within the Hive.  If she does not tell the members of the Hive to eat, they do not eat and starve themselves to death.  When the control frequencies were jammed, everything in the Hive ground to a halt and no one was eating anything, even the Queen.

When the incoming Reptilian space invaders could not communicate with the Hives here on Earth, they turned around and went somewhere else.

What now, the Hives are all dead, but the Hive Consciousness still exists and tells all of those billions of Humans what to do for the good of the Hive.  The answer was to “jam” the Hive Consciousness frequencies to terminate Hive guidance to all of Earth’s Reptilian DNA peoples.

This is what has been happening in June, July and August.  Now, the Reptilian invaders have been stopped and their forces here on Earth destroyed.  So now, what is to be done about the billions of Humans who are susceptible to Hive “mind-control”?

Financial Meltdown

We are all witnessing the slow, but steady meltdown of the Euro.  France, which has a AAA bond rating has too much Greek debt. France will be downgraded to AA+, just like the US. By the end of August, the Euro will collapse as a currency.

Will the Chinese Yuan be the next world currency? NOT.  China is about to experience catastrophic destruction along its major rivers which are all major earthquake fault lines.  This destruction will extend to many of China’s minor rivers as well.  Much of China will subside and be covered with seawater.  This is expected to happen in September, 2011.

So…..if there is no Euro or Yuan, where does the world look to for a world currency?  The US Dollar is the only currency left on the table, but has too much debt attached to it.  The US will default on its foreign debt holders.  The US Dollar will be revalued at 10 old dollars for every one new dollars.  Housing and land costs worldwide will return to 1960 prices.  A loaf of bread will soon be 50 cents.  When?, by December 2011.

Killer Diseases and Viruses

There is something you should Google; the Photon Belt.  Another name for it is Aquarian Energy; you know, we are at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius sung by the 5th Dimension. We are entering Aquarian Energy on December 21st, 2012.  It is an area of intense Light in space like a large vertical toroid that will take the next 2,160 years to pass through.

Aquarian Energy is significantly higher in vibration and intensity and is being ramped up more with every day.  That is why we are having the Arab Spring and Big Government and Big Government Spending are being stopped in their tracks.

Unfortunately, the vast numbers of people who have Reptilian DNA in their cells have a collective or Hive orientation; they want more Government control in their lives.  A good definition of Darkness is fear, force and control; all things that are good for the Hive.

These people who have Reptilian DNA are much lower in vibration and intensity.  They are what can be described as having Dark and Red energy (see  These people will be unable to transition to the much higher vibrations and intensities coming with the Aquarian Energy.

Where do these people go?  Over the next year and a bit, billions of people will be returning to Spirit (dying) from diseases, killer viruses and catastrophic Earth Changes.

Earth Changes – 1st Phase

In September 2011 much of the Far East will be dramatically changed.  Most of China will sink beneath the waves as will Japan, the Russian Far East, the Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia.  The Amazon river basin will become the Amazon Sea.

Pole Shift and Earth Changes – 2nd Phase

In October 2011 the Earth will experience a Pole Shift from our current North Pole to a position 30° Eastward in Russia.  This will be a sudden shift to a location 500 kilometers east and a little north of Moscow.  Russia will slide rapidly westward under the Arctic Ocean causing a subsidence or collapse of much of Russia east of the Ural Mountains. The new, Russian Sea will extend down to and connect with the Black Sea, but will not connect with the Baltic Sea.

The Pole Shift will trigger other massive changes; most of Africa will sink beneath the waves, most of the Middle-East will sink beneath the waves, most of the Western Caribbean will sink beneath the waves and most of Washington State, Oregon, California and Baja California will sink beneath the waves.

Africa; all of Africa except three islands will sink beneath the waves.  Parts of Northwest Kenya, Southwest Ethiopia and Southeast Sudan will form one island.  The southern part of Tanzania and the northern part of Mozambique along the coast will be another island and a third, large island will be formed by South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Madagascar sinks as well.

