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Federation of Planets is Real!

And yes, Star Fleet Command is also real.  We Earthlings have been mind controlled for so long about Aliens and visitors from other worlds that we are clueless.  Our Governments have exploited the technologies from crashed space craft.  The German Flying Saucers are now being used by the Hollow Earth peoples as the hidden New Swabia colony was welcomed in the Hollow Earth.  Yes, Jules Verne was writing fact, not fiction.

Area 51 is mostly underground; there are 88 levels underground and the first 24 are controlled by the US Government.  Notice, I did not say US Air Force. But what about the other 64 levels?  The Hollow Earth peoples control them.  Go to You Tube and research the Hollow Earth.  There is lots of truth there.

Ok. Back to the Federation of Planets.  I have already written about Pleiadian Humans here amongst us; they have undersea bases, but have had to move them recently.  One was near Japan and the other just north of Puerto Rico.  They are still here.  Star Fleet Command has a large, very capable space station on the other side of Saturn and have had a presence in our Solar System and on Earth for about 3,500 years.

Many of our technological breakthroughs have been aided by Pleiadian Humans here amongst us.  Their policy is to help us to achieve technological advances, but not to hand them to us.  Believe it or not, we have taken some technologies and pushed far beyond where the Pleiadians are; especially in communications, networking and computers.  Our smartphones are especially prized by the Pleiadians.

Believe it or not, our Solar System is in orbit around a large, dense, Dark Star called Alcione or Alycon (al-i-son).  There are five other star systems in orbit around Alycon.  Not counting Earth, there are nine planets with Human populations in orbit around Alycon.  These nine Space-going planets call themselves the Federation of Planets.  Earth is almost ready to join the Federation as the tenth planet.

We have not been invited to join yet, but after the Baseline Energy (Aqua-Turquoise), Pole Shift , Earth Changes and population shifts that are happening, a delegation of Federation leaders will appear in Earth orbit.  This is going to happen much sooner than any of you have imagined.

Are the Pleiadians communicating with our Governments?  The UN?  The answer is no.  These organizations are not trustworthy enough and are still dominated by men and women who got their power from Fear, Force and Control (Darkness).  Yes, that means all of the world’s leaders in all branches of Government.

Remember, they are amongst us and are looking for “enlightened” beings to represent Earth in the Federation.  There are no “enlightened” beings in the Political Classes on Earth; they are there for themselves, not for others.

With the recent energy shift to Aqua and Turquoise, many changes are being made and the Pleiadians are starting to get excited about possibilities.  We, Earthlings, have much to share and trade with the other nine Human planets.


Timing? What’s wrong?

I have been struggling with the timing issue.  Why am I being told about a Pole Shift and associated Earth Changes and also getting wrong timing information.  I just asked the correct question.  There is something called the dimension of Time and Space; it is unique to our Planet and is what we use to create the Great Illusion around us.  Time and Space is a 45 degree plane.

The primary planes are Darkness-Light, Hot-Cold and Gravity-Magnetism; these are all 90 degree planes that come together in every “corner” in most rooms in buildings that we, Humans, build.   Look at any corner at the ceiling or floor; the left wall is the Darkness-Light plane, the right wall is the Hot-Cold plane and the horizontal piece (floor or ceiling) is the Gravity-Magnetism plane.  Light flows towards the corner and Darkness away from the corner.  Cold flows towards the corner and Heat flows away.  Magnetism flows towards the corner and Gravity away.

Humans, through Light, have dominion over Light, Cold and Magnetism.  Darkness, Heat and Gravity are all controlled by the Dark forces and tend to be considered “constants.”  If you turn off the Light, you get instantaneous Darkness.; If you freeze water, it turns back to water and whatever goes up, must come down.

Ok.  I’ve just given you an insight into advanced Physics that is unknown in our “Scientific” circles.  But, Hey, this is easy to understand, once you wrap your mind around it.

So…. Our physical world has three different 90 degree planes that make up everything; this is what we call 3D (height, depth and width).  Are there other additional planes?  Yes; Time-Space is one, but it is a 45 degree plane.  Are there others?  Yes; what we are calling the 4th dimension is another 45 degree plane and the 5th dimension as well.  Actually, all of the other nth dimensions are 45 degree planes as well.

Ok.  Back to the timing issue.  Time, controlled by Darkness, flows away from the corner and Space, controlled by Light, towards the corner.  Because I am getting this catastrophic change information from Light, I can receive the what and where, but when I get the “when” information it is coming from Darkness who we all know as the Great Deceiver.

So…  Why is Light bringing catastrophic changes to Planet Earth?  The last time Light had dominion over the forces on Earth was 10,800 years ago in the constellation of Leo.  Since then, Darkness has had 80 percent of the power in our world and has created an environment that is well suited to Darkness and all of its servants (Darkness oriented People), which are most people on our planet.

Whoa.  I am not saying that most people on our Planet are Evil.  I am saying that most people knew that Darkness was the dominant force here and came with an orientation to use that dominant force; they are fearful, use force and control and resist changes coming form the Light.  But many of the most powerful Dark People (and I am not talking skin color), like Obama, are very Evil and are here to destroy structures of Light.

So…  Here we are, in 2013, the year that Light is taking over in Dominion from Darkness.  Light looks around and see the mess that Darkness has created and has two choices; dismantle them piecemeal or wipe them off and start over.  This has been a bit complicated by the arrival of Turquoise energy, but they are pulling in the same direction.

In the past, when Light has taken over from Darkness, Light has opted for a massive 180-230 degree Pole Shift.  This destroyed the civilizations of Mankind and forced the Light-oriented survivors to start over.  As Light only had 2,160 years of dominion (in the past), this did not work out well.

This time, Light (and Turquoise) have opted for a limited Pole Shift (around 30 degrees).  This will set up a cleansing of many parts of the planet without destroying the sub-civilizations that Light wants to preserve.  Areas being preserved are Canada and the United States, Europe and Australia/New Zealand; everywhere else will go through catastrophic cleansing.  Even these areas will see catastrophic cleansings of their Dark-oriented populations.

Ok.  I now know that I cannot get valid “when” information; I will always be lied to.  So…  I asked if something, an event, would occur first and is there a sequence?  Yes.  Two volcanoes will start the process off; Montserrat in the Caribbean and Vesuvius, near Naples, Italy will both explode violently.  This will be followed by a gigantic earthquake in Mexico City and an equally, or more gigantic, earthquake in China that will rupture the Three-Gorges Dam.  That event will create a sudden imbalance sufficient to cause the minor Pole Shift and the Bering Strait will rotate to the top of the world.  This will, in turn, trigger the collapse of China, the Koreas, Japan, the Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia and move west through India, the Middle East, Africa, South and Central America and, lastly, the west coast of the US.

