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Dear Subscribers,

Anyone reading this site knows that I have “pulled” technology from many different disciplines. How I operate is to ask questions about if something, anything, can be done or improved on. That’s how I have gone in so many different directions.

I have noticed that my questions about how to do various things have slowed down. I keep asking about things that I am not allowed to bring into this world, yet. There are technologies that are too dangerous for us to play with. Tesla was told that the world was not yet ready for wireless electricity, but he tried anyway. We still don’t have wireless electricity beyond a few feet.

My solution is to help others in getting answers to their questions. I will only do this as a free-lance consultant; I will not be bound by an employment agreement where all of my knowledge and creativity belong to my employer. That is how Edison became so famous, he hired a lot of creative people and took credit for all their ideas. This is the basis for all the labs today; they hire a lot of very smart people to create technologies and they make $Billions. Some of these lab workers are getting smarter and getting a percentage.

I have an incredible talent that I can use to help others. My technology talent is somewhat like Mozart being a composer at six years old; it was God-given.

As a consultant, I will retain ownership of all of my technologies. If the technologies involve others, the ownership of the technologies will be shared. My body of work is well documented on this site.

I will consider being on a Retainer, but will not be constrained geographically for more than 24-hours. I will be bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) but will not accept a Security Clearance that limits me further.

I am healthy and able to travel. I can work long hours when needed but will expect 9 am-5 pm hours five days a week (M-F). I am an English speaker/writer and do not speak/write any other language. Some familiarity with French, Spanish and German; can find my way to the WC and around a menu.

I am a former USAF Intelligence Officer (20 years plus ago) and will not work against the interests of the United States; no Chinese/CCP or Russians. Will be glad to help with US Allies in Japan, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Poland. Not sure about the EU, Belgium, Germany, or France; they seem to be too power-hungry/unfriendly. Will consider the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czechia. Slovakia, Lithuania, and India as options. Others not listed as well. Not interested in Canada or Mexico or New Zealand; I do not consider their governments/environments to be friendly.

If anyone contacts me for my special kind of help, it will probably be on something that a lot of resources have already been spent on. Perhaps, they have reached a “dead-end” and need a new workable approach. I have many very new and different approaches on this site.

My consultant rates will be depended on the value of the project. Advanced payment for Retention of my Services,  travel, and accommodation will be required. I am able to work remotely on various projects, but may require additional communications/encryption support. I am willing to work with teams sent to my location as well. I have Teams on my PC (with an Office 365 Business account).  I do not trust Zoom, but will consider other connectivities.

Call or email for discussions.

David Maxwell

President, CEO, Owner, Inventor (Sole or Only), Revitae Technologies

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

+1 (340) 244-9882 (Atlantic TZ -4 (Same as Eastern Daylight))

For sensitive secure Text discussions. I am on Signal and Keybase on the number above.

I am also reached for encrypted emails at:



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