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The Tyants are being Punished

Russia (Putin) did not think the Invasion would take too long. Believe it or not, he sent his troops into Ukraine with three (3) days of supplies; food, fuel, and ammunition. That was a brain-dead plan. Putin never expected that the largely Russian population of Western Ukraine would rise up against Russian troops.

Even if the Russians waited longer, they did not have the logistics and resupply to send their forces with much more; it had to a be a Lightning War.  The Russians could not hope to win a war that lasted two weeks, let alone a month. This is not going to be a Forever War.

I’ll get a little weird here. We are in the midst of a huge energy shift. What if, the Universe has intervened and has the higher vibration people out of Russia and into Ukraine? After all, Ukraine is on a path to greater freedom in many areas; yes, it’s still massively corrupt, but that is a left-over from the Soviet days. The corruption will fade; it is no longer supported ANYWHERE.

Despite what Putin thought, Ukraine is a nation today, and its people are defending its Motherland. The resistance is massive and growing stronger. NATO/US has just provided another 1000 each of Stinger (air defense) and Javelin (antitank) missiles. The bogged-down Russian forces will be hit ferociously. And yes, they are already running out of food, fuel, and ammunition; they must conserve whatever they have for defense, not attack. The Ukrainians are using drone warfare very effectively against the Russians; against their tanks, airbases (even in Russia), and supply lines. Again, something new in warfare that is a force multiplier for Ukraine; the Russians do not know how to fight against these new weapons. They are quite stealthy, difficult to see, and difficult to shoot down; they also carry significant weapons. BTW, they are operating out of stretches of straight highway; not airbases. Yes, they fit under the overpasses and use them as hangers.

Putin never expected the Sanctions to be this bad. Russian people are lining up to take their money out of the banks; we may actually be having a bank run throughout Russia. What will happen in Belarus? In Kazakhstan? Will there be bank runs there as well? They are both using the Russian Ruble now but will be “dollarized” quickly. Russia as well. It is only the 5th day and massive protests have broken out in major Russian cities; the bank runs will not help.

Russia closed the pipeline into Ukraine which feeds Germany and much of Europe. Putin did this to punish Ukraine for its resistance but has really pissed off the Europeans. This has been such naked aggression that the Europeans are all waking up from their sleep; NATO has been revived. It will be interesting how the European organize their own defenses moving forward; not the EU, not Germany, and probably, not France. Who? The Baltic Defense Pact led by Poland/Sweden. Germany may have a minor supporting role.

Arden (another Tyrant) in New Zealand has been stopped by the courts. Trucking Trudeau has, suddenly, called off his Emergency Edicts; his support dropped off to very low levels. Putin is supposed to be talking to Zelensky; I think Zelensky will ask Putin to stand down his forces and surrender. Belarus is being asked to send its forces into Ukraine; Putin is that desperate. This Ukraine event is going to be a “Two for”; we get rid of Putin and Lukashenko in the same incredible situation.

When Putin threatened to attack Finland and Sweden, NATO deployed its 40,000 man Rapid Reaction Force to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. This is the very first time, this reaction force has been deployed by NATO. How long are the Europeans going to tolerate the continued existence of Kaliningrad – the Russian Enclave?

Everyone is still afraid of nuclear weapons. Did the Indians use them against the Chinese? Or the Chinese against the Indians, or Vietnamese? Has Pakistan used them against India? Has North Korea used them, even though they are starving? Stop being afraid, the Universe made the decision that we, Earth, was worth keeping; we are evolving into something better/greater. The Nukes were turned off and they will not be coming back. Yes, Russia and the USA still find it useful to use it for saber-rattling but how long has it been that anyone popped a big airburst mushroom cloud? I know, the treaties. BS, does Putin or Xi care at all about limits that their enemies try to impose on them. No. Not. Nyet.

Isn’t it odd that Nuclear Power Plants are also being turned off everywhere? Yes, they have issues, but carbon dioxide was not one of them. Yet, they are lumped in with coal and oil, and, less so, natural gas. Maybe a better replacement is coming; be sure, it is not wind and solar. They are nearly free, but not reliable. Their biggest issue is the gigantic upfront costs.

Everyone can see that Russia’s invasion is a catalyst for change. Not just the geopolitical shift, but the financial one as well. These tough sanctions may be the push that collapses the Euro and Wall Street. Bumbling Biden is a failure on so many levels that the Americans will have to/must do something; he cannot be allowed to continue his charade. Perhaps, the courts will overturn the 2020 and we will get Trump back. With revolution in the air, who knows what will happen in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or, even, the United States. Yes, Russia, Belarus, China/CCP, and more are included.

The Tyrants have all exposed themSelves to the world. They actually thought that they could make their Tyranny permanent; they were trying to keep their dictatorial powers forever. That was the Great Reset being advocated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Davos.

We are watching the energy shifts play out. Our world is going through a massive set of systemic changes. We are becoming a New World, but one not ruled by the Elites.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The EU is Dead and Germany No longer a Leader

In my last post, I was a bit too hopeful for Ukraine; NATO is not helping in the air (not yet). Everything else will play itself out in the coming weeks.  Ukraine could not hope to go head-to-head with the Russians; their strategy was to draw the Russian tank columns far enough that they would be difficult to keep re-supplied. Using Stinger missiles to knock the helicopters down and anti-tank missiles to knock the APCs (armored personnel carriers) escorts out, Ukrainians can prevent much of the needed fuel, food, and munitions from getting to the frontline Russian tanks. Keep these in short supply and the Russian attack formations grind to a halt. Run out of fuel no one moves and there is no heat in the dead of winter.

Putin does not have the military infrastructure for a long war. Yes, he had all the oil and gas he could want, but he does not have enough trucks to get the gas (and munitions/food) to his tanks in Ukraine. Even in Russia, the Russian Army does not have enough trucks and depends on train/rail transport. Big problem: Russian trains do not work in Ukraine (wrong gauge – the Ukrainians changed them).

Now, body bags will become an increasingly difficult problem for Putin. The Ukrainians have resisted fiercely and the Russian dead and wounded are much higher than planned for. This is getting worse and worse by the hour. Russia does not have a military age replacement population; it’s too small. Any significant losses in Ukraine will be catastrophic to Russia.

Ukraine has a population of 45 million; half of Russia’s. But…..Ukraine has a large population spread throughout its territory; all of them are fighting the Russians. This is not about Kiev.

It gets even worse, yes, Russia has many missiles, fighter jets, and attack helicopters, but they are mostly unreliable as they all use semi-conductor chips that Russia cannot buy in enough numbers. Warfare has gone high-tech and Russia does not have the technology; they must import everything. Remember, there is a great shortage of chips worldwide and Russia was sanctioned (kept from buying them) after their invasion of Crimea (8 years ago). Does anything in the Russian military work the way it is supposed to work? Obviously, their tanks do.

 Like the Armada 14 tank and the Su-57 “stealth” fighter, only a dozen have been built. Same for their hypersonic missiles. Russia does not have the Military-Industrial Complex to make large quantities of these and other high-tech weapons. The Russians are fighting the Ukrainians like it was World War 2.

All the Ukrainians have to do is to keep destroying Russian trucks; that can be done by men with guns and grenades. Unless the Russians get the Ukrainians to surrender (completely) in 10 days, it becomes a hopeless war for Putin. The Ukrainians will be getting more anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to attack the extended supply lines; even from NATO.

What happens? Russian armies get stalled and surrounded with no food, fuel, or munitions; they are too far away to be rescued. Any relieving tank columns would suffer the same fate. Ukraine is just too big to gobble up quickly; Putin bit off more than he can chew.

