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Important Physics Updates

Don’t worry, I am not going to hit you with a bunch of equations. In my Inventions site,, I have a New Physics section. This information is like all of my writings; short, conceptual and easy to understand.

Please start out with the Corner Discussion, This is a new Spiritual baseline for understanding our world and how it all works. Then, go to the The Corner Discussion: Implications! page. They are both short reads.

I, then, expand on two of James Clark Maxwell’s famous equations talking about the underlying concepts. See Maxwell’s Equations – More on Curls. What I am doing is adding the math structures for understanding and controling hot/cold and gravity/magnetism. This will be important for how we make things using the Atomic Structure (neutrons, protons and electrons) and all things chemical.

Having added two more equations to Maxwell’s original four, I describe what Gravitrons, Magnetrons, Infratrons and Frigitrons are and what their positive, negative and neutral structures are. See What is a Magnetron? Gravitron? Infratron? Frigitron?

Finally, I get into a discussion of how these new physics concepts impact the Atomic Structure and how they are forces that create fields (yes, force fields) and I discuss what the Aether is and how we can use it more effectively. See What is a Field?

I keep writing about how we have all moved into a new Age, the Aquarian Age, and how Right-Spin energy has taken over. The real effective date is January 1, 2020; Right-Spinners and Light Workers (who don’t know they are Right-Spinners) will have 80% of the powre in our world. The world, it is changing; this is why.

Everything in both Hexahedron1 and RevitaeTechnologies are all about Right-Spin energy. So… with the change in energies, we are also having an update/upgrade to some basic science information.

For those of you who have not visited the Revitae Technologies site before, please have a look around. Yes, it is technology, but is described in an easy to understand way. Enjoy!


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End of Corruption, as We Know It

In my last post, I wrote about the coming end of the EU (European Union) or the 4th Reich. It looks like Brexit is, finally, going to happen, and when it does, that will bring on the collapse of the EU. Italy will leave. Hungary will leave. France will leave. Poland will leave. And, even, Germany will leave.

The whole things will collapse much faster than anyone could ever guess. How is this going to happen?

Firstly, China is on the virge of collapse now. 1000s of its factories have left (perhps as many as 60,000). Many millions of its workers are jobless. Real estate and banks are collapsing. Still, China must buy oil, natural gas, food and raw materials with mostly $USD (but other currencies). It’s stored reserves of Dollars and Gold are being exhausted faster than new resources are coming in. It’s Belt and Road Initiative is collapsing as well; resources are being pulled back. Hong Kong used to be valuable as a source of investment assets, but it, too, is collapsing.

What is this China Collapse doing to Germany and the EU? Germany is an export dependent economy. Trade barriers are up against the United States and China can no longer buy enough German exports.

So. People may think that raising tarriffs and the Trade War is the cause of all of this and yes, it is the tipping point. But, there is a much bigger problem that everyone on Planet Earth has been experiencing since the early 1970s. The Globalists or the Central Banksters and/or the Multi-National Companies and/or the Party of Davos took over.

They did away with Gold Backed money and replaced it with Fiat money. What’s the difference? No checks on the amount of money that can be printed (or made digitally, with a push of a key). So, what happened? We got a lot of inflaiton (remember 24% Interest Rates) and our currencies got less and less valuable; it took more and more of them to buy everything. It used to be that we could get bye on one salary, but now, everyone must work. It used to be that we could get bye on the cash that we were paid, but now, we must have credit cards to survive. Speaking of credit cards; the Interest Rates can go higher than 30% now.

Everyone, all of our companies and all of our Governments are all in debt to the maximum possibility. The Central Bank system has been based on pushing interest bearing debt on everyone to the maximum possible extent. So, when too many of us have maxed out our credit and do not have any more income coming in, what happens?

We are seeing it all around us. The Global Economy is slowing down rapidly. Is this new? No, this debt bomb has been eating away at all of us for 20-30 years. What we are all experiencing is the collape of the Central Banks/Banksters.


When the Central Banksters could create $Billions and $Trillions of money out of thin air (which they did in 2009), buying people became incredibly easy. You know, the One Percenters, just bought as many politicians, judges and bureaucrats as they wanted. Just think, how many politicians retire rich on a Government salary.

It is the Central Banks (CB) and their system of creating money and lending to our governments (and to us) that has led us to this place of no growth. We are all in such a great amount of debt that we can no longer buy those additional items; all of us, and our companies and our governments are MAXED OUT.

Solution Coming.

The Central Banks (the Rothschilds, the Federal Reserve, the ECB and others) planned on Hillary winning and some major event like a world war could happen to wipe out all of the bad (impossible) debts of our governments, companies and people (the lucky few). That didn’t happen. Instead, things started to move against the CBs; things like Brexit, Trump and others. Trump is using the CBs money, running up $Trillions in additional debt to rebuilt the military and, perhaps, the Infrastructure and is bringing back 1000s of manufacturing jobs/factories (that the Globalists exported from the US and Europe). He is building a different, non-Central Bank economy and has stashed a huge amount of gold away in an abandoned salt mine.

The CBs are also stashing lots of gold away, but no one will trust them when they try to restart THEIR Fiat Money as THEY will do the same thing to all of us again, IF THEY CAN.

What’s happening?

China will collapse soon, perhaps before 2020. The EU is in bad shape now and the Chinese (CCP) Collapse will bring down the ECB and EU (and most of the other CBs around the world). Trump has managed to isolate the US from most of the financial damage coming. For example, the US Treasury debt is $23 Trillion. Trump has seized more than $30 Trillion from the corrupt CIA. He has also seized about $50 Trillion from the Rothschilds/Banksters. How do you think he had been able to buy all of that gold? Think: Trump is going to pay off the US Treasury Debt with this seized money.

The US Dollar – the Federal Reserve Note, is the Reserve Currency of the world. It will soon become WORTHLESS. Why do you think Trump is redoing all of the Trade Agreements everywhere? The unlimited printing (paper and digital) of the new, gold-backed $Dollar (US Treasury Note) will not be possible. All trade will have to be in items of tangible assets and trade will have to be reciprocal and somewhat balanced.

Not sure how, but Trump may find a way to declare all Debts to the Central Bank NULL & VOID based on many on-going crimes. Then, all of those seized $Trillions (even if pennies on the dollar) could be used in re-building. If we are in the right place at the right time, we may be able to void our own debts.

This has been a bit long, but reflects the theme of this site; Light/Right-Spin has taken over and will be fully powered up on January 1st, 2020. OK. Corruption is very definitely at Dark/Left-Spin force/energy/activity. The primary cause of corruption in our world is the Central Banksters. They have had their day in the Sun for the past 100 years or so; no more.

Fortunately for us, they are GOING AWAY, even if they do not know it yet.

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