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First off. 2021 is a “5” Year or Creation Year. It completes the Transition from Pisces to Aquarius. It is a year of significant changes.

OK. Back to topic. Previously, I wrote about Acute and Chronic or Embedded Inflammation and reported on switches in our wrists and ankles that allow us to release Embedded Inflammation which is what is a root cause for many or most of our dis-eases. This includes all forms of diabetes and cancer. Yes, the sugar (from carbohydrates) is dark energy and is the backbone of both dis-eases. High blood sugar and insulin resistance are the main issues of diabetes and cancer cell eat 10 times more sugar than “normal” cells. Stop eating sugar and switch to Keto. Starve these dis-eases (and others) of the sugar they need to survive.

I will get off my soapbox. Back to topic.

In India, they have been following a Healing Philosophy called Ayurvedic for 1000s of years. If you go to Amazon and search for copper water bottles, you will note that they all say “Ayurvedic” on them. The Indians (from India) have been drinking water like this for, again, 1000s of years. Go order a copper water bottle or canteen.

I grew up in a house that had copper pipes that carried our water. Today, copper is still being used, but mostly has been replaced by PCV plastic pipes. That is a shame as the copper ions gave use significant health benefits with our water.

Think about it, Humans have been carrying around copper and silver coins for 1000s of years. Do you think it might be because they could be used to heal or prevent dis-ease? I have written about putting silver coins or jewelry in water overnight; the oxygen in the water forms silver-oxide molecules that are suspended in the water. This is good for eliminating Acute Inflammation or infection and can be drunk or sprayed on.

Isn’t odd that coins are disappearing? Not just gold coins, but silver and, even, copper. Do you think maybe the elites want us all to just die (except for enough servants that do not have to be healthy).

Water likes copper and takes copper ions into its structure. Not sure how that works, but Ayurvedic healing has used copper for ever. Embedded inflammation does not like copper water and visibly dissolves after being sprayed with it (for skin conditions). It works similarly internally; it dissolves Embedded or Chronic Inflammation on contact. This is not something taught in Medical Schools. Wow. The Big Pharma interests will hate this. They do not want this information getting around.

Woah, is this dangerous? No, remember, copper pipes have been part of our plumbing for at least 100 years and most of us have drunk 1000s of gallons of water from them. Don’t listen to the Fear-Mongers; they do not know what they are talking about.

Again, buy a pure copper water bottle or canteen and begin using it. You will like the results. Even better, put copper pipes back into your plumbing for drinking and cooking water.

Back to Inflammation.

Today, I was draining negative energy from a chronic skin condition in my arm. Used the wrist switch and sprayed with copper water. Was amazed at how many shades of red-brow-black energy were being released and couldn’t help mySelf; I asked Spirit if there was more than two types of inflammation? This being a Spiritual website, I thought I could report on this.

There are nine (9) different types of Inflammation. That would tend to explain why inflammation is so prominent in the list of causes for dis-ease. Of the nine, three can be attacked by the silver solution, three can be attacked by copper water and three can be attacked by both silver and copper. Get your copper and silver coins while you can and keep one of each with you. I have a silver dime and a copper penny in my Bug Out bag.

For those wondering, yes, I am an advanced Earth Being. I put mySelf into the cube and went to the highest level, Transformer. But I have been a Light Warrior for most of my life and Darkness has attacked me (back). So yes, I have issues that I am using the Energy Release switches and the copper/silver water on. All of my issues are improving as a result.

Note: I have been on a Ketogenic Diet (Keto) of 70% Fat, 25% Protein and only 5% Carbs (mostly veg) for 30 months. Once a week or 10 days, we go off the diet and have high carb meals with bread, pasta, potato, rice and a desert; last night mashed potatoes, garlic bread and Crème Brulé. But we go back and this helps remove stubborn fat deposits. This and the supplements we take are also significant aides in how well I am and how well I feel.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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