So, what was Putin going to do next? Simple, build up his forces in Ukraine and Belarus and attack Poland from three sides (Kaliningrad as well). The Baltic States and Romania would have been after that. NATO did nothing and Putin is convinced that it will collapse. He even warned that he would attack Finland and Sweden if they joined NATO. Putin has told the world that NATO must pull its forces out of Poland and Romania. That includes Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Putin is going to rebuild the borders of the Soviet Union if he can. Does NATO think Ukraine, is it?

Fortunately, that is not going to happen. Ukraine can trade territory for a winning strategy. Both Napolean and Hitler lost because they had indefensible supply lines that were too long. It is ironic that Russia has fallen into the same trap.

What about the EU? It has been totally toothless in this crisis. There is no benefit to being in the EU when Russia is aggressive. NATO, yes, maybe, but the EU, no. What about Germany? It is the leading state within the EU and, frequently, decides on what and how things are done. It does not control NATO. France plays along, generally, as the second fiddle. Both of these states have shown that they would not stand up for Ukraine; neither of them sent armaments to Ukraine. Germany had hoped to become an ally of Russia to obtain energy independence and as a market to sell its products (cars, etc) as it is getting harder to sell to the rest of Europe. Germany is trying to force further centralization of the EU with Germany as its chief State. That would require a military and France was pushing that. Who would want a Germany running its 4fth Reich?

That is unlikely now. The Ukrainians have stopped the flow of natural gas and oil from Russia; that will hurt Russian finances. The  Germans just killed the Green Tax; they must turn to coal and nuclear power again. Nord Stream 2 is, likely, dead; even from Russia. France is already going back to nuclear; they did not have any choice either. The Green Energy sources are just not reliable enough yet and they are incredibly expensive to set up. The world stopped investing in oil and it will take 3-6 years to bring oil wells back online; as I said, no choice about coal and nuclear.

Germany is the big loser in Europe; they were seen by everyone to be in the Russian camp. After the Invasion, Russia has become a Priya, and Germany has been tarred with the same brush. Germany will not be in a leadership position for a while and, probably, neither will France. The EU will, essentially, begin to unravel quickly; Norway and Iceland first, then Poland and Hungary, then Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. The Baltic States will be leaving soon as well. Perhaps, these will all form a version of their own NATO.

What about Belarus? The Russian troops have left. People of Polish descent make up 25% of the Belarussian Army; they know that Putin will attack Poland next. There will be a coup and Putin’s stooge will be deposed. The truly elected leader will return and throw the Russians out. There goes the supply chain for the army invading from Belarus.

When the Ukraine Invasion fails, what happens to Russia? Putin will be deposed quickly and take most of the Russian Oligarchs with him; they all got rich with Putin. Perhaps, a more representative government can take root in Russia; one based on tradition, culture, and religion. Russia will still have huge oil and natural gas reserves if it can hold on to them. A future less-threatening Russia could be an ally to the Baltic States, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, and Romania. The Three Seas initiative could take hold.

After Russia’s defeat and humiliation, Poland will march in and seize Kaliningrad; Russia will not be able to do anything to stop it. Siberia is up in the air; if there is a land grab, the United States and Japan will, probably, be big winners. What will happen to the “Istans?” That is a huge question. Russia and China are both collapsing. Perhaps Central Asia will turn to India and a revived Turkey. When China collapses, India is likely to become the next major factory in Asia, but supply chains are returning quickly to Europe and North America; Mexico is a big winner.

Russia is, demographically, unable to replace the retiring/dying people running things. It really needed Ukraine but as a willing partner. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia stopped funding higher education; for 30 years,  Russia has not trained its engineers and scientists. They do not have the replacements to keep the lights on and everything running.  BTW, this is also true for China, but a little differently.

As I have said in other Posts, our world is changing faster than any of us realize. The energy shift is ramping up over the first 90 days of 2022; Jan – 31 days, Feb – 28 days, and March – 31 days. By April 1st, the full 80% of Light/Right-Spin power will be available for the forces of Good. The Deep State-sponsored war in Ukraine is not going to develop into a World War; Putin will not be attacking NATO. The Deep State Plandemic has failed; not enough people have been killed by the virus and vaccines.  THEY really wanted a war to distract people away from all the people dying from vaccines. The Deep State Global Warming – Climate Crises has been alarmingly successful; it got us all to kill coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear in favor of unreliable wind and solar energy sources. Now, everyone is paying the price; it’s going to be cold in Europe and no gas is coming from Russia. Perhaps, the Ukrainian pipeline can be re-opened quickly and Nord Stream 2 activated by a new Russian regime; but not Putin or the Oligarchs.

The Globalist New World Order was formed when the United States decided (Deep State) to allow everyone, everywhere to trade on the seas. This was free-protected trade by the US Navy. Result? China was able to expand its trade beyond the First Island Chain and become a global manufacturing and exporting power. All the manufacturing in Europe and the United States was transferred to China; it hollowed out all of the Western Countries. Another result? Multi-national companies that had no allegiance to/with any country (yes, Deep State). Just like Fascism failed and Communism failed, Capitalism was supposed to fail; it was to be replaced with the New World Order; a dictatorship of the Elite. We were just too stupid to be allowed to run our world.

In the US and Canada, we are all watching the collapse of the New World Order that has brought us all vaccine mandates, racism,  wokeness/ism, and crazy policies like Zero Emissions by 2050. A World War, from the Ukraine crises, was supposed to enable their Great Reset. This is NOT Happening. The Deep State figurehead, Biden, is crashing and burning; his approval ratings will be in the 20s soon. The Truckers are coming! The Canadians are not revolutionaries, but guns are easy to get from the USA; the Globalists took everyone else’s guns away.

It may take until April, but the Globalists/Deep Staters are failing/collapsing/dissolving everywhere. That includes the UN and the EU. Where are the Billionaires going to hide? How about the World Economic Forum (WEF)? The Davos-ers? They have purposely killed millions of us. It was never personal, just about getting more control. Hang them High!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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What’s going on in Ukraine?

Russia has tried to de-capitate the Ukraine leadership; it failed. Tanks rolled, assault helicopters went in and fighter aircraft went in. In every case, the Ukrainians repelled them. The tanks were forced back after heavy losses from the Javelin anti-tank missiles, the helicopters were shot down by Ukrainian fighter jets and Stingers, and the Russian fighter jets flying over Ukraine were shot down by US Air Force F-22 stealth jets which they did not even see on their RADARS. The Russians have their own Airborne Early Warning RADAR aircraft flying over Russian territory; they did not see the F-22s either. Neither did the S-400s/S-500s,

So, NATO is not putting ground troops into Ukraine (at least not yet), but is keeping the Russians from getting air superiority over the battlefield. Oh, BTW, those Javelins can and will be used against any Russian air defense equipment as a priority over tanks.  The Russians fight with the doctrine of air superiority; they realize that they cannot protect the tanks and everything else without effective air defense.

My info has been that Russia would not invade, but it is now not Invade Successfully. Russia has lost more than 1000 young men in the first hours of fighting; it is not going to get better. The Russians are still fighting like it was World War 2; roll the tanks and punch through your enemy; that no longer works. Out of 50 tanks in one attack, 35 were knocked out by Javelins; the 15 left retreated back to their starting lines.

