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What if?

Hi, I hope you are all safe and well. Things will be getting darker, but the full force of the Light is coming.

What happens if the 3GorgesDam breaks early? Say, in the next day or two? What would that do to my timetable?

It would kick off all of the changes sooner. When the dam breaks, it will be catastrophic; think a 600 foot tsunami rolling downstream to Shanghai. Bye bye China’s Navy and their only Financial Center left (Hong Kong is gone). That will kick off the rolling earthquakes that will culminate in the collapse of Mainland China/Hainan Island.

This will also trigger the collapse of much of Indonesia. This will also trigger the events in California, Mexico, Central America, the Amazon Sea and the Pole Shift (Magnetic). Not sure whether the Northern and Central Africa happen before, or after the Pole Shift.l Same for the collapse of the Saudi Arabian Peninsula.

All of these events are “in-play” now and are interconnected. The base of the 3GorgesDam has just moved and the breaking point is coming fast.

China is experiencing one disaster after another. Massive flooding and related earthquakes. The fields are mostly flooded and the harvests will be largely wiped out. Then there is the Locusts. There is great unrest in China now; the Chinese believe that Comets are an Evil Omen and yes, we have a comet in the skies. The Chinese Communist Party is losing/has lost the “Mandate from Heaven.”

Not sure of the order, but all of these Earth Changes can happen is the next few weeks. The collapse of China will be a huge energy shift that will trigger all of these other changes.

Isn’t it interesting, the entire world is now focused on China. We are all finding out how “Evil” the CCP is; think mass killing for organ harvesting, suppressing religious belief and political expediency. China is the center of Darkness on our planet and it is about to swept away.

Light/Right-Spin has taken over. Otherwise, none of this would be happening. This means that our world will be moving in directions that bring more freedom, choices, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility and, generally, doing more of the Right Thing.

China was being set up as the new Super Power by the Banksters and the Deep State types. All of the manufacturing from the US and Europe was moved to China. All of the Financial Centers were set up in Hong Kong and Shanghai to take over. The Banksters/Deep Staters had to do this to destroy all opposition to their Global Takeover or One World Government where they had the only military and tax power. The EU with the UN was the prototype or training wheels. Yes, they have been planning this for 100 years.

Oops. They did not plan on trying to complete their “Plan” during a major Energetic Shift. We entered Aquarius in 2013 and it has taken this long, 2020, for the transition period from everything Pisces. These Dark forces had 80% of the power in the world and could do whatever they pleased. Not true anymore; the powre has shifted to 80% against them.

Problem for them; they are clueless about what has happened. They know that, unexpectedly, they are losing battles on many fronts. They still think that they will win the “war.”

The Banksters/Deepstaters coordinated the release of the CCPVirus with the Chinese. It was sent out to the world on purpose; it was supposed to suppress all opposition to their increasing limits on freedoms. It worked for a while, but then they played their second event, the BLM movement. Both of these events were meant to be the catalyst for bringing down the entire idea of Western Civilization in the United States and Europe.

Remember, Pelosi held the Impeachment Articles until January 15th, the same day that the first Covid19 carrier arrived from China. That was also the date of signing the Trade Deal with China. Akin to the Japanese doing peace talks during Pearl Harbor.

Actually, it goes back to Hillary and her emails. She sold many military secrets to the Chinese. She was supposed to win and there would have been a war. She would have made sure that the US lost to China. Then, the US Government and “America” would have ceased to exist. They would have finally gotten rid of the US Constitution and its protection of individual rights.

Somehow, something intervened, and this did not happen, That same something intervened in the Brexit votes, Trump, Brazil, Australia, India and, even, in many European elections. You can call that “something” Right-Spin or Aquarian Energies.

We can all see the direction that this energy is taking us. It is away from the collective or hive mentality. It is back to customs and traditions that have served us for 1000s of years. These will be updated in the new energies, but in acceptable ways. Think more freedom and choices and more truth/integrity.