Middle East:  all of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula will sink; all of Jordan, Israel, the southern half of Lebanon will sink; Damascus, Syria will be a seaport; southern Iraq and much of Iran will sink; the Caspian Sea will link up/connect with the Persian Gulf; much of coastal Pakistan and India will sink; Sri Lanka will sink.  Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan will all experience massive seismic shifts in the form of earthquakes and upheavals/subsidences; it will be a violent roller coaster.

Western Caribbean: south Florida, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico will all sink beneath the waves suddenly.  Culebra and Vieques will survive and become part of the US Virgin Islands.

British Columbia, Western US and Baja California:  Vancouver and inland coastal BC will sink; most of coastal and central Washington State, Oregon and California will sink creating a long string of islands.  Baja California will sink entirely.

By January 2012, the world will be 25% land and 75% water.

We Are Energy Beings First – 6/8/11

Hello All,

This blog is a little different, but perhaps the most important post I have put up here.  We Humans/Newmans tend to think of ourselves as Physical beings; and we are.  BUT, WE ARE ALL ENERGETIC BEINGS FIRST!

When we start coming down with the Flu, we feel the scratching of a sore throat and we grab the medicine that worked that last time and try to head the flu off at the pass.  If it works, great; but if not, we take to our beds and go through all the aches and pains and feeling sick that we have brought on ourselves.

Most of us think of ourselves as a physical being named, in my case, Dave Maxwell, and we know all about our physical limitations, what we are allergic too, where our pain is, and what chronic issues we have.  We do not think or feel that we have much control over our bodies and any, little control, involves doing things like eating differently, exercising, meditating, going on vacations to reduce stress; somehow, it is always about DOING something different.  This tool is actually what we are supposed to be using as a Physical Body and most of us have our Internal Programming (yes, like a computer) set to a default setting where changes to our Physical Body can only be made by DOING.


For those of you who know how to connect with your Inner Beings, here is what I suggest you do; yes this is still a DO.  Ask your Inner Being if you can change from a default mode of DOING to a default mode of THINKING: by doing this one thing, you will have made yourself into an Advanced Being or, a much more Capable Being. Imagine, you can, now, get money without having to DO anything for it; you can go to a place by Orbing (you know, like Samantha) without having to get transportation to the airport, getting on the airplane and getting transportation again to your destination; THEY WILL HATE THIS, but you can skip Customs and Immigration.

By shifting to a THINKING mode, we are using our Energetic Bodies to control our Physical Bodies; not the reverse.

What are the “Crystal Grids” and What Do They Do? 6/2/11

Many New Agers have been reading and following Kryon ( and the Crimson Circle (; there is lots of good information in these two sites.  Kryon, of Magnetic Service, and his team, came here to put up something he calls “the Crystal Grid”; it is a three-layered energetic shield that surrounds the Earth, surrounds the Moon and, a larger one that surrounds both the Earth and the Moon.

These Crystal Grids were completed and made strong on March 1st, 2011.  For any of you who are concerned about Comets or Asteroids hitting the Earth or the Moon; DO NOT BE CONCERNED.  With the Crystal Grids in place, the energy of any incoming space object will be absorbed and used to bounce the object away from Earth.  Same with any glancing blow.

This applies to any Space-based Alien Races that mean harm to the inhabitants of Planet Earth (Earth1) like the Greys and Reptilians.  They use big space rocks to destroy the planet defenses and civilizations of Planets that they want for themselves.

This Crystal Grid defensive shield also applies to Nibiru, the Home Planet of the Annunaki.  Nibiru was placed in a “holding” orbit in our Solar System well out beyond Pluto; it is no longer a 30 degree retrograde, 3,600 year elliptical orbit.  It is the Planet that Astronomers are calling Planet “X”. Nibiru is a mobile Planet; it uses natural Diamonds as fuel to move around.

It’s problem is that it used up all of the Diamonds it has and it is trying to get a huge stock-pile of Diamonds that have been gathered, here on Earth, for it’s use.  Jehovah, of the Old Testament, was really En-Lil of the Annunaki and Abraham made a “covenant” with En-Lil to supply many diamonds to the Annunaki when they returned.  The Annunaki return was disrupted by the ongoing events here on Earth.