I was a military intelligence officer for 20 years, so I know something of this. Say you have 200,000 troops deployed, many of these will be support troops. It is called the tooth-to-tail ratio; how many of those troops are logistics, intelligence, medical, transport via truck/train, fuel and ammunition supply, food, water,  heat, equipment repair, etc.  It is likely that the Russians only have around 67-75,000 front-line troops and the military infrastructure to re-supply them is not very robust. That is when they are still in Russia. When they move into Ukraine, the Javelins and other anti-tank missiles will be used to attack the fuel, food, and ammunition trucks; things will grind to halt quickly and it is still very cold. Another BTW, the Russian military does not have enough trucks, even in Russia. How are they going to re-supply in Ukraine? Captured trucks/fuel; that is not a good plan.

An army must have food, fuel, and ammunition or it ceases to be effective. It must also have replacements for the men and equipment lost. Russia does not have the logistics to support a long war. It does not even have the Military-Industrial Complex to support a medium war. This is why Putin just tried the lightning war approach. When the body bags start going back, support will crumble rapidly; 25% of the Russian population is Ukrainian and, possibly 10-15 percent of the Russian Army is as well. How is that going to go?

So, yes, all of those tanks lined up on the border are scary to anyone, but actually using them is a very complex dance, especially when there is someone fighting back. Putin was trying to reach his objectives by intimidation; it did not work. Now, unopposed rolling into Russian-held areas and the Lightning War/Air Assault; these did not work. Putin has no choice now; he must achieve some worthwhile objective or he will be ousted as the Russian leader. He will send the tanks in again; he must take a lot of territory fast. The only way to do that is through tanks. That approach has already failed, but, hey, maybe the Ukrainians will run out of anti-tank missiles. Not very likely, is it?

The armies of the world already know that tanks can only shoot 2-3 miles (4-5 kilometers), but missiles can kill from 25 miles (the newer ones). Even the US Marine Corps has gotten rid of their tanks in favor of new anti-tank and anti-ship missiles. The Russians are moving as fast as they can in this area, but they no longer have the industrial base to make enough of these new weapons, particularly anything using computer chips; that includes missiles, fighter planes, submarines, and ships.

In other posts, I have already addressed Nuclear Weapons; there are none. Not Russia, not the USA, not China, or anyone else; the Universe just said no one day. None of them work anymore. Why do you think the US Military has spent so much treasure on smart munitions that are smaller, can go farther, and still kill with pinpoint accuracy day/night in any weather? Nuclear warfare is no longer an option and Russia does not have the smart munitions.

So, yes, the Ukrainians cannot go head-to-head or tank-to-tank with the Russian Army, but they do not have to. The Russians will soon look to be a Bear Cub. Wow, will NATO even be needed anymore? Or the EU?

Our world is changing. The energies have shifted. In the past, this would have escalated into a major European or World War. The Elites/Banksters/Military Industrial Complexes always want wars to make extend their control and make incredible amounts of money. The technologies of warfare have changed, but the Russian military did not change with them. BTW, neither did the Chinese military.

In the US, only 26% want to get involved in the Russian-Ukraine war. Biden’s approval numbers are around 33% in many states and less than 40% nationwide. He is a failed President; his push for war is not working. People, suddenly, are much more difficult to manipulate; wonderful.

What a shock for everyone. The Russians attacked, but somehow, we did not all go to war. Again, somehow, their huge overwhelming force has not achieved what it was supposed to. Oh Shit, oh Dear. What has changed?

2022 is a year of vast changes for the better.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Putin made his big move

Russia is moving its forces into the Russian separatist enclaves in Eastern Ukraine. Technically, this is an invasion similar to Crimea and like that situation, Putin has declared them to be independent states and allies of the Russian Federation. They too will be annexed into Russia.

This is a salami-slicing strategy. Russia successfully did this in Kaliningrad, Moldova, Georgia, and Crimea: why not try it again in Eastern Ukraine? This time, the Ukrainians are prepared and already fighting the separatists, so a massive show of force was required. Putin is moving his military into these Russian separatist areas; yes, it will be a full-scale military takeover and Russia will claim and defend its airspace. Like Crimea, the world will not recognize the Russian seizure of parts of Ukraine, but it will be another fait accompli.

Like all the other gains, Russia wants these to be relatively bloodless. If you look at Syria, that too was a salami-slicing gain. Yes, many have died, but not Russians.

The question will be, “What about Sanctions?” The Europeans are divided and will not present a united front; any sanctions coming out of Europe will be weak and ineffective. Europe is largely dependent on Russia for oil and natural gas and will cave to Putin. The UK has a treaty with Ukraine and its sanctions, related to finances (City of London) will have more teeth. Biden is weak and will do nothing.

Ukraine is not part of NATO and no one is on the hook to defend it. A massive invasion would have been a tripwire that Poland and the US could not ignore. So, lots of posturing and the gobble up of Russian areas of Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine has come together as a nation and is much stronger; further salami-slicing will be more difficult.

What’s next?  Russia is much more secure with these acquisitions; the invasion routes from Ukraine are more under Russian control. Not fully, but much more. Now, Putin will turn his attention to Poland and the Baltic States; that is the last invasion routes not under Russian control. Big issue, they are all in the NATO Alliance and it is likelier that Sweden and Finland will join as well.

Germany and France can no longer be trusted, but they will not trust each other. Italy, Spain, and Greece are all big question marks. The EU is collapsing. Belgium and the Netherlands will probably link with the UK for security. Turkey will never be on Russia’s side. If NATO survives, it will be based on the Nordic and Baltic States (except Germany); Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and, perhaps, Romania as an outlier. The US and UK will maintain their special relationship and be a backstop for the Nordic Alliance. Romania may have to link up with Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria in their own Eastern Defense/Security Block. Bulgaria seems to be pro-Russian; it will be thrown out of NATO along with Turkey. Moldova may link up with this Eastern Block or become part of Hungary (the non-Russian part).

Ukraine will be forced to adopt a neutral stance towards Russia while keeping its democratic approach to Europe; this will be difficult. Back in 2010, Demographers were saying that Russia could cease to exist as a country in 20-30 years. These predictions seem to be on track. If true, Russian issues will cease to be a concern soon.

NATO survived, but cannot survive a German-Russian alliance. The United States is no longer willing to be the guarantor of peace in the World; it has been going into a period of isolation for a while. It grows its own food, is self-sufficient in the production of goods, has a wonderful transportation system (air, roads, and water), Mexico to the south, and two oceans as moats for protection. Canada is breaking up and will become part of the US fairly quickly. It will take longer, but Mexico will as well. The deserts in Southwestern US-Northern Mexico will become well-watered grow zones as part of the changing Jet Steams/Mini Ice Age. Corn and wheat production will shift south. Mexico is nearly a failed state struggling with its drug cartels.

The old world is changing rapidly. The old status quo no longer applies. For carbon’s sake, we have become reliant on wind and solar energy which are not up to the task. Now, we must endure brown/blackouts while we ramp up natural gas and nuclear power again. Coal will still be important in much of the world.

This post has been focused on European geopolitics.

The world does not know it yet, but China is already a Failed State; its economy and finances have failed, it cannot keep the lights/heat on, it can no longer buy the oil, gas, coal, raw materials, and food it needs; not enough foreign dollar reserves. Seventy-five percent of Chinese people’s investments go into real estate which is nearly 30% of their GDP. China’s real estate sector is a $62 Trillion asset that has lost 50% in value; that’s$31 Trillion and it is going to get worse. Everything in China is going bankrupt; the banks, the stock markets, the provincial governments, the state-owned enterprises. There is not enough money to maintain and/or operate their military. There may not be enough food to feed their military. China is likely to break up into as many as seven entities; the Han Chinese are losing/have lost their grip on the non-Han peoples.  Taiwan is a non-Han people and will resist Han domination fiercely.