But, it is also bringing many new ways to do things. Think no more commuting to work; work from home. Think robotic tractors to do the farming; that is coming. The big cities are becoming “Ghost” Towns; everyone is leaving as they are too expensive (rent, taxes and cost of living), not safe anymore and under the control of the Lunatic Left (Darkness/Left-Spinners). Now, the suburbs, exurbs and small cities are the new destinations.

Yes, London and Paris will continue to be cultural centers and we will visit, but not as Londoners and Parisians. All of the big cities are losing their vitality now; in a year, they will collapse with no tax base, no people and far too many empty commercial offices/warehouses and residential housing. The CCPVirus is causing most restaurants to close and shut down. The fleeing people are doing the rest.

So, yes, we are having massive social and physical changes in our world. It is meant to be like this. Think 85% of the people on the planet will be leaving. This is going to be a series of shocking changes all over the place.

The survivors will get through it all and will inherit a very different, much better world with energy that will be described as “Golden;” we are, just now, entering the new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Disasters Happening!

I know, I know. I have written about coming disasters several times. The “what” has stayed very consistent, but the “when” kept on shifting.

OK. Take a look at our planet; there are disasters happening all over the place. We are just coming out of the CCP Virus that killed or infected millions. This event has brought the Global Economy to the brink of collapse. On the other hand, the virus is the ENABLER for the Great ReBoot or ReSet.

Yes, on July 1st, we entered into a new month (new energy encapsulation) after we got to 80%. What that means is that this new Riight-Spin dominant energy can be used.

So…What is the most Evil, Repressive, Aggressive Nation on the Planet? Easy, Communist China!!! What have they been up to?

Killing and Repressing millions of their own minorities that have different religions and look differently from the Han Chinese. They routinely kill thousands per month just to sell their organs.

Attacking their neighbors. It did not go so well with India, but was easier with Nepal. They just swallowed up Hong Kong and are turning it into an internment camp. And, believe it or not, they just claimed that the Russian city of Vladivostok is a Chinese City and the entire Russian Far East is theirs.

And, then, there is the South China Sea where they are trying to claim all of the fishing and oil/gas mineral exploration and setting up customs collection rights for all of the International Shipping that passes through (1/3rd) to include much of the shipping headed for Korea and Japan. They have built several military islands and want to forcibly build several more by taking the islands from their neighbors.

Oh yeah, they have built a surveillance state where they look at your face to see how you react to their orders. If your face gives you away, off to the camps for you. They are trying hard to export this system (and Their System) around the world; Orwell was not even close.

Alright, got it. So…What’s happening to China?

Nobody is buying from China. The supply chain factories are being pulled out. Why? Because they spread the virus around the world on purpose; they lied and many people have died. The Chinese economy is collapsing. Employment has been reduced by perhaps as much as 75%.

Their Shadow Banking system is just now, collapsing. This is how they paid for all of those Ghost Cities where no one lives. This is a $20 Trillion bust. Whoa, how did this just happen? The Chinese Communist Party got caught counterfeiting gold bars; as much as 40% of their Gold is fake. This fake Gold was used as collateral on many Shadow Bank loans. Poof, the ability to pay back the investors just vanished. Now, when the CCP wants to buy something with Gold, it is going to be closely examined; they are going to drill holes in the gold bars.

As I said, the CCP is Evil and they have just shot themselves in the leg. They lie about everything, especially about money and their GDP. After this Gold swindle, no one is going to trust the Chinese.

And then, there is Hong Kong. Again, no one is going to trust the CCP after they broke their Treaty with the British over Hong Kong.

So… The financial world is not in such great shape for China. They have to pay for everything in US Dollars; yes, all of the oil, raw materials like iron ore, imported food, etc.

On the food, China does not grow enough food to feed itself. It must buy soy beans from Brazil or the United States to feed its favorite meat; pork. It must also buy additional rice, corn, wheat, barley, etc. to feed 900 million people.