This sequence will be rapid, perhaps within 72-hours.  Prepare a backpack of food, water and survival items.  Be safe.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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More “Earth” Gods have been Deflated – Big Government

Many people worship at the feet of Big Government.  For many, Big Government is the source of money and rights and has replaced the more traditional “Gods” (Jesus, Allah and Buddah).  You sign up, get benefits and it is so easy to cheat.  The bureaucrats are stupid or lazy or just don’t care; they continue to be paid for not doing much.

I did not realize it, but when the worshipping/rewarding power was stopped for the local “Gods”, it was also stopped for the Gods of Big Government.  These Gods can be characterized as Welfare, Food Stamps, Student Loans, Medicare, Medicaid, Grants and other government giveaways.  That includes the Gods known as the United Nations and the European Union.  The UN is an entity that much of the “third” world think of as a powerful tool to be used against the “colonial” powers.  The EU has spread its tentacles into more than 20 countries, all without a constitution that guarantees civil rights; everything is run from centralized bureaucrats out of Belgium.

Anyway… Great News!  The Dark powers of Big Government have been punctured and the big bag of hot air is collapsing (being deflated).  It also helps that they had already run out of other peoples money and had to steal it from private bank accounts and pension plans. They are desperate now and putting currency controls on everything they can; they are even attacking the concept of digital currencies and Bitcoin savagely.

Big Government has been successful in taking guns away from everyone on the Planet except the United States.  In those place where guns have been outlawed, only the authorities and the criminals have them and neither are to be trusted.  Frankly, I trust the criminals more; they are not coming to put you in detainment indefinitely.

Like sending your prayers to the local “Gods,” the prayers to Big Government will no longer be answered; the power to reward is drying up rapidly.  How rapidly, I don’t know as Big Government has a huge momentum worldwide.  It may take six months or even until the end of 2013, but it is coming and cannot be deterred.

Yes.  Like my prophecies of a Pole Shift, Earth Changes, a worldwide financial collapse and mass deaths from Bird Flu, I am adding the demise of Big Government, the UN and the EU.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Massive Changes Coming

I’ve written about the coming Pole Shift and Earth Changes.  I’ve also written about “template” changes; these mostly impact organizations made by man.  In addition to the collapse of the United Nations, the European Union and the planned North American Union, much of your world will be different.

For example, your “bank” will not be a for “profit” entity benefiting “the bankers,” but will be a cooperative form of pooling money to make changes for the better.  Ownership of the bank will be the local community, not shareholders.  While the idea of capitalism was the best possible way of advancing economically, it was still a creature of “Darkness”, but the only one that used ownership/self-interest as the primary motivator.

In the new energy, self-interest will be modified by an energy that can be called “doing the right thing.”  This will modify capitalism into something that could be called “responsible capitalism,” but coming from people as part of their self-responsibility, not dictated by the Government or some Bureaucrat or the EPA.  Am I really saying that people are going to change?  Yes and No.  The energy has changed and people will not have any choice; they too, must change.

Not only are the banks changing, but most things that we worry about are going to change.  There will still be beds and chairs and kitchens and bathrooms and cars and houses/apartments; those are just things, albeit, important things that are part of our bedrock.  What is going to change is Government, the Courts, Law Enforcement, Lawmakers, Re-Distribution of other people’s money/Taxation, Education, Medicine/Pharmaceuticals, Business and just about everything that we now think of as “Normal.”

The idea of Big Government is very dark.  The idea of millions of us being dependent on Government for essential services is totally Dark.  We are going to wake up soon and realize that there is no Big Government or Government Services to depend on; won’t that be a wake-up call?  You say, that is cruel and that is chaos.  Yes, but it is also Darkness and Light is taking over.  Light is bringing Order from Chaos.  Is there going to be a Department of Homeland Security? No. Department of Transportation? No.  Department of Education? No.  Department of Energy? No.  Department of Labor? No.  Department of Agriculture? No.  Department of Health and Human Services? No. Environmental Protection Agency? No. FEMA? No.  Drug Enforcement Agency? No.  Food and Drug Administration? No. Central Intelligence Agency? No. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms? No.  National Institute of Health? No.

There will be no welfare or food stamps.  There will be no subsidies for student loans or crops.  There will be no subsidized mortgages for people who cannot afford one; No Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.  What will there be?  Defense, Treasury, Commerce, State and functions like the Federal Communications Commission (common frequency usage), but all of these will be reduced down to basic functions staffed by volunteers who are paid basic expenses and, who, must leave after two years and cannot return for at least five years.  This restriction applies to volunteering at the local, state and national level; there will be no careers in Government Service; just people giving service.  This keeps corruption to a minimum as it is present, even in “doing-the-right-thing” energy.

Does this apply to Lawmakers?  Congressmen and Congresswomen and Senators?  Yes.  But Congress will only meet for three months every two years; the idea is to limit Government whose sole purpose is to take freedom.

The National Government roles are being massively reduced.  Are the States going to take over the “Nanny” role?  No.  The role of Government at the State level will also be reduced, massively, as it too has grown out-of-control along with the Federal Government.  Like the Federal level, the State Houses will only be open for three months every two years.  The number of laws will be reduced by at least 90 percent and government regulations will be entirely eliminated;  the law itself will be explicit enough and issues will be resolved by Volunteer Arbitrators using “common sense.”  The idea of Legal Precedence is very Dark and will be discarded.  Any unresolved conflicts at the local level will be pushed up to Volunteer Arbitrators at the State or National/Federal level.  There are no judges anymore.  There are no more lawyers.  Anyone can be a Volunteer Arbitrator; no legal background required.  Successful people in all walks of life will be encouraged to become Volunteer Arbitrators for a two-year service stint.  The Internet is an agent of change to make all of this happen.

You say, “How can this be?”  We have this “System” in place that will resist change with Law Enforcement and Military Forces.  They will try to continue to rule through the barrel of a gun.  They will use bullets, tear gas, smart bombs and tanks to keep themselves in power.  Yes, they could under the old, Dark, energies.  All of these tools were developed to keep them in power under Darkness.

BUT NOW, LIGHT IS IN CHARGE.  This is what this post is all about.  We are not going to be changing a little bit; our world is going to be changing MASSIVELY in many different, better ways.