Formosa/Taiwan has traditionally been controlled by China’s enemies; frequently Japan.  Together with Japan, this is called the First Island Chain and it has been used to bottle up China’s access to world trade for 1000s of years. The only reason China got rich was free trade to the world provided by the US Navy; everyone was free to trade with anyone else guaranteed by the US after World War Two. That is where Globalism came from and the hollowing out of manufacturing in Europe and the USA.

For whatever reason, call it Covid or failed supply chains, Chinese exports have been halted. The ships are not sailing. The supply of dollars has been stopped and everything is falling apart. 1000s of companies are leaving or have left China. Foreign investors are fleeing; at least those with any sense. Yes, 100s of ships are waiting to unload, but their cargos are three months late (or more) and have missed their sale windows; this will force massive discounts and not enough dollars flowing back to China.

If a shooting war breaks out in the oceans around China, all shipping would stop suddenly; that would mean the end of Chinese exports and the inability of importing oil, gas, coal, food, or other raw materials (iron ore, etc.). I bring this up for those who think China can use its Navy for anything but its version of salami-slicing in the South China Sea. Even if the US stays out of it, Japan, Australia (perhaps), India, Singapore, Indonesia,  Vietnam, and the Philippines would not (again, perhaps). How hard is it to sink oil tankers with missiles from a long ways off? Or seize them?

So, yes, the world is a very different place than it was two years ago. Amazing isn’t it? It is the Energy Shift that is doing this!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Its Noisey, but the Old World is Collapsing

Russia, Russia, Russia. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China/CCP, Israel, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, and more are all experiencing massive protests; the people have had enough and have begun to say “NO”, loudly.  It has also been happening in the United States but is about to get louder. The Tyrants are ratcheting up their responses, but that is making everyone even madder; it is not going to end well for THEM. This is the darkest part of the night, just before dawn.

As I have written, Russia is not going to Invade Ukraine. Ukraine is a nation of 45 million people. If the Russians were to try to take over and keep Ukraine, it would take a 2 million man army and would be a quagmire. Russia does not have that and their population of young men of military age will not support it; Putin cannot afford even 10,000 casualties. If he can keep Ukraine out of NATO and make it more respectful to Russia, that will have been worth the costs of the military buildup/threat. Same for Romania, Poland, and the Baltic States, but his threats have revived NATO and are pushing Sweden and Finland into the Alliance; not what he wanted. Europe will have to spend much more on defense; the US is, already obvious to many, withdrawing to the North American continent. Free trade and Globalism are dead and will not be revived. Trade will no longer be free; the shipping lanes are being abandoned by the US Navy. The number of US Allies will drop to less than 10, perhaps as few as 5.

People are astonished about Canada; the tyranny is over the top.  Wonder why? The Deputy Prime Minister Freeland is the Grand Daughter of the Director of the World Economic Forum (WEF); think Davos and their Great Reset. Trudeau is just a puppet creature of theirs. The Globalists almost pulled it off, but EVERYTHING is falling apart; they are getting desperate. The common man (and woman) were rising up and derailing the plan; not just in Canada, but everywhere.

China is a failed state and does not have to be considered in this discussion; it cannot keep the lights on or feed itself and everything is bankrupt. Corruption is out of control. The Davos types are losing $Trillions in China; wonderful.

This is all happening from the massive energy changes happening on our planet (actually in our Solar System and beyond). It looks very dark now, but the energy shift has just started and will be accelerated throughout this year. By this time next year, most of us will not recognize our world; it will change for the better that fast.

Please do not dwell on the negative or fear images being pushed by the Lame Stream Media and the Elites. Fear has been their method of control; reject it. Don’t watch it or listen to it. Get the news feeds that you want; there are alternatives out there.

Unfortunately, the Elites are pushing hard for a war; Biden is their creature as well. It is not going to happen; the energies no longer support it.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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How is our World Changing?

There are more than 500 thousand people who have become NewBeings; Newmen and Newomen. What does that mean?

They have gone through the Guided Meditation on this site. They have re-configured their energy centers or Chakras in their Inner or Secret Hearts. They have begun the process of moving beyond Human into Newman. The Guided Meditation has been shared 1000s and 1000s of times; it is very powerful Spiritually.

OK. Say there are just 50,000; what then? There are more than 66,000 subscribers to this site, so it is reasonable to use 50,000 NewBeings as a baseline.

We are in new energy. We are seeing it change things all around us. The old dominant energies of Fear, Force, and Control are losing their MoJo; they aren’t working anymore. Even where they are, they are provoking massive outrage and, soon, massive blowback by the awakened citizenry. Does anyone think the Tyranny being displayed in Canada is, somehow, going to be rewarded by the people? Payback at the ballot box is coming, if not before. The old Fear-based solutions are not working for much longer. Just think about the penalties being imposed on the Truckers and they continue with their protests against the Vaccine Mandate. Most countries of the world have already seen the Light and dropped the Covid BS. Obviously, to the Elite, this is an insurrection; their power is being challenged by the masses. Cannot have that!!!

A chord has been struck and the entire world is rising up against the Tyrants. Guess what? Our Permanent Political Class is terrified; they see another French Revolution happening to them. They are increasing their security and getting ready to flee to their hidey holes, but can they trust their security staff? Has the shift happened too quickly and gone too far? Unknown to them.

Magic is a form of power that has been used in our world for Ages; our Elites have been using it to acquire wealth, property, and political powers for 100s of years. Many of the same families have been ruling us for generations spanning many lifetimes. THEY have been telling us that Magic did not exist; only for show and most of us believed them. Question: How does one become a $Millionair? That is too difficult for most of us. A $Billionaire is 1000 times a $Millionaire. No one can wrap their mind around that much money and how much it can buy. Do you think that anyone can become a $Billionaire without using Magic? The answer is NO.

So, THEY have been using Magic to control us for more than 10,000 years. Is it any wonder how fearful our world is now? OK. Got it. Has anything changed?

YES. This year, 2022, is the first year of a major energy shift. January was the initial ramp-up of this new energy. February is a continuation of the ramp-up, but with more power. The ramp-up will be complete by the end of March. It used to be that THEY had 4/5ths of the Magical power in our world; that explains everything, doesn’t it? Now, they only have 1/5th (20%); their world is falling apart.

Oddly enough, with this energy shift, Light and Right-Spin energies have gotten the 80% share (4/5ths); this can be called Majik. Same useful powre, but cannot be used to compel. Spelled differently with different, more loving properties; more freedom, truth, choice, goodness, etc. As I have written elsewhere, technology is just another name for Majik; if we were to time travel back 100 years with our cell phones we would be called Aliens and be greatly feared.

This new energy is very different from the old energy; we will all be able to do most things differently. Many of those new ways will be better as they will be coming from more freedom, choice, truth, and love (much less fear, force, and control). Just think, this new energy will no longer support the concept of MANDATES of any kind. Big Government coercion and limits will be replaced by reasonableness and choices. Our representatives will no longer be corrupt, dishonest thieves spending most of their time lining their pockets and doing the bidding of the corporations and Elite class.

I know, mankind does not change its spots. That has been true for 10,000 years, but the energies have changed. Mankind will be ruled by Women in this new energy. Just imagine how that will change our world alone. But it gets better; this new energy will no longer support the concept of credentials or joining the right club or party; everyone will be supported in going their own way. The individual will be supported more than the collective; Individua rights will trump. This gets back to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (Individual).

