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Healing or Getting Better

Many of the readers of this site are what I call “Hard Right Spinners: and others call strong in the Light.

We have had a problem all of our lives; we were like Lighthouses on a dark, stormy night. Darkness could see us from a long distance and loved to mess with us. Remember, Darkness had 80% of the power in our world.

So, how did Darkness mess with us? Everyway possible; money, sex, blocks/limits, but, most especially health issues. We would have weaknesses with our limbs or lungs or would come down with colds/flu easily. We would get hearing or vision losses. We would have poor dental health. Many of us got diabetes, even though no one in our families ever had it.

Today, I am writing about healing that is coming for all of us. If Darkness had the power to mess with us (and it did), then its power is only one-quarter of what it was. Conversely, our powre is four times what it was.

What does that mean? Simple, all of the things that we have been messed with will begin to be healed. Yes, even if you have been living with it for 50 years. Your vision and hearing will begin to improve and continue to improve more and more.  Your diabetes, blood pressure, and other issues will disappear as issues. Yes, you will be able to wean yourself off the Meds or replace them with supplements.

Say you have a bad knee or hip; that can be healed as well. Not sure how, yet, but new teeth can grow back. This is all energetic work; Darkness messed with us using its energy and Light will restore us.

This will apply to money, sex and relationships as well. Many of us have people around us that are so negative/horrible. They will fade away/disappear as well.

Believe it or not, everyone who has put themSelves on the NewBeing path (towards the Cube/Hexahedron) will be getting new DNA that includes being made healthy and youthful. How is this possible? Again, this all relates to the new energies coming into the world as part of our transition into the Age of Aquarius.  New Ages only happen every 2,160 years, but we have been in Ages dominated by Darkness (Males) for the past five (5) Ages (that is 10,800 years).

This New Age is very different; it is dominated by Light (Females). The last time it happened was in Leo. That was a time of great Majik and has been remembered in our collective memories as the last Golden Age. We have entered such a time again.

Look forward to what is coming. The Universe has made improvements in what was since Leo.  We are not going back to what was; instead of moving from Darkness to Light and back, a policy decision was made to keep things at 67% Light (or even 80%) for a long time (many Great Years) to come.

So, Yes, we are surrounded by a new Majikal force. Allow! Embrace! Revel in it! Dance with joy!

Begin to heal in Everything! And Everywhere!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Look at what’s happening, EVERYWHERE!

The Plandemic Tyranny is collapsing; even in Canada and the US. People are starting to ask what is “actually” in the “Vaccines” that were all “Experimental.” It is turning out that many of the dead who have been “vaccinated” have rubber-like “worms” in their bodies.

There has been an energy shift; the “Cheerleaders” are all starting to lose their positions of power. Boris Johnson will not be PM for much longer. Trudeau is, essentially, finished. Macron too. Biden is a dead-man walking.

Let’s not forget Putin; he has way overplayed his hand. There is way-too-much-organized opposition in terms of diplomacy, sanctions, and opposing military force.  If he does, will he be fighting NATO, just the US, or some combo including Poland? How will he keep his supply lines safe against an insurgency? What happens when the Ukrainians get a “Stinger” missile; remember, like the Afghans? They already have 1000s of anti-tank and anti-armored personnel carriers (APC) missiles; the Russians will be killed in “safe” boxes by the 1000s.

Germany has lost its position of power in the EU; its export economy is collapsing, it is too dependent on Russian gas/oil and it has betrayed NATO. Germany has dropped to a second-tier state in the EU; like France or Italy; it looks like it happened overnight, but has been coming for a while.

The Climate Hoax is also a big player here; will the Germans be forced to re-activate all of their nuclear power plants. The French are realizing that Green Energy is not up to the task. The Brits are expanding their nuclear energy as fast as possible; yes, they are still pushing wind, but it is not reliable enough, yet. The Poles refuse to shut down their coal-fired energy plants; are they supposed to rely on the Russians (like the stupid Germans).

If you have not visited my technology site ( You can read about a new alloy that makes air hotter than steam on contact; it is a replacement for nuclear energy without radioactivity and spent rods. It used pumped air to make unlimited steam (for generating electricity).

Let’s not forget China. The Winter Olympics is not going well; too many political restrictions and not enough snow. Can Xi survive that, if it is a disaster? He is already deep in a power struggle with at least two other factions. What has happened to China’s great export economy? Covid for sure, but much more. Suddenly, 100s of container ships cannot get unloaded in the US. Without having the US Navy blockade Chinese shipping, it has been done another way. China cannot export anything now and it must import iron ore, coal, oil, and other raw materials; but without (or dwindling) foreign reserves ($Dollars). Then, there is the property developers debacle; property which is 30% of the Chinese economy is collapsing. It is a $62 Trillion dollar (USD) market; what happens if it collapses to 50% or 70%? Can our world be the same if the Chinese economy loses $30-40 Trillion dollars quickly?  What happens to China then? Massive unrest. This is on top of food shortages and not enough coal for heating/electricity.

Russia and China are weak states that will not survive for much longer. Demographics have already failed in both. So, the new world will be Asia (ASEAN), North America, and a re0dered Europe, but in this new energy that I write about.

This new energy is based on more freedom, truth, and different choices. It is not based on the old fear, force, and control paradigms of the past. I know, it is hard to believe, but just look at what is happening to the old regimes around the world. Yes, we all had to pass through the Plandemic Tyrannies, but that has served to wake many of us up.

Lean forward in your foxholes; good things are coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Start TRUSTING YourSelf Now!

This is a tough one for anyone who has been a Seeker of information from within. For those of us who were strong in the Light, Darkness was, frequently, messing with us in all kinds of ways. For me, I figured out when Darkness was messing with me most of the time. There always had to be a mix of truth with lies.

Great news! Darkness used to have 80% of the power in our world. Yes, that meant that it could intrude upon us whenever it wanted. That is no longer the case!

Now, Light has 80% of the power and that means that Darkness can no longer intrude (or if it can, it’s power is one-fourth what it was). We should be able to discern earlier when Darkness tried to mess with us.

What I am saying is that it is time to begin Trusting YourSelf again. Go within and get those answers with the knowledge that you will be getting much more Truth (and detecting the lies will be easier).

I have written about getting Yeses and Nos from your Head Nods and Shakes. I highly recommend that you give it a try now. You will get a much higher quality set of answers for anything you ask.

Please, begin to TRUST YourSelf again. We have entered into an entirely new, different world. All of you have more powers than you can imagine. To tap into those powers, you must be able to get answers from within; the powers all come from within.

Forget all the lies; they were meant to suppress you; to keep you down. We are in the new energies; embrace them. Use them. Revel in them.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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