2021? What does it bring?

I wrote this in reply to a comment left on the coming destruction likely to be visited upon us. I am not sure whether everyone gets my comment replies or not so am including it as a post.

Unfortunately, Yes. Or fortunate, depending on where you are looking. The world has been ruled by the oligarchs or elites for 1000s of years. They are still talking about the Great Reset; this will give them total domination over everyone on the planet or, so they believe.
So, if you are leaving a comment on this site, you have seen the spinning cube with the six-pointed thingy inside. There are more than 50K subscribers now. I am going to be conservative in my estimate; say 30,000 of them have put themselves into the Cube. Say there another 70,000 who have “cubed” themSelves and gone on about their business.
That means there are about 100,000 New Beings walking around on our planet. Actually, it could be 300 or 500 thousand, but 100 is a nice round number.
So what is a New Being? Or Newoman/Newman? One thing they are not is a continuation of the man and woman that has been living on this planet for the past several 1000 years. Many of them are still Fire Beings, but a good chunk of them are Earth Beings.
What does that mean? Answer: They have reconfigured their energy centers to become a more advanced being. It really does not matter whether they are Vertical Masters, or more, they have chosen to travel on this new path to reconnect with the One. Now…..they are on the pathway and will advance over time and lives.
This new path is a better, more logical and more accessible way than the old, no-longer-supported Ascended Master pathway. Darkness had found a way to block that path anyway. If you go back and read the Guided Meditation again, the only way anyone can become a New Being is if they are a strong Right-Spinner; they must enter their Inner or Secret Heart spiraling down to the right. If you are a Left-Spinner, the if-then-else instruction spits you out; you cannot become a New Being. They must find their own way forward, but that will always be using fear, not love of yourSelf.
Here is where I am going. Humankind has evolved to become something better than we were. I am not sure how else, but for those who have shifted their Tetrahedron around, they are New Beings. Remember, your MerKaBa is two Tetrahedrons integrated to form the six-pointed star. Many of us learned about spinning it up and synchronizing it to allow us to do more. The Tetrahedron is the Fire Being shape. By shifting it around in this new way, you become a more advanced Fire Being who can advance to Earth Being or Air, Water and Spirit.
The Left-Spinners, aka, the Davos Crowd, the Deep State, the Banksters, the Master of the Universe or the elites/oligarchs (throw in the UN, the EU and the CCP), keep planning for everything to be the same, but with them in greater charge/control. The Great Reset is supposed to be bringing this to our world. Finally, they hope to have their Prison Planet.
What they do not realize is that the “ground” has shifted; their operating foundation has crumbled. There are too many of us Awakened. There are too many of us who have escaped their Matrix (Red-Pilled).
I did not expect things to be this messy now with the Left-Spinners running around agog at their blatant theft of power, but maybe, we all have to see what the Prison Planet really looks like.

I have confidence that the 1000s of New Beings will have additional capabilities/powres that will enable them to successfully rebel.

Above was focused on Human/Newman kind. That is the focus of this new Right-Spin powre and has nothing to do with the eons old war between Darkness and Light. Right=Spin powre is something brand new. So is Left-Spin power, but they don’t have a way to access it (Not yet, maybe never). So, Spin Powre/power is allocated to 99% Right-Spin and 1% Left-Spin.
Some are saying that Aquarius begins now, in 2020 or a year from now. Not true, it began in December 2012 at the end of the Mayan Calendar.
Not having lived through an age change and not being smart enough to ask the right questions, I thought the transition between ages was a quick transfer of power/powre. Everything between Darkness and Light has been diplomatically negotiated and fought over for millions of years; the transition is no different. It is taking 9 years to complete. That seems a long time to we Humans, but it not even a blink to Spirit. By New Year’s Eve in 2021, the transition will be completed. Light will have 80% of the powre in our world. This is not a squishy, soft boundary; it is hard as nails and Light will use it to stomp on everything and everyone who was of “Darkness.” There is going to be a major cleanup of the many Dark Projects over the past 10,800 years. Yes, lots of Earth Changes, Sloshing Water and Sinking Lands.
My point in writing this is to tell you all that 2021, and moving into 2022, will bring new powres into the world. All New Beings will have majikal powers that are akin to being Wizards and Witches like Merlin of old.
Try to wrap your mind around this concept. Imagine that you will be able to Manifest anything that you want (with much greater powre and success). You will be able to teleport things around. You will be able to replicate things. Some will be able to make things bigger/smaller or heavier/lighter. Some will be able to fix/repair broken things or majikally tap into the ground for electrical power or make metals stronger or sharper. Some will be able to Jump and move large heavy objects as if they were weightless.
Say our world is going to be living through a massive SHTF decade or two. Say millions of people will die. Say there will not be enough food or water or safety. Is it going to be the end of the World? No. New Beings will be there to transport and replicate food and the means for clean water and shelter. Wherever New Beings are, there will be safety.
Right-Spin powre, new to the world, will bring many new, Majikal ways of doing everything into our world. Growing crops and catching fish or getting food for your table will all extend from where it is today (which is already amazing), to something even more amazing. We will, however, be going through a bumpy patch or two.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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