The old energy was male-dominated and everyone had to follow the herd, flock, or school for safety; if you left the collective, it was frequently deadly. That entire approach is no longer supported. Wow!

New Beings are new. Newmen and Newomen are new. Fire Beings have never gotten to Vertical Master, Horizontal Master, or Mahatma before. There were no Earth Being before. This path is a new path; just since 2002. This is not accidental. It is all part of the PLAN.

Normal Humans will be able to use this new Aquarian energy to do many things they have not been able to do in the old energies. NewBeings will be able to do much more whether they are advanced Fire Beings or Earth Beings. Everyone will be able to tap into Majik and do Majikal things; how we grow food or catch fish or tend our livestock will change. How we treat each other will change. How we learn and heal will change. How we do business, banking, making things, selling things will change; over the past two years, all of these have changed already, massively. Get ready, more huge changes are coming.

The old ways of doing things have been based on the old energies; they no longer apply and will fade away sooner than we think and in more ways than we can imagine. We all know about people who can foresee or foretell events or who can move things with their minds or bend spoons; these have been rare.

In the new energies, these and others will not be so rare. People will find that they can do many things, with some intent and practice, mentally. They will be able to move things, fix things, make things grow faster, heat things up or cool things down, start fires, teleport things and/or people, fly around like Superman. How about replicating something mentally and sending it to yourSelf; need a quart of milk or a dozen eggs? How about that car part for those who can’t fly (yet). Yes, what about money? It is going to be an interesting world.

Remember, dishonesty and corruption and taking what does not belong to you will not be supported in this new energy. Being a gang member or bandit or thief/embezzler or any kind of crook will not be supported. Just imagine, most politicians will no longer be supported.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Russia has gotten the Respect that it wanted before it fades

What we just witnessed is the last gasp of the Cold War. Russia and China will never be friends, let alone Allies. Biden and the US Government and Intelligence look to be idiots while Putin looks to have played them. Many in the world are acknowledging that Biden was using this crisis to distract America from his very unpopular policies. But, nobody in America or Europe really wanted a war; except the Elites. They want a distraction away from Covid lockdowns, economic destruction, masks, jabs, mandates, and Vax Passports; there is a lot of anger out there. There will be Nuremberg 2.0 Trials and hangings.

One big thing happened; NATO got re-invigorated for a little while. Ukraine will probably never (or not for a while) be allowed to join NATO, but Finland and Sweden may. The US has turned its focus on China and is less willing to be the security guarantor for Europe. Europe is quite wealthy and should be able to protect itself.

Russia must ally itself with Germany; the process has already begun with the Kaliningrad enclave. That will be the end of NATO and the EU, and the Euro; the dollar will continue to be the reserve currency that national currencies are pegged to. What’s in it for Germany? Simple, energy, and many other natural resources, but also an export market for all those cars it is no longer selling to the UK, the US, and the rest of Europe. The UK has moved on and is becoming a worldwide trading nation again; it will remain a close ally to the US. Poland, Ukraine, Romania will have to spend more on defense and band together against the Russians, but the Russian threat may be gone in just another decade. What happens to the Russian gas and oil will be interesting; too many pipelines going everywhere.

The US is going through an incredible re-industrialization now along with Mexico and, less so, Canada. With a change in policy, it will become energy independent and an exporter rapidly. The US is self-sufficient and does not need to import much going forward. Much of the world will be looking for markets to export to. Japan and Australia will be the key allies in Asia. Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines will be lesser.

The US will pick and choose what European allies it wants to keep. Poland, the Baltic States, Finland, Sweden, and Norway are good bets. Italy is another likely choice, but only after they fix their finances. France will go its own way like they always do. Spain and Greece have a lot of work to do to become valuable again. Turkey is a basket case and will be for quite a while. Chechia, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary will probably go with the Germans or the Poles or both (got to keep the Germans inline).

China is already a failed state. It has alienated everyone around it. It cannot import enough coal to keep the lights/heat on. Its foreign reserves (dollars) are insufficient to buy food, gas/oil, coal, iron ore, etc that it needs. Its real estate (30% of GDP) has collapsed and brought the provincial governments down with it. It is no longer a low-cost manufacturer to the world and has become very difficult to make money. China will break up into six or seven regional states or worse.

If there is a Naval conflict with the United States, the  Straits of Malacca can be blocked and China would cease to exist in a month or two. No oil or gas for anything. This is also something that Japan or India can do at will. Any conflict on the high seas would be the end of any Chinese exports; they must all go by sea.

Globalism is dead even if Biden does not know it yet. It was created after WW2 when the US Navy allowed everyone to trade with anyone they wished and could access the US Market. It was a slow poison that the Elites pushed hoping for their Great Reset. Think multi-national corporations, distant supply chains, de-industrialization of the West, outlawing the guns, and the rise of China. It is all collapsing now.

We are witnessing the creation of a new world.

Just one more theme. Global Warming has been a con job; it is Global Cooling that is coming. Wind and Solar cannot replace carbon-based fuels as we are all seeing; that is also part of the con job. When the huge amounts of people ready to retire take their money, work hours, and liquidated investments with them, financing of everything will be much more expensive. Money will soon get tight; borrowing will be much more expensive. Green technology is super expensive in upfront costs; no one will be able to afford it anymore. Guess what, we will have no choice but to go back to natural gas, oil, coal, and nuclear power to keep the lights and heat on. Even if we do move to EVs over gasoline cars, someone is going to have to generate all that electricity.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Good Things Happening – the Tyrants are Revealing themSelves

Real peaceful protests, unlike those of BLM, which were ignored, are scaring the whits out of the Tyrants worldwide. Justin Trudeau has just made Canada a dictatorship running by Marshall Law. This is a bad thing in the short run, but wonderful because all can see where these Tyrants will go. Even with totally peaceful, but massive protests, the Tyrants are now seizing bank accounts and telling the banks that it is OK and they cannot be sued. But fear, for some odd reason, is no longer working; the Truckers are giving Trudeau the finger.

Everyone is now seeing to what lengths these Tyrants will go to hold on to the power that Covid gave them; Biden, Trudeau, Macron, and others do not want the Mandates to end. That puts us back (or nearly so) to our old “normal;” can’t have that as it is too much freedom. What’s next on THEIR agenda? Simple, take everyone’s car away from them. Make the cost of energy so high that people will stop driving their cars. They want us all to move to electric cars; less range and hours to recharge. That means more control over everyone. Do you think everything coming out of the Climate Control lobbies is all about saving the planet? Nonsense, it is all about control.

Now, they are trotting out the Ocean rising BS again. It did not happen before, so now they are claiming it will happen by 2050. The Plandemic, Global Warming, the Electric Vehicle (EV), and Road Safety (we must reduce traffic deaths) are all part of the Great Reset. It is all about controlling the masses. They will try to take out cars away next. What will that do? Force us back into the cities and mass transit again. They want to make us move to EVs that only go 300 miles; can you get in your car and travel 1000 or 2000 miles with an EV? Yes, but you must spend hours recharging it along the way. Will you be tracked? Can they turn off your EV remotely?

The Tyrants are still in charge in some places. Camada. France, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel come to mind, but massive protests have broken out in all of them. The lamestream media have done everything they can to denigrate the Canadian Freedom Convoy, but instead of shutting it down, people everywhere are being buoyed up.

THEY wanted us to fight a new War in Europe (you know Ukraine). The Elites have been using wars to control us for EVER.  For whatever reason, perhaps the energy shifts, Russia has blinked; Putin and oligarchs did not get a high enough offer.