Many of us will be receiving wonderful, new powres that enable us to fly and/or teleport, manifest food and drink, create prototypes of new technologies, fix things energetically, transform things into different, possibly better, things.  Most of these people who receive these new powres will be shielded from all harm; no bullets, knives, arrows, bolts, bombs, mortars, rockets, missiles, needles, poison or chemical, biological or nuclear attacks will have any impact.  If one can teleport, can we be locked up?  Can we be bound with hand-cuffs?  or Straight-Jackets?  When attacked, the attackers have their attacking energies re-directed on themselves.  It will not be long before the attackers GET IT and stop attacking; they will, then, realize that the world has changed and all of their Dark powers have come to naught.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Earth Changes; A 2013 UpDate

I know, I started writing about the coming Earth Changes back in 2011 and nothing happened.  OK, I got the timing wrong, or, more specifically, I was given the wrong timing.  Who knows why Spirit does anything?

After nothing appeared to happen, I was told by my Spirit Guide that the “what” information that I received was accurate, not the when.  So I kept expecting these Earth Changes to happen in 2012; again, a big no-show.  But again, the “what” information was still correct.

Prophets, throughout his-story, have had a tough time nailing down timing.  When I write about a coming Pole Shift and assorted Earth Changes, it is coming through as Prophesy, just like the Old Testament Prophets of yore.

What I am about to write has a timeline attached, but I am not sure whether it is the correct timeline.  Having provided these disclaimers, I will proceed.

Pole Shift:

We will ALL experience a Pole Shift in late-May 2013.  Fortunately for us, this will not be a 180-270 degree shift; just a 33 degree one.  This minor shift will create devastation in certain parts of the world and have almost no effect in others.  The new North Pole will be at a group of islands in the Bearing Straight, between Alaska and Siberia.  The shift will take moments, less than a minute.  This will cause the Arctic Ocean to surge southward suddenly causing a giant Tsunami for nearly all of the Pacific Islands, coming from the north.  This will have a devastating impact on all of the islands of Polynesia and Hawaii.  It will have a huge impact on the Aleutian Islands and the Bearing Straight; imagine all of that Arctic Ocean water and ice trying to get through the Straight at the same time, trying to enter the Northern Pacific.  Alaska and Siberia will get much colder;  the ice will form a land-bridge.  Vancouver and Seattle and Portland will get colder.  San Francisco and San Diego will get colder. Hawaii and all of those tropical Pacific Islands will be shoved northward and they will be colder will cooler winters.  The ice on Greenland will melt rapidly; Greenland will become a new land of opportunity to many.  Europe will become quite a bit warmer.  The northern Polar Ice will remain about the same, but move to both side of the Bearing Straight and will form the land bridge.  Much of the ice in Antarctica will melt; fear not, with all of the related subsidences, the ocean level will not raise to dangerous levels.

Earth Changes:

It sounds like a big yawn for most of Planet Earth; NOT!  Even though it is a minor Pole Shift; it will have a profound impact on the entire planet.  Other than Alaska and Siberia, China and Japan will experience the initial brunt with gigantic earthquakes.  Japan will break-up and sink beneath the waves; Mount Fuji will be an island until it blows itself up.  In addition to multiple gigantic earthquakes in China, the Three Gorges Dam will fail, displacing billions of tons of water into the earthquake maelstrom.  China, as a Nation State, will cease to exist and most of what we think of as China will sink beneath a shallow sea.

Oddly enough, the Earth’s response to the Pole Shift will travel westward (the Earth rotates toward the East).

When China collapses, this will trigger a collapse along the islands chains from the Philippines to Borneo to Indonesia to include Singapore. How bad this collapse will be is not clear.  I sense that Bali will survive; it is a special place.  Taiwan, Okinawa and Iwo Jima will survive.

Bangladesh will sink and be inundated by the sea,  Much of coastal India, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq will collapse into the sea.  Sri Lanka will survive.  Much of the interior of these lands to include all of central Asia will be devastated by gigantic earthquakes. The Caspian Sea will connect to the Indian Ocean.

All of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula to include the Emirates will sink beneath the sea.  This includes much of southern Iraq, Jordan, Israel, southern Lebanon and the Sinai Dessert.  Damascus will become a sea port. The coastal regions of Ethiopia and Somalia will sink into the sea.  Mecca and Medina will be covered by 300-400 feet of ocean.

Africa will be the most impacted.  All of North and West Africa to include Mali will sink into the sea; the Atlas Mountains will be the sea shore.  The Sahara Dessert ceases to exist. The tip of the Great Pyramid  of Giza will be visible, but just barely; it will be hazard to navigation.  Most of Central Africa will sink into the sea.  Africa will be transformed into three, fairly large islands; (1) the Ethiopian Highlands and the Kenyan Highlands, (2) South Africa to include Lesotho, most of Botswana and Namibia and (3) the northern half of Mozambique.  Madagascar sinks into the sea.

Europe is largely spared, but the Mediterranean Sea ceases to exist and becomes part of the Atlantic and/or Indian Oceans.

Moving westward; the Amazon River Basin becomes the Amazon Sea.  All of the islands in the western Caribbean Sea sink into the ocean.  This includes Cuba, the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and DR), Jamaica, the Cayman Islands (get your money out now) and Puerto Rico.  Culebra and Vieques will survive and become part of the US Virgin Islands.

All of Central America from southern Guatemala to southern Panama will sink into the ocean leaving several islands that are now large volcanoes.

North America will be largely spared.  The Mississippi Sea is not happening.  Southern Florida sinking into the sea is not happening.  Long Island sinking into the sea is not happening.  An earthquake in the Hudson River is not happening.  The Yellowstone Super Volcano is not happening.  The New Madrid earthquake is not recurring. There will be, however, major earthquakes along the San Andreas fault in both California and deep in Mexico.  LA will sink and be covered by 400 feet of ocean.  The Central Valley will be covered by 150 feet of ocean.  San Diego, Santa Barbara and Monterrey will all be islands and most of Northern California will be unaffected.  The wine country will survive mostly intact.  Sacramento and Silicon Valley do not survive. Many parts of Mexico and Mexico City will be demolished by a series of gigantic earthquakes; Mexico will cease to exist as a Nation State.

The above events are supposed to happen in a ripple in the space of twelve (12) hours after the Pole Shift; billions of people will be impacted, most losing their lives.  If the timing of this is correct, the world will be much changed by June.

Forgive everyone you can and make peace and love within,


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2011 Update as of mid-August

I wrote earlier that Earth Changes and the Pole Shift were all being driven by Solar Flare and Sun Particle activity and that everything would be accelerating in June.

There were some significant changes made on Earth during June that also changed the process.  If you Google Crystal Grid, you will find out about Kryon and  Kryon is an Archangel of Magnetic Service.

