Women are “of the Light”

Men tend to be destroyers; we impose ourselves using fear, force and control. Yes, those of us who have at least 40 percent Light can be builders, but the vast majority of men have 60 percent Darkness with many much stronger in Darkness. Male engineers and construction workers tend to have a large Light component in their makeup.

Women give birth; they create life and then, nurture it. Light is the creative force and women are it’s creative arm among Humans (and Newmans).

If you look at the major religions on our planet, they are all focused on a male figure; Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed and the Godhead is always a Father figure. Women are left to fend for themselves with the exception of Mother Mary. Mary is prayed to by millions of women every day and She is asked to intervene in our lives; guess what, She has the powre of prayer and worship and, yes, She has the powre to give and take-away.

With the take-over of Light, the Male Godheads have lost much of their powre; Allah has lost all of His and Jesus and Buddha half of theirs. Male is Darkness and this is an appropriate change.

There is only one Female Godhead left standing; Mother Mary. She is the embodiment of the Earth Goddess, aka Gaia; so, when you pray to Mary, you are really praying to Gaia. As Light has taken over, the powre of prayer/worship towards Gaia/Mary has increased significantly; at least double now and will double several more times.

I want to be clear here; Women are of the Light and they have the direct connection with Gaia/Mary to get things or changes that they want. Remember, Light is all about freedom, choice, truth, Love, and change-for-the-better; these are all female attributes that enable Civilization.

Women are nurturers and nest-builders and spend much of their time thinking about how to make the lives of their children and mates better. It is now time to start thinking about how to change the world into something better; you have the powre as Light really has taken over.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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