Perhaps, the Russians know that too much Russian blood would be spilled. Demographically, Russia does not have enough young people to keep things going (as they are now) for much longer than 10 years. This is true for much of Europe as well. Putin is a tyrant; this is, perhaps, his last hurrah. Is this failure? Will he survive his climbdown?

As I have written before, all of those tanks and air defense weapons make Russia lots in arms sales to the world. What happens if those tanks are stopped with anti-tank missiles and the Russian aircraft with Stinger missiles (again) and the air defense missiles with US Stealth aircraft? A disaster for Russia on several fronts. Will the Russian borders become less secure?

The Russian military is still fighting World War 2; it is largely focused on many tanks, artillery,  armored personnel carriers, and, hopefully, enough air defenses to protect them from the air. What if this doesn’t work???

Yes, what about nuclear weapons? Guess what pilgrim? A- and H-bombs ceased to work about 30 years ago. Why? Unknown. Spirit just turned them off. Has anyone tested one of these weapons in an airburst/Mushroom Cloud in the past 30 years? Why did the United States and Russia close their nuclear weapon building sites 30 years ago? Does Israel, Iran, China, North Korea,  India, or Pakistan have nuclear weapons? NO, they all claim to have these weapons, but all tested them underground. That is easy, just build a large space underground and fill it with 20 or 30 thousand tons of TNT. Make it go boom and wait for the small Mushroom Cloud. Unless you are massively fearful, these claims do not pass the giggle test. Remember, fear, force, and control was in charge of our world until this year.

Why do you think the US Military spent huge sums on GPS satellites and precision-guided munitions/smart bombs? Their nuclear weapons no longer worked; they had to come up with a better way to win wars. Look at how well they did in the Gulf Wars? Their smart weapons keep getting smarter and smarter and the Russians/Chinese have not kept up.

What about hypersonic missiles? An ICBM is already hypersonic. Most of them have individually targetted re-entry vehicles (normally 3) that normally follow a predictable path. None of these are nuclear weapons, even from submarines.  But, they are good-sized bombs that can be dropped anywhere very accurately. Now, they will be made much less predictable and harder to shoot down.

Again, the Elites always want us to be afraid and have kept the nuclear war end-of-the-world alive for control purposes. Russa, the US, France, and the UK have gone along; why not, the world was sure of them. But, all of the rest wanted to join the nuclear club to become bigger bullies on the world stage. Yes, this includes China. They do not even have a significant civil nuclear power industry; their French reactor just leaked and had to be shut down/fixed.

What I am trying to say is that Fear, Force, and Control no longer rules our world. The Tyrants do not realize it yet, but they are losing/have lost their power. Same for the Elites; they cannot figure out what has changed. Their game plan which has worked for so long is no longer working. THEY have been in charge for 10,800 years; a very long time. Many of them come from the same families down through the centuries; they cannot believe that is all coming to an end.

We are all going through many changes. Most will be for the better, but some will not be received well.

Technology, Majik, and/or Neutral will be coming to the rescue for many. Have trust that everything will work out in the end.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Darkness to Light – What is going on?

We all know what Darkness and Light are. We have been told from being small children about Darkness (or Evil) and Light (or Goodness). And yet, we were all living in a time where Darkness had 80% of the power in our world. Think about that. That explains why our political leaders were liars, self-serving, and did what the Elites told them to do.

Today, we have started moving into a place where Light has 80% of the power. That is how to describe what is happening using our legacy concepts. This is why the People are rising up and throwing our Permanent Political Class (of all parties) into panic mode.

Readers of this site know that I write about Left- and Right-Spinners. We all know about how water drains from sinks and toilets; in the Northern Hemisphere, it is counterclockwise (or to the Left) while it is Clockwise (or to the Right) Downunder.  These are both energies that we have not been ready for; they are both vortexes. For those of us who are tuned into vortexes, there are famous places to go to experience them, like Angkor Wat, Sedona, Tibet, and others around the world.

My point is that these are new forms of energy for most of us. We experience them all the time in the form of thunder clouds and sunny days; thunder clouds spin Left like Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, and Typhoons (Northern Hemisphere) or Bermuda Highs. Low-pressure weather systems spin Left while high-pressure spin Right. This holds true down to the atomic level. Yes, it is the reverse in the Southern Hemisphere.

So, now we are in Aquarius energy. Is there something brand new? Yes, we are now ready to start using Left- and Right-Spin energies consciously. What we used to call Darkness, we will call Left-Spin and what we called Light will be Right-Spin.

Is that all? NO. All of us who have driven a car, truck, ship/boat, or airplane know about the concept of Neutral; to get to forward gear you must get it out of neutral, and the same for reverse gear. We have known about these concepts for 1000s of years; Armies advance and retreat, but technological advances have brought these concepts to nearly everyone.

Neutral is a new concept for most of us. In electricity, it is either positive or negative; that is how everything in our wall sockets, batteries, computers, and cell phones work. We tend to dismiss neutral as something not important, but if you try to put your car in reverse when you are moving forward, your transmission breaks. Most of us have automatic transmissions to minimize this problem.

In this Aquarian Age, Neutral will be much more important. Darkness and Light will become much less important and will be replaced by Left- and Right-Spin. But, both spins are part of a new power called Neutral. All of our technologies over the past 300 years have come from Majikal overlapping energies from Aquarius as we got closer and closer.

Whoa. Stop. What does this mean? For those who have put themSelves on the NewBeing path or have put themSelves into a Cube/Hexahedron, they will be able to access the Neutral powers of both Left- and Right Spin, but also of Neutral. If you look at a circle there is a North Pole (0/360°) and South Pole (180°). OK. What about East (90°) and West (270°)? They are both in-between. One is neutral leaning Negative (180°) and the other is neutral leaning Positive (360°).

I write about Majik. It has been suppressed for 1000s of years. The Elites used Magic all the time to create wealth and power; they told us that it did not exist and most of us believed them. Majik was only 20% but is now 80%. Another name for Majik is Neutral (the 90 and 270° positions in everyone, thing, and place).

Being a Newman or Newoman is something brand new (since 2002). I have written about NewBeings getting additional capabilities/powres; all of these will be coming from using the Neutral powers described above. Being a NewBeing or Newman is an advancement over being Human. Humans will still function in the world of Darkness and Light, but not Neutral. Light will have 80% of the power but will have all of the limitations of the past. It will still be much better than it was when Darkness had 80%.

Today, I am providing more information on how things will work in the future. Wrap your minds around the flows of energy from North to East, East to South, South to West, and West to North; they are all different and you can do different things with each of them.

The five-letter words are still the power words and APPLY is still one of the most powerful of these words.

Bottom Line: Technology can also be called Majik, but both of them are based on the force called Neutral. For the first time, Neutral is a force that we can begin to use to do many new and different things.

To find out more about Neutral, go to my other blog. Periodic Table and Electron Rings

Love, Light and Laughter,


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It has been Two Years of Tyranny; 2022 is different

We were all told that we had to give up our rights/freedom in the name of the greater good; the Covid pandemic had to be stopped. We complied. We lockdowned. We wore masks. We social distanced. We stopped working or riding mass transit; some of us could work from home.

Then they told us we must (Mandatory) get the vaccines and boosters. None of these “vaccines” are anything even close to what a vaccine has been; they were all experimental, not tested for long-term impacts, and the pharmaceuticals were all exempted legally.