So, How is that going? Not well. China already had significant flooding earlier in the year, but the farmers got their crops in. For the past 35 days, China has had torrential rains. The dams are full to bursting and the CCP has had to release billions of gallons of water. Twenty-nine provinces and cities have been severely flooded; yes, they have lost all of their crops. There is going to be a huge problem with food shortages. Even if the United States will sell China food, it cannot produce enough food that China will need.

What else? A major dam in China is just about to collapse; it just got pushed/shoved/moved a bit and the water is already flowing around it. And then, there is the Three Gorges Dam; it has a bend in it and the authorities are dumping water as fast as they can. Unfortunately, all of that water coming down is still too much and the big dam is too full. Actually, the Chinese have 1000s of dams and many of them are about to break.

What else? Swine Flu, Bird Flu and Bubonic Plague have broken out in China. The Swine Flu can be transmitted to Humans and may be another virus that the CCP releases on the world. Same can be said for the others.

What else? 1 Trillion (that’s 1000 Billion) Locusts are about to hit China. Their food production woes are not bad enough?

OK. OK. Got it. What is your point?

It is becoming increasingly clear to anyone who looks at it; China is incurring the wrath of God.

It is about to get worse. The rain is likely to keep falling briskly, if not in China, then on the Tibetan Plain which flows into China. The pressure on the dams is going to continue and many of them will fail.

What about the 3Gorges? Getting there.

On August 11, 2020 (or there abouts), the Trigger Event that I have written about will happen. What is that? It will start with a giant, no GIANT, earthquake in California. We are talking about a Nine Plus, perhaps as much as a 12. The LA Basin will collapse and there will be 4000 feet of ocean where it was. Most of San Francisco and all of San Jose and most of Sacramento will be covered with water. California will become the Isles of California. San Diego county will become a large island. Santa Barbara up to San Francisco will be an island. Parts of the Central Valley will be inundated.

This GIGANTIC Earthquake will head south to Mexico City being incredibly destructive throughout Mexico enroute. It will strike Mexico City like a large meteorite at round a 14 on the Richter Scale. This will last about six minutes and will be followed by a 12 about half-hour later. Mexico City will be utterly destroyed.

This incredibly destructive earthquake will head for Vera Cruz and then, to a British island in the Caribbean – Montserrat. It has had a incredibly destructive volcanic eruption already. It is going to have an even worse one. Most of the island will be destroyed in this eruption. All part of the California-Mexico Earthquake.

Next. This same destructive energy will head directly for Mount Vesuvius, near Naples, Italy. Yes, Vesuvius will blow its top massively. For Italians, head to Sicily or North as soon as you hear about the California event. You will not want to be anywhere near to Vesuvius.

Is that all? No. All of this incredible energy will be released into our world. It will look like things have calmed down, but, nine days later (on or about August 20th), the rampage will start again.

This time in the Pacific. Large parts of Indonesia will be struck by Gigantic Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions. Some islands will sink. Not Bali. The Southern Chinese island of Hainan will sink and Southern China will experience some large, 6ish earthquakes.

There will be a very large Earthquake (perhaps bigger than LA), under the Three Gorges Dam. It will be shallow and will totally destroy the dam instantly. The reservoir will be full and 180 meters or 200 yards/600 feet high of water will surge downstream. There are 500 miles of water about 600 feet wide. This will be much worse than a flood; it will be a tsunami flood. Every Chinese city downstream of the 3Gorges Dam will be utterly destroyed to include Shanghai.

Wow. It sure looks like China is being punished. Is that all?

No. When all of that water flows south and destroys everything in its path, its incredible weight will be, suddenly, shifted (think 18 hours). So, now, billions of tons of water are no longer compressing the land. More Gigantic Earthquakes. There will be a series of Giant Earthquakes in several parts of China and the entire Chinese Mainland will collapse into the sea.

Yes, we are talking about the sudden death of 1/4 of Humanity. Why? No one knows, but there is that hubris in building the dam in the first place.