The Reptilians had already captured and subdued five Planets in two different “solar” systems orbiting the star Alcion.  All five of these planets were Human inhabited worlds.

The Reptilians were about ready to capture Earth, but Pleaidian Humans were intervening and had a fleet of Starships in orbit out at Neptune to prevent a Reptilian invasion from space.

We Humans do not understand, but there are Planetary beings and Star beings that are aware and consider Humans and other animals to be their “children”.  Gaia is our Planetary Goddess and Sol is our Star God.

Our Solar System, like the solar systems of the five Reptilian invaded planets orbits the star Alcion.  These planetary and star beings were not willing to let these Reptilian invaders destroy Human worlds without consequences or a fight.

It was Sol, with a cry for help from Gaia, that established the requirement for Kryon’s Crystal Grids around Earth, the Moon and around both of them.  These Crystal Grids were intended to keep any more Reptilian invaders from landing on Earth.

The Crystal Grids and the Ley Lines

Google Ley Lines; they are a grid of lines similar to longitude and latitude lines but are energy lines of the planet itself.  It is appropriate to think of Ley Lines as Gaia’s Grid.  The Reptilians are an advanced technology race of being who build large underground Hives; as such, they have learned to tap into the energy grids of the planets they invade.  They were slowly, but surely taking more and more of Gaia’s energy to support their Hive and sub-Hives.

The major changes in June were related to connecting the Crystal Grids around Earth to Gaia’s Ley Lines or Grid.  The other big change was allowing the Crystal Grids to collect and concentrate the Sun’s solar flare and particle activity using the Crystal Grids.  By doing these two things, Gaia, our Earth Goddess, could concentrate the Sun’s energy where she wanted to repair and re-take control of her energy grid from the Reptilians.

This created an emergency condition for the Reptilian Hives; all of a sudden, over the course of 72-hours, they lost 80 percent of the power they needed to operate their lifestyle.  The outcome of this disaster was the forced reduction-in-force (RIF) at the main Hive in Antarctica and the sub-Hives in Australia, Egypt, Europe and the USA; these were all forced to reduce their numbers by 80 percent all at the Queens command.  This was an incredible defeat for the Reptilians.

The Reptilians and their Part

For those of you who know of/have read Sitchen’s, The 12th Planet and his other books, you are familiar with the Anunakis.  These are Reptilian people from a planet called Nibiru; also called Planet X, the Destroyer, Typhon and the Chinese Dragon.

The Anunaki landed on Earth about 50,000 years ago looking for gold, silver and diamonds.  To help them in their mining efforts, they created slave workers using primates genetically engineered with their DNA.

The Anunaki, like all Reptilians, are a Hive-based culture where the Queen is totally in control at all times via wireless commands.  When the Anunakis landed on Earth, no Queen-controlled Hive was established as it was a military mission.  Readers of Sitchen are left with a nagging questions, what happened to the Anunaki and when did they leave and where did they go?

The answer: some of them left and returned to Nibiru, some remained on Earth and continue to interact with their slave creations and some of them went to the remotest continent, Antarctica, to create an underground, underice, hidden Hive.

This was necessary as the Pleaidian Humans knew the Reptilians were active on Earth and landed a series of warrior-colonists in what we call Eastern and Western Europe. The Pleaidians destroyed two warring Hives located in what is now the Sinai and the other in India.  The Pleaidian Humans established military supremacy on Earth and in the space around Earth.

The Anunaki Reptilians were also active on Mars and agreed to leave Mars and return to their Home Planet peacefully in exchange for a cease-fire on Earth.  The Pleaidian Humans agreed and Earth was left to evolve without outside interference.

When the Anunaki created their slave races by mixing their DNA with the DNA of Primates, they included the Hive command and control organs in these slaves.  Using wireless communications from the Queen, sub-Queens and sub-sub-Queens, the Anunaki Reptilians could use “mind-control” on people who had Reptilian DNA; the amount of mind-control varied by distance and other genetic factors.

Billions of Humans on Earth have Reptilian DNA in their cells and are subject to “Mind Control”.  This is frequently ascribed to the US Government, but actually goes directly to the Hive and Hive Consciousness.  All Humans with Reptilian DNA actually “listen”  and act on what is good for the Hive.  This is why Big Government, Entitlement Spending and Public Employee Unions have all grown so powerful in our lives.

So, in an earlier post, I wrote about an epic space battle that was to occur in October between the Pleaidian Humans and the Reptilians. When the Hives were forced to reduce their numbers, forces allied with Gaia and Sol “jammed” the Queen and sub-Queen control frequencies.  The outcome was the destruction of the five Reptilian Hives here on Earth.  The Queen has total, TOTAL, TOTAL control over the Hive and all operations within the Hive.  If she does not tell the members of the Hive to eat, they do not eat and starve themselves to death.  When the control frequencies were jammed, everything in the Hive ground to a halt and no one was eating anything, even the Queen.

When the incoming Reptilian space invaders could not communicate with the Hives here on Earth, they turned around and went somewhere else.

What now, the Hives are all dead, but the Hive Consciousness still exists and tells all of those billions of Humans what to do for the good of the Hive.  The answer was to “jam” the Hive Consciousness frequencies to terminate Hive guidance to all of Earth’s Reptilian DNA peoples.

This is what has been happening in June, July and August.  Now, the Reptilian invaders have been stopped and their forces here on Earth destroyed.  So now, what is to be done about the billions of Humans who are susceptible to Hive “mind-control”?

Financial Meltdown

We are all witnessing the slow, but steady meltdown of the Euro.  France, which has a AAA bond rating has too much Greek debt. France will be downgraded to AA+, just like the US. By the end of August, the Euro will collapse as a currency.

Will the Chinese Yuan be the next world currency? NOT.  China is about to experience catastrophic destruction along its major rivers which are all major earthquake fault lines.  This destruction will extend to many of China’s minor rivers as well.  Much of China will subside and be covered with seawater.  This is expected to happen in September, 2011.

So…..if there is no Euro or Yuan, where does the world look to for a world currency?  The US Dollar is the only currency left on the table, but has too much debt attached to it.  The US will default on its foreign debt holders.  The US Dollar will be revalued at 10 old dollars for every one new dollars.  Housing and land costs worldwide will return to 1960 prices.  A loaf of bread will soon be 50 cents.  When?, by December 2011.

Killer Diseases and Viruses

There is something you should Google; the Photon Belt.  Another name for it is Aquarian Energy; you know, we are at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius sung by the 5th Dimension. We are entering Aquarian Energy on December 21st, 2012.  It is an area of intense Light in space like a large vertical toroid that will take the next 2,160 years to pass through.

