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What is the “Anomaly” Next to Our Sun? 6/2/11

There’s Buzz on the Internet about a large planet-sized object next to our Sun.  See

According to Sol, the aware being located in the Sun, a new planet is being birthed.  Even though it is many times larger than Earth now, it is Earth 2 and will be placed in our Earth orbit, opposite us; we will not be able to see each other directly as the Sun will be in the way.

It will take 100,000 orbits (Years) or so to cool down and solidify enough to be populated with plants, animals and Humans, but that is not its purpose now.  For now, it will become a “place-holder” for Earth 1/Gaia so that we can go “elsewhere”.

Not sure where we are going, but the when is relatively soon.  This new planet must be moved into the correct orbit and that will take some time.  After it is in orbit opposite us, the Solar system will be balanced and Earth 1 can be released to leave for our appointment with Destiny.

What is happening on Earth1 now is “mind-blowing” to Spirit; when we get to December 21st, 2012, we do not just start a new Great Year cycle.  We are at the beginning of five (5) simultaneous, greater cycles above the Great Year the longest of which is measured in billions of years.  What we are doing here, now, is of absolutely, incredible, essential importance to Spirit or All or the One/1 or the Supreme Being.

Darkness will not be allowed to Screw things up as much as it may try.

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Earth 2 is Where All the Basic Humans are Going.

Google the concept of Earth 2; it is an identical Earth just a split-second behind the Earth we all live on.  It is a world where the Nazis won World War II and are in a decades-long war with the United States.  It is very much the same, but different in many ways.  The people on Earth 2 have killed each other so efficiently that they need a new infusion of Basic Humans.

Earth 1, this planet, is going through a transition to a higher energetic state for Planets.  This is the first time a Planet has gotten to this state.

There’s a problem Houston, Earth 1 has too many low vibration Humans; those with 1, 2 and 3 double strands of DNA and these Basic Humans in their billions must be moved to a new home.  This can be done in 2 ways; billions can lose their lives in catastrophic Earth Changes, Pole Shifts, Tsunamis, Subsidences and Dis-eases or they can quietly, but efficiently be transported to Earth 2.  The catastrophic return to Spirit is always accompanied with great collective fear and angst that must be worked through in many subsequent lifetimes; not a great solution.

Option 2 is a much better solution, but it also has its aspects of fear which must be managed.  If you wake up one day and find the people around you have disappeared, you wonder where they have gone to, you miss them and, more importantly, you wonder why you were left behind.  This can cause anxiety.

Fear not. Option 2 will be implemented by sending Humans with 1 double strand of DNA first.  They will go to sleep one night and wake up on Earth 2 with a whole new cultural reset of their memories; its just a half-second behind us and not difficult.  As more and more Basic Humans 1 leave our Earth, then Basic Humans 2 and 3 will make the transition.  Before this shift to Earth 2 is complete, some, but not all of Advanced Humans 4 will wake up on Earth 2 as well.  These are Humans oriented towards Darkness and Red-energy.

When this process is completed, 6.7 billion people will be moved to Earth 2.  Earth 2 is still in Dark-energy and Red-energy and the new arrivals will be very comfortable with that energy.  This will leave around 300 million, high energy, Light-energy and Purple-energy people on Earth 1.  The Eternal Order of Progression is preserved, just in different places.

Earth 2 is where the Mayans traveled to when they left so suddenly and completely.  They are very Dark and Red.