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Majik or Magic? What’s the difference?

THEY, the Elites, have been telling us for 100s of years that there is no such thing as Magic; it is just sleight of hand. Yet, they have been using it to create wealth and power for 1000s of years. For at least the last three ages (Pisces, Aries, and Taurus), the Elite males have had 80% of the power in our world. You had to follow the herd, flock, or school or it was probably fatal not to do so. That is 6,480 years, or more likely, 10,800 years; longer than our recorded history.

For THEM, Magic was a way to tap into that 80% power. It was an energy that supported more fear, force, and control. That’s what THEY used it for; to control us. The same families have ruled us down through the ages. They intermarried and comingled their finances, but used their Magic to rule us. We were/are considered to be sheeple and were used as “cannon fodder” mostly. But now, there are too many of us (worthless mouths) and they have come up with a Pandemic to kill off many millions of us. Covid was planned for 20 years. So were the vaccinations; they will kill far more than Covid. All of our wars have been preplanned as well. Don’t you realize that the food and energy shortages we are about to experience have also been preplanned? Is it an accident that many food processing plants have been destroyed recently? The stupidity of depending on wind and solar instead of nuclear or the dependable gasoline, diesel, and natural gas; was that somehow, an accident, or was it preplanned?

These Elite Monsters have been in charge for so long that they know it is THEY who make the decisions. It is not just arrogance; they know that THEY have the power.

That has changed! THEY have had this dominant power for 1000s of years and, naturally, assumed it would continue on for 1000s more years in the future. THEY have actually set up things so THEY can rule the entire planet (the UN, the EU, the CCP, the WEF, Davos, and the Deep State).

Unexpectedly, the new Age that we are moving into (Aquarius) is very different from the last 3-5 ages; it is female dominant and no longer supports more fear, force, and control. Instead, it supports more freedom, truth, choice, integrity, and doing the right things. No longer will being part of the in-crowd or group be the key to success. Following the herd, flock, or school will not be supported; you will be able to follow your own way/path.

This site has been developed for this transition; it is all about Right-Spinners (or clockwise vortexes).

THEY are Left-Spinners. THEY use Magic which is a left-spin (or counter-clockwise) vortex. It used to be 80% of the power, but, now, it is only 20%. Their Magic is now, only 1/5th of the power. Oh, shit, oh, dear. THEY do not realize that THEY have lost their power; nothing is going according to their extensive planning. Look at Liz Truss. How about Sweden? How about Italy? Before that, what about Hungary and Poland? What about the collapse of Russia’s Army? Will Putin last much longer?

So Magic is Left-Spin and is all about more fear, force, and control. Another way to view it is as Chaos. It used to be 80% of the power but is now 20%.

If Right-Spin is now 80% of the power (and it is), how do you spell Right-Spin Magic? No, Magic is the Left-Spin spelling. It is spelled MAJIK. Same pronunciation, but a very different spelling; it is all about Order (not or opposite of Chaos). Again, more freedom, choice (good), truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and doing many more right things.

Right-Spinners will be able to use Majik to tap into the 80% powre in the new year; 2023. Again, it is focused on more Order, not Chaos. It is about more freedom, not more fear, force, and control. Wow, fear is going to drop down to a significant minority consideration!!!

Stop. Go back and reread the above. Everything has changed. THEY are no longer in charge. THEY no longer rule us. Everything that THEY have set up to control us is failing/collapsing. Yes, big government, big business, big education, big pharm/medicine, EVERYTHING.

What next? Not sure. WE must invent it. It will be based on Order, not Chaos. There will be much better choices, more freedom, more truth (much less corruption), and more along these lines. Oh yes, there will be far less fear, force, and control.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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The European Union is collapsing

Germany, which has had the most influence in the EU, is nearly a failed state. Italy will soon elect a government hostile to Brussels. The EU is forcing Hungary and Poland to withhold their money into the central pot; that will break everything apart. Greece cannot do anything but default, like Sri Lanka, but the Germans will be holding the bag. Spain and Portugal have been along for the ride, but are not happy with where Germany, France, and the Netherlands are taking them. Farmers are rebelling everywhere; what happens when there is no food?

Britain has left and is doing better in every respect than its EU neighbors. It has issues but is rapidly rebuilding its worldwide ties of empire.

Germany wants to seize greater control over the EU by eliminating the national veto. Is that likely to happen? Would everyone really shoot themselves in the foot like that?

Some people have looked at the EU as the 4th Reich for Germany. Germany was the largest economy and most wealthy country in Europe. But now, Germany’s economy/industry is collapsing from a lack of Russian natural gas. Germany can either make a deal with the Russians or see its industrial capacity destroyed. If it makes a deal, that will be the end of Germany’s leadership in the EU. Poland already distrusts the Germans over the tank deal. No one will trust the Germans after they succumb to the Russians. The Germans have announced they are re-arming; does that seem trust-building to its neighbors?