Aquarian Energy is significantly higher in vibration and intensity and is being ramped up more with every day.  That is why we are having the Arab Spring and Big Government and Big Government Spending are being stopped in their tracks.

Unfortunately, the vast numbers of people who have Reptilian DNA in their cells have a collective or Hive orientation; they want more Government control in their lives.  A good definition of Darkness is fear, force and control; all things that are good for the Hive.

These people who have Reptilian DNA are much lower in vibration and intensity.  They are what can be described as having Dark and Red energy (see  These people will be unable to transition to the much higher vibrations and intensities coming with the Aquarian Energy.

Where do these people go?  Over the next year and a bit, billions of people will be returning to Spirit (dying) from diseases, killer viruses and catastrophic Earth Changes.

Earth Changes – 1st Phase

In September 2011 much of the Far East will be dramatically changed.  Most of China will sink beneath the waves as will Japan, the Russian Far East, the Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia.  The Amazon river basin will become the Amazon Sea.

Pole Shift and Earth Changes – 2nd Phase

In October 2011 the Earth will experience a Pole Shift from our current North Pole to a position 30° Eastward in Russia.  This will be a sudden shift to a location 500 kilometers east and a little north of Moscow.  Russia will slide rapidly westward under the Arctic Ocean causing a subsidence or collapse of much of Russia east of the Ural Mountains. The new, Russian Sea will extend down to and connect with the Black Sea, but will not connect with the Baltic Sea.

The Pole Shift will trigger other massive changes; most of Africa will sink beneath the waves, most of the Middle-East will sink beneath the waves, most of the Western Caribbean will sink beneath the waves and most of Washington State, Oregon, California and Baja California will sink beneath the waves.

Africa; all of Africa except three islands will sink beneath the waves.  Parts of Northwest Kenya, Southwest Ethiopia and Southeast Sudan will form one island.  The southern part of Tanzania and the northern part of Mozambique along the coast will be another island and a third, large island will be formed by South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Madagascar sinks as well.

Middle East:  all of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula will sink; all of Jordan, Israel, the southern half of Lebanon will sink; Damascus, Syria will be a seaport; southern Iraq and much of Iran will sink; the Caspian Sea will link up/connect with the Persian Gulf; much of coastal Pakistan and India will sink; Sri Lanka will sink.  Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan will all experience massive seismic shifts in the form of earthquakes and upheavals/subsidences; it will be a violent roller coaster.

Western Caribbean: south Florida, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico will all sink beneath the waves suddenly.  Culebra and Vieques will survive and become part of the US Virgin Islands.

British Columbia, Western US and Baja California:  Vancouver and inland coastal BC will sink; most of coastal and central Washington State, Oregon and California will sink creating a long string of islands.  Baja California will sink entirely.

By January 2012, the world will be 25% land and 75% water.

The Moon has already had a Pole Shift – See for Yourself – 5/28/11

This Solar Flare energy is not just hitting the Earth -it has caused the Moon to shift its (the Moon’s ) axis approximately 90 degrees.  The Moon looks like it on it’s side.

Why hasn’t this been the big NEWS on this planet?  Holy Shit, they are scared out of their friggin’ minds.

OK. So what does this mean?  I have already commented on the source of the energy to make the Earth shift her Pole; its going to be about 30 degrees or 1,800 Nautical Miles (6,000 feet).  The Solar Flare energy is also the source of energy for ALL of the Earth Changes.  It is also the source of energy for the Moon’s Polar Shift.

There is more to it than that.  Earlier, I asked Advanced Humans, Newmen and Newomen to Tune-in to the Solar Flare energy and Allow the re-programming to happen and Allow the powers to become.

Being a male, I am focused on the Sun and the Solar Flares coming directly from the Sun.  Just as the Earth has a female awareness, we call Gaia, the Sun has a male awareness, whose name is Sol.  I communicate with both of them.

Feminine energy has always come from the Moon;  All of you Newomen know this and may have been a bit puzzled.  So here is an update just for you Advanced Women and Newomen; you make up 90 percent, or more, of all the 300 million survivors.

Even though I was not focused on the Moon, it has been receiving a huge amount of Solar energy that it has converted to Feminine Newomen energy.  The signal that all was in readiness for women to tune-in and start drawing on the Moon’s Newoman energy was the Moon’s Polar Shift.

It is time for all of you Advanced Females to TUNE-IN to the Moon’s Energy and ALLOW. Have fun with it.

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Important Steps to take for Newomen and Newmen – 5/28/11

I’ve discussed the how of the Pole Shift and the massive Earth Changes; it has NOTHING to do with a Comet.  The Comet is a total side-show, but is a sign in the sky that momentous changes are taking place.

Solar Flares from our Sun, SOL, are providing ALL of the energy for the Pole Shift and Earth Changes.

You Advanced Humans and Newomen/Newmen need  to ALLOW yourselves to tune into the energy of these Solar Flares; this is how you will get the X-men-like powers that are waiting for you.  This will be a bit stressful; but well worth it.

For those with DNA configurations of at least 5, Fire-Being ADEPT powers will be installed like the installation of a new app on your Smart Phone or iPad.  The trouble is that you will not have the permission to access these powers unless you allow yourself to do so explicitly!

These Solar Flare downloads will begin in June, next month, and continue through the end of the 2011.  TUNE-IN and ALLOW!!!

How our World Will Change – Solar Flares Install a New Operating System

I have written about the massive Pole Shift and Earth Changes coming and the fact that a series of Tsunami Solar Flares will excite/activate our tectonic plates and be causative in the Pole Shift.  I have also written about moving into the energies of Aquarian Light and Purple Oneness.

OK. So what? Perhaps even, Big Deal.  Yes, IT IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!

We are all energy beings and everything around is made from energy as well.  There are energy templates for everything here.  There is the concept of a bed, a chair, a stove, a Refrigerator (evolved from an Ice Box), Knives, Forks and Spoons.  There are templates for People; White/Caucasian, Black, Chinese, Indian, Arab and all the other peoples as well as blonde, brunette and red head. There are also templates for cars, planes, trains, ships, boats, bicycles, skis and new ones like snow boards.  There are also keyboards, laptops, smart phones, mouse(s)/mice, monitors (evolved from CRTs), ETC.

We are just completing a 25,920 year-cycle called a Great Year.  We are about to enter a new Great Year on December 21st, 2012.  With the new Great Year, we are all receiving a brand new operating system and it is so much bigger than Windows/Mac/Linux.

The Earth/Gaia is also an Energetic Being with much more awareness than the average Human; she uses the awareness of all of US and connects us into being One, here in the physical.  This new operating system is being installed into the Earth/Gaia as a software update for the new Great Year.  As part of this update, all of the energy templates are being updated. ALL OF THEM!