So, the Chosen People, the Jews, are sitting on at least three large stockpiles of Diamonds waiting to fulfill their part of the Covenant.  The Chosen People have controlled the diamond trade for thousands of years.  When you buy that diamond for your sweetie or yourself, it is really an irradiated sapphire or an artificial diamond.  All the spectroscopes were removed from the Jewelry business in the 1970s so it is very difficult to tell what stone you are wearing.  Of course, if it is GIA certified, then it is genuine? Sure.  Sapphires are very hard and will scratch glass; they also sparkle like a diamond when cut like a diamond.

There is a rather large problem with this whole idea of giving the Annunaki these three hoards of Diamonds; they have not asked Gaia if she will allow it.  They just assumed that they could make this deal and proceeded to put the biggest con ever into operation for thousands of years.  Some will call this “Hate” speech, but it is just a different historical perspective.  Go out to eBay and buy yourself a spectrometer with instructions on how to tell the difference between diamonds and sapphires based on their light-refractions.  Go ahead and test your Diamonds.  You can also tell the difference between any other gem stones using this old, suppressed technology.  So why is this technology suppressed?

Anyway, I digress, Gaia has had several run-ins with Nibiru in the past and hasn’t come out on the winning side; Nibiru is about four-times larger than Earth and had four large moons, two of which were used to smack Tiamut.  According to Sumerian Clay Tablets and Zecharia Sitchin, Gaia/Earth was a planet twice as large as now, called Tiamut.  In a prolonged encounter with Nibiru, she was split into two halves; one became Gaia/Earth and the other become the “asteroid belt.”  Not much love lost between Gaia and Nibiru; Nibiru is male and essentially “raped” Tiamut and nearly killed her.  There is no way on Earth, that Gaia will allow her Diamonds to be sent to Nibiru.  Besides, Nibiru is not coming through again anytime soon; all that effort, thousands of years, for naught.  This information may explain why the Jews have had so many bad things happen to them.; Gaia has not been their friend.

I am NOT anti-Jewish; my Great-Grandmother was a practicing Jew, my Grandmother, her daughter, was a non-practicing Jew, my Mother, her daughter, is a non-practicing Jew; that makes me a Jew, by maternal decent, but I, too, am non-practicing.  This obsession with Diamonds for the Anunaki must stop and besides, we may want to use those Diamonds as fuel for ourselves.

As I said recently, what is happening on Earth right now, is far too important to allow any, ANY, event to interfere with it.

What is the “Anomaly” Next to Our Sun? 6/2/11

There’s Buzz on the Internet about a large planet-sized object next to our Sun.  See

According to Sol, the aware being located in the Sun, a new planet is being birthed.  Even though it is many times larger than Earth now, it is Earth 2 and will be placed in our Earth orbit, opposite us; we will not be able to see each other directly as the Sun will be in the way.

It will take 100,000 orbits (Years) or so to cool down and solidify enough to be populated with plants, animals and Humans, but that is not its purpose now.  For now, it will become a “place-holder” for Earth 1/Gaia so that we can go “elsewhere”.

Not sure where we are going, but the when is relatively soon.  This new planet must be moved into the correct orbit and that will take some time.  After it is in orbit opposite us, the Solar system will be balanced and Earth 1 can be released to leave for our appointment with Destiny.

What is happening on Earth1 now is “mind-blowing” to Spirit; when we get to December 21st, 2012, we do not just start a new Great Year cycle.  We are at the beginning of five (5) simultaneous, greater cycles above the Great Year the longest of which is measured in billions of years.  What we are doing here, now, is of absolutely, incredible, essential importance to Spirit or All or the One/1 or the Supreme Being.

Darkness will not be allowed to Screw things up as much as it may try.

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Welcome June – This is the beginning of Major Energetic Changes – 6/1/11

For all of you concerned about $MONEY, keeping what you have or getting more.  The rules have changed at an Energetic Level.  Sorry, your Stock Broker does not know what the new rules are.