Will Europeans sit and watch the Germans re-arm and get themselves out of a depression militarily? Not likely, we have seen the Germans do this twice in the last 100 years. Germany will be forced to be broken up into at least four pieces; the Poles, the Czechs, the Austrians, and the Danes. France may get a piece as well. You say, not possible, Germany is too strong/powerful. People do not understand; Germany is totally dependent on Russian gas for its entire industrial base. It’s not just Germany, much of Europe is also incredibly dependent. Factories throughout Europe are already beginning to shut down over energy costs; this will accelerate in the coming winter.

What happens when millions of people cannot afford food and fuel to heat their homes? What I am suggesting here is that Europe will be having another depression like the 1920s and 30s. The Euro is already very close to collapse and it will become worthless soon. What then? Will the Mark be worth a lot? Not likely. The Swiss Franc and the British Pound will be the only currency worth anything in Europe. Yes, add the US Dollar to that. Yes, gold and silver will be good to have. Start dumping your currencies and buy them. Develop your skills/talents for bartering. Hoard food. Prepare, it is going to be a long hard winter.

Buy indoor tents, gas bottles, water containers, and sleeping bags now. You may need to camp out in your home/apartment for survival. Oh yes, buy lots of candles for light and heat.

I am not just writing this because I am a survivalist, but we are going through what some call a “Shift of the Ages.” We are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. It is also a shift from Darkness to Light; everything that we expected to be normal from our past is changing. We have all experienced the Covid masks, lockdowns, and mandatory jabs/boosters; that was just the beginning. Next, we are experiencing supply-chain shortages in many things. We are beginning to experience high costs of food and energy; this will become worse.

We are about to enter into a time when the winters will be much colder and last deep into spring. The winters will come again in September. The rivers of Europe are drying up. They will freeze over. What is that going to do to the movement of food, fuel, and other goods? Farmers will be forced to plant potatoes and cabbages due to the shortened growing seasons. This happened in Europe back about 350 years ago; it is called the Mini Ice Age or the Maunder Minimum (1650-1715 (perhaps 1775)). We are about to enter the Eddy Minimum and it could last for 200, 400, or even, 800 years.

The shift in energies will hit us all hard; there is no way to avoid it. We must all change how we have looked at our lives over the past 30 or 40 years, we have lived in great abundance. That is no longer possible; at least for a while. Put on your Survival Mindset and share it.

I live in the Caribbean where it is warm even in the coldest winters. We have enough rain and it is fairly easy to grow food. We also have lots of fish. Yes, we have tropical storms and hurricanes, but they tend to come once every 5 years.

With this new Aquarian energy, advanced new technologies will be coming. It will take a while for this to happen. It will be tough at first, but this is the dawning of a new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Darkness/Chaos is in Retreat

Today, Russia started losing the war in Ukraine. Russia has long been a state within the orbit of Darkness. Its collapse, again, will be very rapid.

Germany has killed itself with a self-inflicted wound; too much dependence on Russian Gas. They had plenty of nuclear electricity but fell for the anti-nuclear efforts from Russia to sell more gas. I am not saying that nuclear power is the answer but it was better than Russian gas. France is reopening all of its nuclear power plants; that is a no-brainer after all the Greenie Insanities. Italy will withdraw from the EU rapidly; they will just say no to Brussels and the Germans. With the Brits gone, Italy leaving and the Germans collapsing economically, the EU will not be able to hold itself together; Spain and Portugal will leave with Italy. Greece will default. The Germans will be left holding an empty bag.

The farmers in Holland, Belgium, France, Poland, Italy, and more are forcing their governments to push back against the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEFers have suffered a great defeat. Liz Truss has sacked/fired all of the WEFers in the British Government; another huge defeat. The Centralists/Globalists almost got there, but everything is falling apart. Why? The approaching energy shifts as we move into Aquarian energy (January 2023). Far less fear, force, and control. Far more freedom, good choices, truth, integrity, and doing the right things.

Even King Charles had to abandon the WEF; he was forced to Constitutionally. The Globalist world is collapsing everywhere; it required the free flow of goods, services, food, and energy. All of those have dropped away everywhere; shortages are the new rule.

The Dark side does not understand what is happening. They have had most of the power in our world for more than 10,000 years and expected it to continue. That ratio has flipped; Darkness only has 20% now and Light will have 80% by November (officially for January).

Just imagine, everything that we know (from our past) has been designed by Darkness for more control using more and more fear and force. More chaos has been the result. Everything from government, the courts, the police, the military, education, business, medicine, and pharmaceuticals is so very Dark and must be changed.

In our future, more Order (much less chaos) will be the rule. Women will be in charge; we are already seeing that. Everyone will be able to pursue their wants without staying in the school, flock, or herd. Credentials will no longer be required, at least not the same ones. There will be much more freedom and good choice within the new Order. We all expect our politicians, judges, and bureaucrats to be corrupt, stealers, and liars. Same for our business and military leaders, but less so. This too will change; the new energies will no longer support these kinds of people in leadership roles.

How is all of this going to happen? Simple, the Light/Right-spinners  (remember they have 80% of the power) will be taking over. Right-spinners are only one in 20 of us (5%) and 19 out of 20 of them are women. Men are only 5% of the 5%. Yes, like Hen’s teeth.