What does this mean?  In addition to the mundane, there are energy templates for marriage, family, churches, schools, colleges/universities, courts, banks, stock markets, police, prisons, health care, drugs, pharmaceuticals, natural healing.  All of these, and more, will be significantly CHANGED. All of those pills you take to “Manage” your health care issues will stop working – find an alternative/Natural practitioner soon.

Remember, we have moved from Darkness into Light; that means we are no longer motivated by Fear, Force and Control and we no longer resist change.  Our old energy Governments have not figured this out – yet; especially when it comes to TAXES.   Is the new energy going to support Big Government, Big Military, Big Unions and Big Public Sector SPENDING?   NO.  Is Purple Oneness energy going to support the concept of “Robbing from Peter to Pay Paul?  Again, NO, that is so old energy.

When the Government tells you they are going to take care of you, they are really saying “Trust Us” we have everything under control.  But, once you are used to be controlled, they change the game over-and-over-and-over again and you, have no power.  One of the big changes coming is a return to SELF-RELIANCE and RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS.  Darkness is control and fear; Light is freedom and choices that you have.

For those of you who have a problem with what I am writing, click to another site, you will be leaving this Planet soon; you are part of the problem.  The issue is that there are so many of you.

In June 2011, the first large Solar Flares will hit Earth/Gaia.  They will bring energy for the Pole Shift, a massive worldwide financial collapse (templates changing) and new, X-Men-like powers to Newmen, Newmen-in-waiting and, even, Advanced Humans.  As more-and-more Solar Flares hit us, more and more energetic template changes will arrive.

In January 2012, the Solar Flares will bring epidemic diseases that will carry away the remaining, low-vibration Humans.  If you are a High-vibration Human/Newman, fear not; the Solar Flare energy does not come for you. For low-vibration Humans, there is something you can do.  PAY ATTENTION HERE.  USE YOUR FOCUS ability and YOUR WILLPOWER. Start a two-way dialogue with that voice inside of you; that is the ONLY way you can raise your vibrations.  Put away all of those distractions you use to avoid this internal conversation; you do not have any time to waste.

If you are not sure whether you are a low-vibration Human or not, assume/act that you are, indeed, low-vibration and start “talking” to yourself.  Trust me, this is the act of a very Sane person when considering the alternative.

What About 2012, Is It the End of the World?

Yes, it is.  It is the end of the World as we know it.  It is very different, but much, much better.

Already, in 2011, the world is changing before our very eyes.  Look at the “Arab Spring”, everyone is expecting all of these Arab countries to go the way of Iran and repressive Islamic Republics ruled by Sharia Law.  The energy that we have moved into no longer supports that form of insanity.

Where else? Big Government is dying before our very eyes as well.  Communism has already died and Socialism has run out of other peoples money to spend. Lavish salaries, benefits and retirements for Public Workers all around the world are being revoked; not enough money.  In the US, Big Unions are dying and Entitlement Programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are on the chopping block.  This is all related to the shift in energy from darkness to Light and Red to Purple and cannot be reversed.

In my previous post, I describe the massive changes that will be made in our world. Billions of us are leaving abruptly in catastrophic events all over the globe.

WHY? Why are 6.7 billion people leaving so quickly? Here’s the answer; humanity has evolved into a new level of advancement – Newmen.  These Newmen are all very high vibrational beings and are mostly women. This has never happened on all of the billions of planets in the nine local universes or the multi-verse, before.  This Newman and Newoman evolution offers another “never happened before” opportunity to the evolution of our Planet aka Gaia.  Because of the 300 million high vibration beings here, Gaia has the opportunity to raise her own vibrations to become a more highly evolved Planet.  I know this is a tough concept to wrap your minds around, but Gaia is like a giant Hot-Air-Balloon with the balloon filled trying to get off the ground.  The problem is that there are too many sandbags on the basket holding Gaia down. Those sandbags are the 6.7 billion low or too low vibrational people keeping Gaia from ascending Spiritually.

This is bigger than Humanity, as important as Humans are to Spirit.  This is all about a 2-4-1, the establishment of ascended, higher Spiritual level  Newmen on an ascended, higher Spiritual level  Gaia.  What this means is that Newmen and Gaia are much more capable to doing Spirits work.

So what happens to all of those billions of people?  They leave their bodies and return to Spirit to rest, evaluate, recuperate and plan their next lives.  Every single one, including the billions who have already returned to Spirit, have experienced the significant growth in our Planet Gaia’s vibrations.  That growth included significant vibrational growth in every Human here as well and that experience will be important to many other planets trying to do the same thing throughout the Multiverse. The Humans from Earth-Gaia will be distributed throughout the Milky Way Galaxy with many of them going to Earth 2 described in a previous post.

So what about the survivors, those left-behind.  Unlike the popular Christian book series, the Newmen and Newmen in waiting will be the most highly evolved Humans on all of the billions of planets in the Multiverse.  How can that be?

In an earlier post, I claimed that the Ascended Master paradigm was broken and that no one had ever vibrated themselves beyond the 5th level of 9.  The objective of vibrating ourselves back up to the 9th and then, the 1th or ONE layer was not working out after aeons of time and effort.  The Bible refers to Lucifer – the Light Bearer taking one-third of the host of heaven into Darkness; it is actually correct, but not fully.  Two of the One’s most powerful Angels proposed a new approach to get around the failed Ascended Master approach.  They divided the 9 local universes into 3 sequentially.  Lucifer took 2,5 and 8; Michael took 3,6 and 9 and Spirit kept 1,4 and7.  Lucifer’s experiment was to keep his three local universes in 80% darkness and 20% light; Michael’s were 80% Light and 20% darkness and Spirit kept the control at 50% each.

The trouble for Earth began because it was on the edge between local Universe 8 and 9 and thus, received periodic blasts of 80% Light and Dark.  It was the only Planet to receive these “outside-the-experiment” energy bursts.  After a while, the One/Spirit noticed that there was something unusual happening on Earth/Gaia; the growth in vibrations, and thus, technology, was advancing much more quickly than any other planet in the experiments.  Soon, all of the hosts of heaven were watching us, here on Earth.  More importantly, all of the Spiritually advanced beings from all of the billions of planets (around 100,000 beings) wanted to come to Earth; to be born here as Humans, especially during the shift from Darkness to Light and Red to Purple.  This can be called the “Shift-of-the-Ages”.  These advanced beings got in-line and are all here for what we are about to go through.  A few are in their 80s, but most are in their 40s age-wise; Many are in their 20s.  These are the Newmen and Newomen or those in waiting.  The vast majority of the 300 million are those who got here, by hook or by crook, to be sling-shot into higher vibrations and advancement into higher level beings; this is why the new age movement is so very big on this planet.

