New Aquarian Energy – Timing?

The transition from the old energy to the new will be completed on March 31, 2022; tomorrow.

This is what that means. The Dark forces (the EU, the Deep State, the Banksters, UN, IMF, World Bank, Putin, and Xi/CCP) will have used up any stored “Dark” energy that had been carried forward since 2012; they will only have the 20% of the available energy in the world. That is a huge change; they used to have 80%. Their days of ruling/controlling us are over; they just do not know it yet, but their plans keep failing.

Starting on April 1st, the Light forces will have full unfettered access to 80% of the available energies in the world. What this means is that Light will be able to start addressing its big issues with Darkness. The first targets will be the MACRO ones like those listed above. There will not be any significant energies for individual uses until June or July; so don’t expect to be using new capabilities/powres until then or later in the year.

Good news, all NewBeings (Newomen/Newmen) should be getting Positive energy changes in their lives by July. Say, you have been limited in terms of money, success, health, relationships, etc; this kind of positive energy will be available for all of us sooner than the more powerful capabilities.

Yes, many will be getting the more powerful Powres before the end of the year; things like being able to mentally create (Visioneering or Manifesting), moving things mentally (telekinesis/teleporting) that are close or far away, replicating/copying things (food, coal, natural gas, devices, tools, etc.), putting protective energy shields up around single or multiple dwellings or cars/trucks/RVs, purifying water, starting fires mentally, boiling water mentally, and, even, heating a room mentally. Most NewBeings will be able to do most of the things above; some will be able to do far more.

How? Tapping into this new Aquarian energy that I have called Majik; another name we use is Technology. All Humans have inherent powers like planting/growing food, herding/ranching for meat, fishing, building shelters, making heat, healing, moving about, using their minds/creativity, being aware of danger, planning ahead, etc. For those who have put themSelves on the NewBeing path (Newmen/Newomen), this new energy will provide additional inherent capabilities and enhance existing ones. As we advance on the path, we will receive additional enhancements and capabilities. We will not be doing things the same way for very much longer.

How many NewBeing are there? I have nearly 70,000 subscribers; most, if not all, are NewBeings. These are from everywhere. Others? Yes, according to my Source, there are around 800,000 people who have put themSelves on the path to higher degrees of Fire and Earth Beings. Many of you have shared.

I have written about Space Friends who are here monitoring us. Becoming a NewBeing has become important to them as well; they tend to be Spiritually advanced beings. There are seven other Human-inhabited planets in nearby Space; there are around 5 million NewBeings out there. They are all in the same new Aquarian energies.

Do not be concerned; they are friends and have been protecting Earth for 1000s of years; the Europeans developed from 50,000 warrior/colonists that landed about 4,000 years ago; the Annunaki had depopulated/wiped out the Neanderthal. They are among us and look very European. And yes, they are white-skinned and are located wherever Europeans have traveled to; Russia, Ukraine, Eastern and Western Europe, the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and many other parts of the world. These Pleiadean NewBeings will make it easier to link up with and join their Federation as a full member. We will be Trading with these other worlds much sooner than most will (or would have) believe/believed. We have many things of great interest to them. They are not corrupt and do not take anything without consent and returned value.

It is going to be a very different new world; not much like the old.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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