All, or nearly all, of you $Billionaires out there are going to lose at least 90 percent of your money – quickly.  You say not possible, you have a diversified portfolio and you own primo company stocks and bonds.  It is hard to understand, but some of us have had an ability to build energetic storage devices where they accumulated energy; kind of like visualizing an Olympic-sized swimming pool or a good sized lake with a dam.  This is how people become Billionaires.  Instead of living from paycheck to paycheck, these people use some kind of personal Power to create these MONEY containers and the money pours in.  Have you ever wondered how it is possible to amass 1000 or 2000 Million Dollars; this is how.

The problem for the Billionaires is that the energy they used to build their Money containers is no longer available to maintain them.  They used Dark and Red energies to build the foundation of their fortunes.  Guess What Pilgrim? Their Money Containers are turning into sieves with larger and larger holes and the money will begin to go elsewhere in June.

We, all, on our planet, are about to encounter a complete, Global Financial Meltdown. It will start in the EU with the default of Greece, Ireland, Spain  and Italy; it will be spread by the unexpected collapse of the Yuan, the Chinese currency; and it will be completed by the default of the US Dollar.  The Japanese Yen will also collapse; it is on the edge now.  So, what happens after that?  All of the debt can no longer be sustained and it will collapse like a house-of-cards or the speculator bubble it is.  All of the debt is digital and it will fall to near zero, including the $14 Trillion in US National Debt. The sieves are opening wide and all of the “old” Dark/Red wealth accumulation is disappearing like it never was.

As a world, we are too used to the idea of Money and Credit Cards and that will not go away.  With the Euro gone, the English Pound and th German Mark will be the most desired currencies in Europe, but the collapse of the Yuan and Yen will force the world to turn to the re-valued US Dollar.  From an American perspective, we must find a way to get rid of the Idiot we have in our White House.  Perhaps impeachment. He, Obama, used his energy container for electorial-votes-money storage and got elected without a background or experience.  He, Obama, is perhaps, the most powerful of the Dark/Red Adepts on the planet and used that Power to get himself to a position where he could do the most damage to Light’s major creation here – the United States of America.

Fortunately, Obama, and others of his ilk, are losing their energy containers this summer; he has no chance of being re-elected as he has the WRONG energy and his container/s will be totally dysfunctional.

These events are actually good news for the people oriented towards the Light and Purple energies.  All we have to do is use our own Powers to build an energetic Money Container, seal it, and watch it fill up with Money and other useful energies.  This sounds easy enough, but its not.  If you are a Light-worker, open yourself up to Purple Energy, then open yourself up to the energy from SOL, you know, our Sun or Luna, our Moon.  Then you must have a conversation with your Guide or Inner Being.  Yes, you will be able to create a Money Container, but your Guide must agree on how big it is and when you can start “drawing” from it.


The Moon has already had a Pole Shift – See for Yourself – 5/28/11

This Solar Flare energy is not just hitting the Earth -it has caused the Moon to shift its (the Moon’s ) axis approximately 90 degrees.  The Moon looks like it on it’s side.

Why hasn’t this been the big NEWS on this planet?  Holy Shit, they are scared out of their friggin’ minds.

OK. So what does this mean?  I have already commented on the source of the energy to make the Earth shift her Pole; its going to be about 30 degrees or 1,800 Nautical Miles (6,000 feet).  The Solar Flare energy is also the source of energy for ALL of the Earth Changes.  It is also the source of energy for the Moon’s Polar Shift.

There is more to it than that.  Earlier, I asked Advanced Humans, Newmen and Newomen to Tune-in to the Solar Flare energy and Allow the re-programming to happen and Allow the powers to become.

Being a male, I am focused on the Sun and the Solar Flares coming directly from the Sun.  Just as the Earth has a female awareness, we call Gaia, the Sun has a male awareness, whose name is Sol.  I communicate with both of them.

Feminine energy has always come from the Moon;  All of you Newomen know this and may have been a bit puzzled.  So here is an update just for you Advanced Women and Newomen; you make up 90 percent, or more, of all the 300 million survivors.