The Earth has been under this incredible focus for about 1,000 years and “normal” conflicts between Darkness and Light have been interfered with.  Light always wins against Darkness and Light was permitted to help Humans create the United States of America and Australia as places for Light-oriented people to go to.  Light-oriented people are higher in vibration than Dark-oriented people like High-pressure weather systems are higher in vibration than low-pressure systems; one brings bright, sunny days while the other brings tornadoes and hurricanes.

It is no accident (there are no accidents), that Light overcame Darkness in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War/Communism and now, Big Government/Socialism.

Earth Changes and Pole Shift Update for 2011

I shared this in an email with a newly configured Newman and thought I should add it to the Blog here on Hexahedron1.  The information that I am getting from my conversations with my Inner Being or Guide or Spirit Self or Holy Ghost are telling me that most of the massive Earth Changes will be completed in 2011, not 2012.

This is in response to a question as to whether I would publish an Earth Changes Map.

There are several Earth Changes related maps showing the Mississippi Sea and the subsidence in California, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.  A few show a significant subsidence in South Florida including the Keys.  No, I have not created a maps based on my visions.  Will I? Am getting a “no” internally.  Am also getting that Long Island will be largely gone east of a line from Block Island south; yes, the Hamptons will be gone, too.

On the Pole Shift:

In June, July, August, September, October, November and December of this Year (2011), there will be significant Solar Flares several times per month. The North Pole has already “wandered” 3 degrees eastward and that has not alarmed anyone as the Pole has been “wandering” for decades. In June, the Pole will “wander” another 3-4 degrees eastward due to several Solar Flares.  In July, more Solar Flare activity will drive the Pole eastward 4-5 degrees; this will start to alarm the authorities. In August, more Solar Flare activity will drive the Pole eastward 5-7 degrees.  In September, we will get a Solar Tsunami Flare and the Pole will shift 12-15 degrees, suddenly.  This will make the Euro-Asian landmass the most Northerly landmass on Earth. Europe will be in the sub-Arctic zone; the UK and Ireland will still be warmed by the Gulf Stream, but they will have colder winters.

When the Pole shifts suddenly, the entire Arctic Ocean will shift into what is now Eastern-Central Russia and it will collapse beneath the sudden weight.  The Russian Ocean will connect to the Black Sea making Europe an island-continent.  The Mississippi Sea will be created during this sudden Pole Shift as will the Isles of California et al (much of Oregon, Washington State and Idaho will subside beneath the waves), and South Florida, Cuba, Haiti/DR, Jamaica, Caymans and Puerto Rico.  All of North Africa sinks to the Atlas Mtns; all of the Sahara Desert.  Most of China, Japan, Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia, Bangladesh, coastal India, coastal Pakistan, coastal Iran.  This all happens in September 2011.

There are several Tsunami Flares coming in September and still more in October, November and December.  In October, the Amazon River will become the Amazon Sea.  There will be more destruction in China and Japan.  What is left of Africa will be broken into three large islands with significant salt water seas between them. In November, Iceland will sink beneath the waves, as will the entire Saudi Arabian Peninsula, Jordan, southern Iraq, southern Syria (Damascus will become a seaport), all of Israel, southern Lebanon.  The Caspian Sea will link up with the Persian Gulf and Teheran will cease to exist; Iran will cease to be a threat to the world. In December, the destruction of China and Japan and the Koreas and the Far Eastern Russia will be complete with some islands sticking up from current higher elevations. All of the cities in these places will be utterly destroyed. Madagascar and Sri Lanka will both sink. Taiwan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Guam and Micronesia will all be spared.

We have seven months of massive Earth upheavals coming that are all being driven by massive Solar Flares that activate our tectonic plates. Everywhere on Earth is going to experience earthquakes, tsunamis/tidal waves, volcanoes reawakened and new.  Mexico City will experience a 14+ earthquake that lasts for 5-6 minutes; same with China, Japan, the Philippines, but multiple times.  In the US, the New Madrid fault will experience a 16+ that will cause the western side of the Mississippi River to subside.  This will cause the Gulf of Mexico to flow into the exposed fault and cause a subsidence on the eastern side of the river. Austin and Dallas will be seaports.  Biloxi, Mississippi will be the eastern end of the Mississippi Sea; Houston, Memphis, New Orleans and most cites along the Mississippi River will be gone.  St Louis and Phoenix will be seaports.

There are several safe zones in the US; Kansas, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Eastern Arizona/New Mexico, Northern Florida/South-west Georgia, Tennessee. While much of Europe will not experience major changes, it will be an area of extreme seismic and volcanic activity; not a safe zone.  Other safe zones include most of Central and Eastern Canada;  and Australia.  Everywhere else will experience massive shifting of the Earth, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and coastal subsidences.

When we get to 2012, all of these changes will be completed, but that is when the dis-eases will hit the survivors hard.  By the end of 2012, there will be 300 million people left mostly in the US, Canada and Australia. Canada will become part of the US; as will Mexico.  This means that 6.7 billion people are leaving to return to Spirit. When the Pole Shift happens, Canada will have a climate similar to the US now and the US will have the equator running through it and have a Tropical climate.  No more Hurricanes or Tornadoes; they shift towards the new Africa. Australia also moves closer to the Equator and becomes warmer.

Most of the surviving Europeans and South Americans come to the US and Canada, but about a third go to Australia.  For some reason, the US Virgin Islands is also a safe zone or I would not be here. There are practically no survivors from Africa, the Middle-East, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan or China; that is most of the people on the planet.

There will be more severe Solar Flares in 2012, but I am not getting the information now.  In October or November, I will be able to add more for the first half of 2012. My impression is that the “Earth Changes” in 2012 are going to be “finishing” changes and will not be as threatening to the survivors.

Earth 2 is Where All the Basic Humans are Going.

Google the concept of Earth 2; it is an identical Earth just a split-second behind the Earth we all live on.  It is a world where the Nazis won World War II and are in a decades-long war with the United States.  It is very much the same, but different in many ways.  The people on Earth 2 have killed each other so efficiently that they need a new infusion of Basic Humans.

Earth 1, this planet, is going through a transition to a higher energetic state for Planets.  This is the first time a Planet has gotten to this state.