The world will soon be a different place; more water and less land.

Anything else? Yes.

Think about it, the collapse of China is a major energetic event for our Earth. Again, there will be a buildup of power and the rampage will strike again. Sometime in early September, all of Northern Africa (to the Atlas Mountains) will collapse into the sea. The Great Pyramid of Giza will stick out about six feet/two meters; it is approximately 400 feet tall. The Amazon River Basin will become the Amazon Sea. Most of Central America and the islands of the Western Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Haiti/DR, Cuba, Jamaica and the Caymans) will collapse into the sea (down 1000s feet).

So, this time, it is general mayhem in Africa and the Americas. Anything else? Unfortunately, yes.

Remember, California has sunk into the sea (or parts), Indonesia, Hainan, China, Norther Africa, the Amazon Basin, Central America and many islands in the Caribbean. Lots more water and much less land.

This is/will be a huge release and/or build up of energy. What else is going on. Many people are aware that the Magnetic Pole keeps on shifting around and that it is getting weaker and weaker. Some people think that we may be about to experience a Magnetic Pole Shift.

Yep, that’s next. Sometime around October 1st, the Northern Hemisphere will become the Southern Hemisphere and vise-versa. All of our airplanes, airports, ships etc. will have to be reprogrammed. So, we all know that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Not anymore for a while. The Earth will slow to a stop and the Sun or Moon/Stars will appear to be still in the sky. The Earth will take about 18 hours to complete it’s stopping and starting again in the opposite direction.

Yes, this means that the Sun will rise in the West and set in the East. It also means that we will be changing the direction of our Orbit around the Sun. Don’t worry, the Sun is the one controlling this Pole Shift and all of the Planets in our Solar System will have similar pole shifts and orbital shifts.

We are not out of the woods yet. With the shift in the orbit direction, there is going to be a lot of water sloshing around. This will be true for oceans and lakes and rivers.

Am not sure, but more land collapses may be coming along with the Magnetic Pole Shift and sloshing water. Much or all of the Saudi Peninsula could sink and much or all of Central Africa could sink.

Oh, one last thought. We are about to enter into a Mini Ice-Age. The Northern reaches will be too cold to grow crops. There will be food shortages. Move south and learn how to grow food.

That’s it. It is a little more scary to write this now. WE have completed the transition to Aquarius Energy. Right-Spin has 80% of the powre now; whereas Left-Spin used to have 80% of the power. There is the old adage about a new broom sweeping clean.

The Dark/Left-Spin ways have been in charge for 10,800 years. New ways are coming and we will not have to wait long.

Then there is the Darkest of the Dark nation – China messing with everyone (including everyOne). It is looking like they are the target of this new broom, but all of us will have to ride this out. Be aware, keep your head up and get through it. Think about leaving California sooner.

I hope that I continue to be wrong about timing, but for those who read this make sure your bug out location is on high ground and prep for at least 90 days. I live on an Caribbean island at nearly 1000 feet above water. I also have water from my roof/cistern.

We are all getting a new world out of this. The Virus was just the first part of the ReBoot/ReSet.

Love, Light and Sadness,


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How I use Security Tools

In the last post, I wrote about and other sites that I visit regularly. For those of you who cannot access these site (being blocked), here is the secure email that I use: [email protected] Once you have a Protonmail account, you can download the ProtonVPN app for Windows 10, Android and iPhone and use your Protonmail account as your VPN account for Free! For secure messaging, I use Signal. If you want to chat with me securely, please send me an email at [email protected] first and I will send (after Internal Guidance) my voice/text messaging phone number. It is a Samsung 9+; Apple is a very Dark company who has enabled a lot of CCP Evil.

I have been involved in code breaking and highly secured communications since 1969; a long time.

Be sure to check out my Inventions site at I have a new technology to add 20-30,000 additional variables (as a function call) to any encryption algorithm. Be sure to check out the New Physics pages on how to get to 3D computing.


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