Even though I was not focused on the Moon, it has been receiving a huge amount of Solar energy that it has converted to Feminine Newomen energy.  The signal that all was in readiness for women to tune-in and start drawing on the Moon’s Newoman energy was the Moon’s Polar Shift.

It is time for all of you Advanced Females to TUNE-IN to the Moon’s Energy and ALLOW. Have fun with it.

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Important Steps to take for Newomen and Newmen – 5/28/11

I’ve discussed the how of the Pole Shift and the massive Earth Changes; it has NOTHING to do with a Comet.  The Comet is a total side-show, but is a sign in the sky that momentous changes are taking place.

Solar Flares from our Sun, SOL, are providing ALL of the energy for the Pole Shift and Earth Changes.

You Advanced Humans and Newomen/Newmen need  to ALLOW yourselves to tune into the energy of these Solar Flares; this is how you will get the X-men-like powers that are waiting for you.  This will be a bit stressful; but well worth it.

For those with DNA configurations of at least 5, Fire-Being ADEPT powers will be installed like the installation of a new app on your Smart Phone or iPad.  The trouble is that you will not have the permission to access these powers unless you allow yourself to do so explicitly!

These Solar Flare downloads will begin in June, next month, and continue through the end of the 2011.  TUNE-IN and ALLOW!!!

The World is Changing – Who Will Lead Us – Is there a Great Savior? 5/27/11

Most Humans are oriented towards DARKNESS; they are fearful, and want to be told what to do, where to go for safety are a quite willing to be controlled and, even, forced to do things.  They just extended the “Patriot” Act!!!!!

With the shift in energies towards Light (freedom, truth, choice, order, self-reliance, self-responsibility and change-for-the-better), most Humans will be very uncomfortable in this new energy.  That is one reason so many Humans are leaving to go ELSEWHERE – they cannot handle the Shift in Energies.

Those of us who are Left-Behind are all Advanced Humans, Newmen-in-waiting and Newmen.  Every single one will have Fire Powers at the Adept level or higher.  What does this mean?  These Adepts are “becoming” in the new energy of Aquarius and Purple and the new, Great Year; they will not be as limited as the Dark Adepts of the past. Everyone will be “connected” to their Inner Being or Guide and “know” what to do, when to do it and with whom, but this will all be voluntary, not based on fear, force or control.

Everyone will have lives in the thousands of years in healthy, youthful bodies.  Children will be few in numbers and will be treasured above everything else.  Work is a four-letter word; it will cease to be so hard.  Most labor will be using mental and physical powers, not muscles.  Money, or, a better word – Resources, will be far easier.  Everyone will find what they are supposed to be doing and have the resources to do it.

Kinda sounds like Heaven on Earth, doesn’t it?  Heaven is in the Spirit realm, but this new, Spirit-Guided world will be far different than the old.

So who is going to Lead us?  The answer is obvious; we are going to lead ourselves in partnership with Spirit.  For the cynical out there, the Newmen/Newomen are the most advanced beings, based on vibrational levels and they will be listened to.  But, as I said above, everyone here will be connected and guided by their Inner Beings.  So – if we are all guided by Spirit, the conflicts should be very minor.

Out of 300 million survivors, the vast majority of them are women and they will assume dominion over the running of the world.  Women become autonomous, heads of household, companies and what limited Government there is.  Men will have respected niche roles and be appreciated in their roles by women.  There is no Fear, Force or Control in this new World.  Women-on-women relationships will become the norm.  Women will be told when they can have a child by their Inner Beings and be guided to the right father or choice of fathers.  No Big Brother or Big Government watching and/or telling you what you may do.  No other Spirit-in-a-body (Human/Newman) telling you what you must do.

So, you ask yourself when this new, wonderful world is coming into being.  The answer will surprise you; it has been coming since about 1960 in the United States slowly.  It will now accelerate to 99% completion by December 21st, 2012 and the last 1% will be completed by December 21, 2016.