So, what has happened? We are now being told that masks did not have any value. We are being told that the virus can spread even 60 feet away. We are being told that even if we have had the two shots and up to three boosters, we can still get Covid. Wait a second, the “vaccines” were supposed to make us immune. We were told, over and over, that natural immunities did not exist or were not effective.

Just a few days ago, a major study told us that lockdowns were totally ineffective at stopping Covid, but they sure killed our economies, jobs, businesses, mental health, and hope. How are we going to hold these power-drunk politicians accountable? Whoops, they just made a mistake. Bull Shit, it was all about herding us and making us go where they told us. Remember, the Great Reset?

How many 100s of thousands have died from these “vaccines?” People doing autopsies and embalming are saying that the “rubber-like clots” are what has killed everyone who was “vaxxed.” Get ready, they are trying to hide this, but it is coming out into the open. Where are the people who are responsible going to hide? That is not just the pharmaceuticals, but the media (press and TV) and big tech (Twitter, Facebook, and Google). Yes, and Government too.

Do you think the Oligarchs/Elites/Billionaires (Davos) are going to be able to get on their private planes and escape? Where? New Zealand? No, that place is also being awakened. Australia too.

It is coming out that most of the people who “died” of Covid in hospitals actually died of something else; the hospitals were paid (a lot of money) to list deaths as Covid. This was all to keep us all in fear. This was all to have us hand over our freedoms. This drove the masks, mandates, and vaccinations.

Now, everyone (or many) is waking up. The politicians have all of this power we gave to them; they do not want to give it back. Some of them are trying to make the power grab permanent; it is not going to work. Most of Europe has dropped the Covid nonsense; France, Austria, and Germany are trying to keep the farce alive, but the Trucker Convoys and Anti-Mandate forces will stop them. Same for Scotland and Wales. Even in the US (the land of the Free – Not), most of the states have dropped the Covid insanity, even some of the deep Blue (Democrat Party – Deep State) ones.

The people in charge are all starting to freak out; the people are starting to rise up to take their freedoms back. When enough do, the tyrants will be forced to run for the hills. Somehow, I do not think they will make it.

Because this is a spiritual site, I will end with why this is happening. Some will say, this is just how things ebb and flow or, its happenstance or luck or just the turning of the wheels. No, not, nope. We have just entered a new energy; the Age of Aquarius. It is very different from the old age; it has much more freedom, good choices, truth/integrity, doing-the-right-things, and much less crooked politicians/bureaucrats, corruption, thievery, banditry, and exemptions from wrongdoing.

It is all falling apart for THEM. THEY do not understand what is happening. THEY are the Elites and have always controlled the rabble. THEY have always been in charge and told us what to do and how to do it. Why is this not working anymore?

Great news!!! Our world has changed for the better; yes, Actually. People who operate using fear, force, and control have lost their powers. Not totally yet, but happening quickly.

Look around. All of this movement towards more freedom is part of this shift in energies. Embrace it. Revel in it. Dance for joy! The Great Reset has failed; we are still free. What used to be called “Common Sense” is coming back; Wokism is being driven away.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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What is Russia doing? This rings true

I keep being told Internally, that Russia will not invade Ukraine. And that China will not or can not invade Taiwan.

I just watched this video which rings very true.  I highly recommend it to all of you.

Yes, Russia has a lot of oil/gas wealth, but it is all controlled by the Oligarchs.  As far as GDP, Russia is in the middle of the pack of European countries; it cannot afford a long war with the West.

All of this threatening posturing has been all about getting Europe, NATO, and the US to negotiate on Russia’s security concerns. The Polish Gap and Ukraine have been the primary lanes of invasion into Russia for the past 1000 years.

Unfortunately for the Russians, they are having a Demographic bomb exploding; they do not have enough young people to keep their system going. Remember, it takes 30 years to make a fully productive citizen. Russia will cease to be a major player in the world within 15 years.  This is also true of China and many of the European countries. Hungary, Poland, and, even Russia are taking steps to change this; they are emphasizing religion, marriage, having multiple children, and even buying first homes for those who do.   More of this needs to be done throughout Europe. The other thing all three are doing is to halt immigration, especially by the non-Christians (Muslims). Religion, culture, and traditions have all become the primary drivers for the rise in Populism throughout the world; this is all opposed to the Globalist push for immigration and one-size-fits-all approaches.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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How People are Leaving

Look up Demographics on YouTube. You will be alarmed to find that most populations in the world are very old. Over the past 30 years, during the massive growth in Globalization, populations moved from the countryside into the cities. Yes, there was massive economic growth, but urban populations have far fewer children. The result, nearly everywhere, is not enough young people to replace people who are retiring and/or dying. This is true throughout Europe (and Russia too). This is especially true in China; one-child policy. The United States and Mexico are exceptions; lots of young people coming up.

So, over the next 20 years, half the population of the planet will be leaving normally/naturally of old age. That will be boosted by the millions who have gotten vaccinated/boosted with the Covid jabs; it is turning out that there is a signature of the jabs in autopsies; there are rubbery clots in large numbers. Many, many people are dying from these clots, but this information has been hidden.  People die from clots all the time, but not caused by the jabs/boosters; this is a mass murder with the complicity of our governments/elites. There is a reason so many of you totally refused to get jabbed or boosted; your Inner Being was screaming at you to avoid them.

Those who did get jabbed/boosted will be getting these induced rubbery clots and will be lucky to survive for the next two years (5 maximum). This will apply to children as well; we are already seeing their sensitivity.

So………., what I am saying is that this energy shift has already started removing the hard Left-Spinner/Dark oriented people in large numbers. Remember, these people are oriented towards fear, force, and control; they tend to do what authority figures tell them to do. And, they tend to get outraged at those who do not comply; we have all felt that.

This is even before the large groups leaving in the Earth Changes that are coming. We are already moving into a Mini Ice Age which will cause mass movements of people to escape the cold and seeking greater food security.

The Great Departure has already begun. It will accelerate. In the end, only three out of twenty (3 out of 20) will survive. That will be enough to start the repopulation of Earth, but it will be a very different Earth; much more freedom, good choices. truth/integrity and individual rights (the collective will crash and burn).

What about our civilization? Will it survive? Will we still have electricity and computers and the Internet? Will we have enough energy, food, and shelter? Yes, yes, and yes.

What about the predators? They will be mostly gone and will be easily managed. I recommend watching the 5 Laws of Stupidity on YouTube; the 15% left will be mostly Intelligent; the hapless/helpless, bandits and stupid are leaving. There are many more stupids than most of us realize; they are the ones who screw things up for everyone without benefiting themselves.

All of the technological growth of the past 100 years has been a prelude to what is coming in the new Aquarian Age. All of the survivors will have Majikal Powres that will change how we do everything; some will have more (or even much more) than others. So, yes, our civilization will expand in ways that we can not imagine.

What are these powers? Here are some words to think about; visioneering/manifesting, teleporting things, replication, making things bigger or smaller, making things heavier or lighter, being invisible or undetectable, making yourself bigger or smaller (shapeshifting), flying around in an energy suit, jumping or self-teleportation, and more. Is the world going to change? Yep.

Among the survivors, most will be women. Only about 5% (or 1 in 20) will be men. Women are planners who think ahead. They are nurturers. When pressed, they work together better than men. Will our civilization change for the better? I think so.

Being a man in this new world will be interesting; huge changes in our expectations. Women will be dominant in numbers and in the background energies. All of the survivors will be getting much longer lives in youthful, healthy bodies. Children will become rare and treasured by all; if we are going to live lives of 300-500 years or more, we do not need many replacement generations.

