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Are you a Conscious Creator?

On my Home Page, I write about the importance of using Creation Days when we do our creations.

I have also written about what I call, “Free Wheelers;” those are the people here who create accidentally. They can create and do, but they do not create consciously. They can create anything that they want whether it is good or not so good, but they create “on-the-fly” using their “self-talk.” These creators want to create their lives with least effort; they go to the store and buy prepared foods  and drinks; they rent furnished apartments; they use anything that has already been setup for them.

Anytime you choose to create something that takes effort, even if it is baking a cake using a ready-made cake mix, you are still adding eggs, mixing it in a bowl, sticking it in an oven, timing it and icing it.  And, if you are really a conscious creator, you mix all of the ingredients from “scratch.” OK, that is one example. How about writing? If you write a book, you must put a lot of effort into it before it is ready for sale. How about being a restaurant chef, you must get the fresh food and prepare it well and put your love into it; otherwise, you will not be successful. Putting your love into your creations is an essential part of creating.

That is the reason that prepared food is so boring; no one has put any Love into it when it was being prepared.

OK. Most of us, the vast majority, are accidental creators. We really don’t think of ourselves as creators and we really don’t want to know “how to” create. When I ask Spirit, I get that one-in-10,000 are conscious creators.

Again, being a conscious creator take effort and planning ahead and timing (Creation Days) and most of us are happy to stumble upon things along the way.

OK. Who puts those things there? Our Spirit Guides, of course. So, we are still creating, but indirectly.

So… what happens if most of those accidental creators all disappear over a relatively short period of time? What do we have left behind? The answer is a bunch of conscious creators. That is just another way of saying that Light Beings or Right-Spinners are taking over.

All of the momentum that Darkness has built up over thousands of years will be used up by the end-of-2015 (December 22, 2015). 2016 will be a huge year of change and, yes, large number of left-spinning, accidental creating, Dark Beings will be leaving making our world a much better place.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Enter the “Flu”

There is going to be a large “die-off” of people on Earth; it’s called the Great Return (to Spirit).

OK. When? and Who?

Let’s talk about who first; this is easy, the 95% of the population who have an energetic orientation towards Darkness. Remember, all of us have a mix of both Dark (Left-Spin) and Light (Right-Spin) energies; both are essential like sunshine and rain.

While Darkness has been in-charge (the last 6,480 years), it was normal for most, even, the vast majority, of people coming here to choose an orientation that was more advantageous to them. This is a choice that we all make in the planning before we are born. Yes, we all pick our names, birth dates, places where we are born, and, even, our parents with their socio-economic environment. But, most importantly, for this conversation, we all choose our Power/Powre orientation.

So… Like the expression goes; follow the money (power). The vast majority of people on Earth now, have an orientation towards Darkness. By that, I mean that they have at least 60% Left-Spin energy and that they tend to focus on fear, force, control and resistance to change-for-the-better. It also means that they tend to like living in collectives like cities big and small and want Government to take care of them.

While we are here, alive, we have the choice to move towards the Left or the Right (or stay on our path) many times. By making these choices, we get more powerful/powreful in either Left-Spin or Right-Spin. So…it is possible to move from Darkness to Light or vise versa.

OK. Now, Right-Spin energy is in-charge and doesn’t have much use for all of these people who are oriented towards Left-Spin energy; enter the Great Return. It doesn’t matter whether there is 7, 5 or 3 billion people on the planet (depending on who you believe); 95% of them will be dying, leaving the planet much roomier, but, more importantly, with people who have a much stronger orientation towards the Light (Right-Spin).

Right-Spinner are oriented towards freedom, choice, truth, self-reliance, self-responsibility and change-for-the-better and work well with other Right-Spinners in small groups. Right-Spinners distrust the power of the State and consider Big Government to be Evil (notice that Dark and Evil and Left are all 4-letter words).

OK. The Who is clear. We are talking about the vast majority of Left-Spinners leaving. This has nothing to do with whether these people are good or bad. Yes, the bad ones will be taken, but there will also be many really good people taken as well.  It is all about your Spin, not your character.

Now, the How. Obviously, I have written about the coming Earth Changes and catastrophic events like subsidences, earthquakes and tsunamis, but, there must be some other agent of Death at play. Enter the Flu. It will be like the 1918 version, but much stronger and it will seem to travel around the world in different pockets. We all know that Flu is a virus; this means that it has DNA. As our Scientists have figured out, viruses can be used to carry genetic segments to target certain cells.

What our Geneticists do not know is that there is a seen and un-seen part of our DNA structure. Part of the un-seen portion identifies our Spin orientation and the degree of Spin orientation. What I am saying is that Light/Right-Spin energies have already designed a Flu virus that will attack and kill people who are 60% or higher Left-Spinners. Again, this is not about whether you are, were, a good or bad person; it is all about your Spin.

The When is now, this Flu season in the Northern Hemisphere and next summer in the Southern Hemisphere. This Flu will attack the old and young first, but will mutate itself to attack the strong as well. Do not waste your time on Flu Shots. And yes, Airline travel will spread this Flu everywhere.

Are you a Right-Spinner? If yes, do not be concerned, you are not the target. People will be dying all around you, but you will remain healthy; you will be one of the survivors.

This is all about a shift in power/powre from Darkness to Light and a new broom that will sweep clean.

Love, Light and Laughter,