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A new Idea for Health Care

This is a new page that I am putting up on, but I thought I would post it on this blog as well. It is a totally new idea that is very energy flow related; after all, we are all just energy that has been slowed down a bit.

Many of the new technologies that are coming into the world are related to new alloys that have new, unusual properties. The trick is to ask the right question.

Is there an alloy that can be made that will draw out sickness or dis-ease in a person or animal? Yes!?

How does this work? It is powered by DC Electricity via a transformer (like your laptop) or by batteries.

This device has two options; one is to draw “sickness” out  and the other is to put “healing” in.  The device can be switched on as a transmitter or on as a receiver and uses specific radio frequencies. The frequencies are important, but cannot function properly without the specific new alloy.

This device has a point (not sharp) at one end and a small ball at the other end with the battery or power supply in the middle between the point and ball.

This device can be used on pressure points, meridian points or just focused on areas of pain.  For people who know how, it can used to send energy or draw energy by intention.

For example, it could be used to draw negative energy out of the inner ear in someone who was deaf. It could also be used to send healing energy to the inner ear as well.  Another example would be memory cells for people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Another example would be people with heart disease or clogged arteries.

This device would be a revolution in health care for people on the job or in their homes. This technology would be very disruptive to the pharmaceutical and hospital industries and would be massively resisted by the AMAs  and their puppet governments of the world.

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How to Cure Hearing Loss

I have had hearing loss in both ears since I was in my early 20s; I was a Morse Code intercept operator in the Vietnam Conflict.  When using High Frequency, the dits and dahs would sometimes be turned into sound explosions going off directly into my ears through the headset. Sometimes, it was painful and gave me permanent hearing loss; or so I thought.

I have recently been tested by an Audiologist, who told me that I needed to have two behind-the-ear hearing aids. She ordered them and I am waiting to have them configured and installed. The hearing aids are wonderful new technology that incorporates Blue Tooth from a powerful microphone that I wear around my neck.

I have an old book that has been out-of-print since the 1950s; it is a Chinese Medicine Book with drawings on where to apply pressure to specific points on the body for various ailments.

I already was using the four points around the eye  sockets and temple to keep my focus sharp and thought, why not check for pressure points to treat other ailments that I have.

Lo and behold, there was a treatment for cataracts which I have in my right eye.  It involves tapping lightly on the outside of the right eye socket. When I did that, I found a tender spot right in the middle that I knew was related to my cataract. I tapped it about 50 or 60 times before bed and when I woke up for three days. This approach is very similar to my eBook on How to Cure Toothaches.

These was also a couple of places to tap to restore hearing loss. Fold the ear flap over and tap in the center of the back of the ear; do it at least 50 or 60 times lightly on both ears morning and night.

Then, tap the place just above and behind the ear, where your inner ear is located.  Again, tap it lightly for about 50 or 60 times on both ears.

What you are doing is stimulating the cilia hairs in your cochlea to regrow. I know, this is supposed to be impossible; there is no know way to regain hearing loss after it occurs? Try it, what have you got to lose?

One other, similar approach to using our body as a tool to get better, is wiggling your toes to re-activate your memory cells in your brain. This technique may take a few weeks, but can be used to stimulate the re-activation of lost memories in people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. How wonderful is that?

Guess what? These are all free, use no drugs, and you can do them in the privacy of your home or on the go. I wiggle my toes all of the time now to keep my memories very sharp.

I do not say that these will work for you; I am not saying that these will “cure” you. I am saying that they are working for me and that, maybe, you should try them out.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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“Hidden” Secrets being Revealed

Do you notice that the Internet has become the news outlet for all of the young people? They do not watch or trust the media outlets, even the cable media outlets like Fox.

Do you notice that Politicians and the Political Class are not trusted?  Do you notice that Political Outsiders are doing well and Political Insiders not so well? Liar is the new four-letter word and it is being applied to our “leaders” and sticking to them like glue; no more “Teflon.” Even our military leaders.

Do you notice that things that were supposed to be hidden from view are, persistently, being revealed even by the lapdog media?

Do you notice that “disruptive” technologies are being embraced? Despite the power of big oil and big government? It is hard to believe that anyone can now buy an efficient, desirable, electric car. How about the privatization of Space? How about the access to the Internet via satellites from nearly anywhere on Earth? How about that huge bandwidth that you have at home and work?

What about social media?  It has been used to bring down Dictators, but how about greedy, unethical charges from airlines, Internet Service Providers, Utilities, and, yes, our Government? The powers-that-be are very fearful of this development and have looked for ways to pull the plug on the Internet.

Not going to happen; the Internet is a creature of Light; yes, it has it’s Dark side, but hey, Darkness still has 33% of the powre in this world.  Just like sunshine and rain, we all need to have Light and Darkness so that we can choose.

Light is now enabling Social Media to become more powreful as an instrument(s) to influence how our businesses and government works. Just imagine, having to post legislation or trade deals on the Internet for 14 days before it can be voted on. Just imagine, being able to say a collective “NO” to our elected representatives. Just imagine, vetoing the insider/lobbyist interests with all the hidden money and jobs. All of this from your laptop or smartphone anywhere, even in your underwear.

This hasn’t happened yet, but is coming. 2016 will be the first year that Light will be fully in-charge. Many wonderful changes are coming.

Equally, many really Dark Assholes will be leaving. When that happens, it will leave Earth a much better place.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Some “Spell” Guidance

You will like this; “Abracadabra” is a Hebrew phrase meaning “I speak what I create.”

OK. You already know that 5 is really 14 and that 14 is the Creation Number.

Well…This applies to 5-letter words that we can use in our “Spells.”

Here is a list of good powre words to use in your Spells. There are no negative words; Light Spells must be positive. Fight can be used against Darkness; that is a positive thing. Notice False is not included; nor is Jesus or Allah. Light Spells call on the powre of Light, not Local Earth Gods.


























These are focused powre words to use in your Spells; do not use more than three (3) of them in any one Spell. Why, more than three will tend to disrupt what you are trying to do; too much energy going too many places.  Remember, we are a three-dimensional world; height, depth and width. I know, there is also Time, but stick to the three physical dimensions.

Have fun with this. This is a way to start taking yourself more seriously.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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