What I am saying is that we should not be concerned about what is coming and how it is coming. For the survivors, the new world will be very, very different.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Everyone is starting to see the Insanity

What we have been doing to ourSelves and our kids has been insane. Mandating masks, which have never done any good, vaccines, which we all know now, does not prevent infection, and forcing people to stay home or be fired has destroyed our economies and brought on supply-chain failures.

Fortunately, people are starting to awaken from media-induced psychosis; all based on fear. That my friend is Darkness. The power of Darkness is shifting towards the Light. Everyone is focused on what the Canadian Truckers are doing; that is freedom in action and is a call to action for all of us.

Darkness still has some hold, but it is breaking up. Country after country is declaring the Covid Insanity over. The Great Reset is failing; they can no longer take our freedoms away using the Pandemic. In fact, all of those who were shilling for the Oligarchs/Elites, like Fauci, are being found out. Perhaps, there will be a Nuremberg 2.0 and many of them will Hang; too bad we don’t do drawing and quartering anymore. The people running Big Pharma/NIH/FDA et al, should all be offered a poison pill or public execution; these vaccines were never meant to cure or prevent, they were all part of a plan for mass exterminations. Imagine, the FDA does not want the public to see the underlying documentation on the jabs for 75 years; what do they have to hide? The insurance companies are all freaking out at the amount of Covid Vax-related deaths; soon they will try to exclude payouts to those who “voluntarily” accepted the “experimental” jabs/boosters. When all the “Jabbed and Boosted” people find out that their life expectancy is less than 5 years, what will they do? Will it be open season on the tyrannical politicians who forced them to take the jabs in the name of community safety; I hope so. These mask/jab-pushing people deserve to die a slow/painful death, yes, even the Mask/Jab enforcers.

All of the people pushing this Covid Insanity in government, the schools,  the police, the Main Stream Media, and big pharma are all Dark, Evil beings who will be leaving; they will not be allowed to stay in the new Love-Light-Freedom energies coming in. Yes, we should punish the leaders, but rest assured that all of them will be removed and punished, somehow or somewhen.

Say there are 7,000 million people on Earth. Only 15% of them will be staying; that is 1050 million. 85% of all Humans came into this life oriented towards more fear, force, and control; they will not be allowed to stay in the new energies that are 80% more freedom, truth, good choices, and doing-the-right-thing.

It is sad, but everyone had a choice when they were born; to be oriented towards Darkness or Light. When Darkness ruled, most (the vast majority) chose Darkness. Now, Light will rule, and again, most will choose Light. The big issue is what to do with all of those who chose to be so very Dark. They all have a “Ticket to ride:” an apropos Beatles song. There is also the 5th Dimension’s “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” and Bob Dylan’s “The Times, they are a changin.” All three of these songs were written for what we are living through now; prophetic.

Again, do not worry about what is coming. It is going to happen and you do not have much choice about what and how it happens to you. Many are leaving; 17 out of 20. That is much more than most of us. Embrace the love side of you. Tell all of the people you love that you love them. Be loving. Be kind. Be generous. Be giving. Try to be your best. This will pay off in the long run. Even if you are on the Dark side, Love will notice.

Talk to your Inner Being. Ask for guidance. Ask if you can stay. Ask if you can be forgiven. Ask about what is next. These, and others, are all worthwhile questions.  Head nods are a Yes. Head shakes are a NO. No answer means you asked the wrong question or they do not want to answer it. Trying is always better.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Technology has Exploded into our Lives; it is not going to stop

Anyone who is 20 years old (or older) has experienced incredible changes in how we all live our lives. Everyone has a “cell” phone that is really a very powerful computer with all kinds of additional sensors to tell us the temperature, our location, whether we have communications or WiFi, and many other functions as the price of a stock or Bitcoin. Yes, we can buy those or order a pizza to be delivered.

Many of us still use our desktop computers, but mine is a mini PC that has a tiny footprint. I tend to do my banking on my desktop as I do not quite trust my mobile to be secure enough. Maybe that is because I broke into codes for a living back in the day.

If we go back just a few hundred years, our world had been using horses and sailing ships for 1000s of years. We transitioned to steam engines and got railroads and steamships and what we call the “Industrial Revolution.” One hundred years later we got the internal combustion engine (cars/trucks), the airplane, and electricity. Electrical power changed our world in so many ways that it is hard to imagine a world without electricity. Fifty years later, we got large mainframe computers, early network communications and sent men to the Moon.

So, here we are 50 years later. We have on-demand digitized wireless communications everywhere due to satellites and/or fiber. We have pocket-sized cell phones that are as or more powerful than our laptop computers/tablets, everyone has instant access to knowledge on the Internet. Our world has changed incredibly in the last 100 years.

To help you understand, as we were leaving the energy of Pisces, the energy of Aquarius extended out and overlapped; about 300 years ago Aquarian energy (call it “technology” or Majik) started impacting or changing us. Think steam engines.

So, as listed above, there have been many other technology-related changes since. We are now, actually in this Aquarian energy for the first time. If we have gotten all of this technological change just from approaching Aquarian energy, what is going to happen to us when we are fully exposed?

Technological change is not going to stop; it will actually increase. We are already seeing electric vehicles begin to take over. We are seeing 3D Printing begin to change how we make things everywhere. We are seeing Tiny/Mobile homes where a plot of land and a mortgage are not necessary. We are seeing many, many of us working from home (no more commuting or mass transit issues). Yes, we are driving less and ordering items delivered to our homes. These are incredible changes and many of them are related to the worldwide pandemic; where did that come from? We have NEVER had a worldwide pandemic before. We have NEVER had a massive breakdown in supply chains before. We have NEVER had a  massive breakdown in energy supplies before.

Could it be that all of the above is actually related to moving into this new energy?

We all think in terms of energy as coming from coal or oil or natural gas, but also hydro-dam, nuclear power, solar power, and wind turbines. The last four are relatively new “alternative” energy approaches that all have radioactive or sufficiency issues.

Could it be that new power generation technologies will be coming into the world soon?  Could it be that new water desalinization/treatment technologies will be coming into the world soon? What about Robots? Will they make our lives easier/better? People are fleeing the big cities in record numbers as they are too crowded, too restrictive, and too expensive. These cities will be going through a transformation that may take 10-20 years; they may survive or not.

Delivery services seem to be a growth industry everywhere. Social media has already exploded, but the Dark Censorship forces blight will not be supported in the new, more-freedom energies. Politics used to be all about labor versus capital but has shifted to Globalism versus Populism (Customs, Traditions, and Religions). One size fits all approaches like mask/jab mandates, supply chains across the world, and mass immigration are being increasingly resisted EVERYWHERE.

My point here is that our world will continue to go through massive changes as we move into these new energies. Yes, we are moving into a new Mini Ice Age. Yes, we will be forced to change how and where we grow crops. But, we will be discovering that we can change our world using these new, Majikal forces; Majik is just another word for technology.

Everyone will soon be discovering that they have additional powers/capabilities that we did not have in the old Age (Pisces) energy. It may come as new ways to use our existing technologies in new, different ways (like working from home) or be something brand new.

Those who have found this site and have put themSelves on to the NewBeing path will be getting far more energetic choices than the average/”normal” Human. Newmen/Newomen are the next step in evolution; they are beyond being Human. This will be particularly true for those who can put themSelves into the Hexahedron/Cube; they move from being Fire Beings to Earth Beings.

The changes that we have all lived through as nothing compared to the changes coming at us. Be positive. Be expectant. Lean forward in the fox hole. Good/Great things are coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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