There’s a problem Houston, Earth 1 has too many low vibration Humans; those with 1, 2 and 3 double strands of DNA and these Basic Humans in their billions must be moved to a new home.  This can be done in 2 ways; billions can lose their lives in catastrophic Earth Changes, Pole Shifts, Tsunamis, Subsidences and Dis-eases or they can quietly, but efficiently be transported to Earth 2.  The catastrophic return to Spirit is always accompanied with great collective fear and angst that must be worked through in many subsequent lifetimes; not a great solution.

Option 2 is a much better solution, but it also has its aspects of fear which must be managed.  If you wake up one day and find the people around you have disappeared, you wonder where they have gone to, you miss them and, more importantly, you wonder why you were left behind.  This can cause anxiety.

Fear not. Option 2 will be implemented by sending Humans with 1 double strand of DNA first.  They will go to sleep one night and wake up on Earth 2 with a whole new cultural reset of their memories; its just a half-second behind us and not difficult.  As more and more Basic Humans 1 leave our Earth, then Basic Humans 2 and 3 will make the transition.  Before this shift to Earth 2 is complete, some, but not all of Advanced Humans 4 will wake up on Earth 2 as well.  These are Humans oriented towards Darkness and Red-energy.

When this process is completed, 6.7 billion people will be moved to Earth 2.  Earth 2 is still in Dark-energy and Red-energy and the new arrivals will be very comfortable with that energy.  This will leave around 300 million, high energy, Light-energy and Purple-energy people on Earth 1.  The Eternal Order of Progression is preserved, just in different places.

Earth 2 is where the Mayans traveled to when they left so suddenly and completely.  They are very Dark and Red.


Sun Spots and Solar Flares to Trigger Massive Earth Changes

Google Sun Spots and Solar Flares and you will read that these are “normal” energetic events that we experience from our Sun.  You will also read about a huge increase in the amount of energy we are, and will be, receiving from our Sun.  Go read about it – inform yourselves.

Here is what I am receiving, as channeled information, from a being that I call Spirit.  This being is above Darkness and Light and much higher than man-made Gods like Jesus, Jehovah, Buddha, and Allah.  Because man-kind believes in these Gods, they exist and have certain powers to reward their believers.  This was true during the time of worshiping the Greek Gods, the Egyptian Gods, the Norse Gods and the Gods of Sumer.

Sorry, got a little off subject.  In an earlier post, I wrote about 2011 being a year of Great Change.  While the Earth is capable of Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis/Tidal Waves, it is rare to witness Pole Shifts and Large Subsidences of Land.  Port Royal, in Jamaica, disappeared beneath about 20 feet of water in the 1750s and underwater cities have been discovered in coastal waters off India.  So, these subsidences do happen, but not big ones.

When a Pole Shift and/or large-scale Land Subsidences are going to occur, large amounts of energy from our Sun always trigger them.  We are at a place, during a major shift between Darkness/Light and Red/Purple energies as well as the completion/beginning of a 25,920 Year, Great Year cycle where large amounts of solar energy is being made available for changes here on Earth.

Our scientists know about previous Pole Shifts, Tectonic Plate shifts, Inter Glacial Periods and believe that these things occur gradually over long periods of time.  Not true, they are like Earthquakes that happen when there is too much energy and it must be released.  Pole Shifts and large Land Subsidences, like the 10 Islands of Atlantis only occur when Solar Tsunamis hit the Earth.  When too much solar energy enters our world, the Tectonic Plates get energized and any imbalance caused by the shifting weight of melting ice will be re-balanced by Pole Shifts and large-scale upheavals and subsidences of the Earth’s landmasses.  The water metaphor is really the energy metaphor, except for the occasional earth-changing energy from our Sun.

This is how the new North Pole will be 300 miles East and a little North of Moscow, in Russia.  The entire Arctic Ocean will pour into Western-Central Russia, collapse it and create a new ocean with depths of several hundred feet.  This is how much of mainland China will collapse into a shallow sea of about 200 feet deep.  Same for the Mississippi Sea, the Amazon Sea, the Saharan Sea and the Arabian Sea which covers the entire Arabian Peninsula.

I guess the Doomsday sayers are right.  Our world will become a very different place; much less land and much more water.  The Pole Shift, this time, will be about 30 degrees with 15 degrees gradual and 15 degrees sudden.  The bad news is that the events mentioned above are all going to happen before December 21st, 2012.  When we start the new cycle on this level and about five levels above us, all of the equalizing energy releases will have been completed.

With the sudden demise of Billions of People with their carbon footprints and food, shelter and warmth requirements, our world will go through a mini Global Cooling stage, but will quickly revert to an extended period of long growing seasons.  Those of us that are “Left Behind” will have shifted into beings of Higher Energy and Greater Capabilities and Unified Civilization than we have now.

Be well Newmen and Newmen-in-waiting.

Earth Changes and Pole Shift

2011 is a year of Great Change.

Everywhere, the weather is different and more extreme.  Japan is experiencing death-throws; most of Japan will break asunder continued earth quakes and violent volcanic explosions. The nuclear disaster will spread in all directions before the end.  When Japan sinks, it will take Korea and much of the Russian Far-Eastern territory.We are in the midst of a gradual pole shift.

The new North Pole will be approximately 300 miles East-North-East from Moscow in Russia.  This will bring the Euro-Asian landmass to the top of the world and make it much colder.  The Mediterranean Sea will become cold like the Northern Pacific Ocean.The new equator will run through the middle of the United States bisecting the State of Tennessee.  Canada will have a climate similar to the US climate now.

As this gradual pole shift happens, the oceans of the world will become imbalanced by melting polar ice.  This imbalance will trigger massive changes on our planet.  Both poles must be in deep water (or ice) for the correct electro-magnetic properties.  Much of Russia west of the Ural Mountains will subside and be inundated by the Arctic Ocean.  All of Northern Africa will subside and be inundated by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

All of the Arab Nations will experience vast subsidence and inundation from both the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean; this includes Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Southern Lebanon, Southern and Western Iraq, some of Syria, the entire Saudi Arabian peninsula and lands south of the Red Sea.

These will, in turn, trigger massive earthquakes and subsidence in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Tibet and China.  Great Tsunamis, as high as 1,200 feet will break upon these lands and travel hundreds of miles inland.  Indonesia, Borneo and the Philippines will all experience great destruction from earthquakes, volcanoes and subsidences.

There will be several new Seas; the Amazon Sea, the Mississippi Sea and the Gulf of Colorado as well as the Isles of California. The oceans of the world will cover more than 75 percent; there will be much less land.

The Pole Shift is already happening and it will accelerate in 2011.  Much of the activity discussed above will happen at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. For those who read this, prepare yourselves as best as you can.  Vast numbers of Red-energy people are being called “Home” to Spirit.