This small group of people will have Majikal powres far beyond the powers of today’s “normal” men. The rule through a barrel of a gun (or knife, sword, poison, injection, etc.) will no longer be supported. I know, hard to believe.

Here’s more. Many millions of us will be leaving (dying) to be born again on some other planet (not Earth). The WEFers tried to get us all to accept the poisoned jabs/boosters; that is somehow part of the plan in shifting over to the new energies. The survivors will all receive long healthy lives and young-looking bodies; think 300-500 years. This is so that they can make advancements toward the Light.

With everyone living such long lives, having children will be rare. Children will be treasured and everyone involved in raising them will be blessed.

Everyone will have some form of Majikal powers; some will have much more powre than others. We will grow our food differently. We will catch fish differently. We will get our meat differently. We will move things around differently. We will mine metals differently. We will build things differently. We will heal differently. We will make money differently. Many things will change. Some of the good things will stay, but most will be gone.

This is the true dawning of the Age of Aquarius (which will last for at least 2,150 years). Probably more.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Climate Change? Yes, but it is getting much colder

Europe is going to get the brunt of Climate Change this year. It could be that large snowfall will happen before October. What that means is the Mini Ice Age is starting this year.

Russia has cut off gas supplies. Now, everyone will be scrambling for ways to heat and cook during a long, cold winter; do not expect things to warm up until late April. Buy several large propane bottles. Think about inflatable tents; one within another for your living room. Buy winter sleeping bags. Buy big folding water containers; your water will be cut off for fear of freezing pipes. Buy a portable toilet container; a bucket you can sit on. Yes, buy beans and rice and other stuff in large quantities. It is going to be a long, cold winter.

It is not all doom and glume, we are entering Aquarian Energy in January. What that means is the Light/Right-spinners will have 80% of the powre in the Universe. How bad can things get when we have that kind of powre?

Visit my technology site ( to see the kinds of new technologies coming into the world (all need the new Aquarian Energies). All of these technologies have been blocked by the Dark side, but those blocks are falling/fading away now. So, there will be new ways of generating large amounts of electricity at very low costs. Yes, better than nuclear and far better than coal, natural gas, oil, wind, or solar.

I am not sure how long it will be before these technologies can be brought into the world. That is why I am telling you to prepare. Perhaps, many people will freeze to death this winter; they will if they are not prepared.

In Europe, the great rivers are drying up. In Saudi Arabia, there are several great rivers flowing in the desert. Yes, climate change is happening.  Did you know that 2,000 years ago, North Africa was the grain-growing “breadbasket” for Rome; it is coming back to that again.

With this shift of the Ages between Pisces and Aquarius many changes are coming. Everything from the past will be changed, sometimes massively.

Look forward to what is coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Tell if a person is a Right-Spinner (or Left-) Immediately

As a teenager, I could see people’s auras. When someone was radiantly happy, it was wonderful. When someone was under great stress, it was ugly. When I could see someone coming down with a disease like cancer, what could I do or say? Being able to see auras became a curse to me.

I had a discussion with my Spirit Guide and told her that I did not want that particular gift anymore. I was told that I could exchange it for another gift. I said, YES, thank you. What I got in exchange helped me figure out what being Left- or Right-Spinner was; I could see a small tornado on the top of people’s heads (coming out of their Crown Shakra). It spun clockwise (to the right) or counterclockwise (to the left) and was either dark (could be almost black) or very light. It could also be many shades of grey. If it was dark or grey, they were Left-Spinners (Fear, Force, and Control). If they were a light grey or bright light, they were Right-Spinners.

I use this in crowds of people to find the Right-Spinners and to stay away from the really dark asshole Left-Spinners.  This is also useful to locate the powerful Energy Vampires (to stay away from them). Energy Vampires can make themselves look like they are Right-Spinners, but not the vortex coming out of their heads.

So, if you are a Right-Spinner, you can ask your Spirit Guide if you can see these vortexes/tornados coming out of people’s heads. This is a tool that you can adopt. A light, right-spinning (clockwise) vortex is a right-spinner. A dark, grey left-spinning (counterclockwise) vortex is a left-spinner. Some Left-spinners can hide their vortexes, but you can make them grow in size until they become obvious.

If you are in a relationship with a Left-Spinner, first say no to sucking your energy; they are not entitled to your energy. Get rid of them; they are toxic and either narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths. They will take so much of your energy that you get sick and die. They will knowingly kill you. Many of us have seen people who have had the energy sucked out of them completely and wondered, how did that happen?

Left-Spinners (Dark) have 20% of the power in the Universe and they are not getting any more. Right-Spinners just got 60% and will get 10% more in September and October for 80%. On January 1st, 2023, Right-Spinners will be able to use that 80% completely. We are all seeing our world change all around us; that is this shift in energy being played out. In 2023, Right-Spinners will be able to start changing the world to one of more freedom, good choices, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and doing more of the right things. Everything from our Dark past will be changed; government, courts, banks, business, medical, pharmaceutical, education, politics, and military. Essentially, everything.

We are getting stronger every day.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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