Accidents? Coincidences? Happenstane? Luck? NonSense

We all have been taught that things happen accidentally or that there is a Lady Luck or that meeting someone unexpectedly is some kind of coincidence. There is no such thing as accidents, coincidence, happenstance, or luck; everything is a Setup for you by your Spirit Guide.

Before we are born, we agree to have many things happen to us. Some are wonderful and others are awful. We come here to learn and grow. The only real choice we have is how we react/respond to good and bad things/persons in our lives. Do we yell and scream or run around in a panic? Do we give up? Or, do we keep calm and look for the best options?

Do we hold grudges or forgive? Do we allow ourselves to be traumatized or find ways to release the shock/pain? Most of us carry around a lot of emotions and pain associated with our negative encounters. In my last post, I wrote about managing emotional wells. We all have many situations that are reflections of pain. You may have skin disorders or diabetes, or neuropathy. You may be blind or deaf or have joint pain. You may have dental issues.

All of these tend to be things that we have accepted as things we cannot do anything about; we live with them. Today, I am telling you that they are all expressions of pain even if they do not hurt. They are all something out of the norm of “healthy.” As you have journeyed through life, you have picked them up and it was just part of growing old. It was just “shit” happening and you accepted it. Even the extra weight around your middle is something that just happens to many of us.

These are all expressions of pain; none of them are wanted. Some of them like joint pain are actually difficult to handle and debilitate us. We look around and notice that some of us are “lucky” and don’t have the same issues, but they all have their own issues even if they do not speak of them.

OK. I will do a little review of how to talk to yourSelf (your Spirit Guide). We all see people around us nodding their heads or shaking them to indicate approval/disapproval. We all do the same thing. This is common for all cultures, races, and nationalities.

The issue is that we all do this unconsciously. It is kind of like tapping our foot to music; it just happens. That too is yourSelf telling you it is enjoying the music.

What to do? Tap into that communications coming from within. It is not accidental. It is an attempt to communicate with you. So, you can communicate back with it and have a two-way conversation.

All you have to do is ask YourSelf if it is trying to communicate with you. You should get an immediate head nod/nods. That is the start. Now, ask if your name is a different name. You will get an immediate head shake/shakes. The nod is a Yes and the shake is a No.

Now, you can ask questions and get information about yourSelf like the Emotional Wells from yesterday. Ask about how powerful the wells are and reduce/eliminate them as fast as possible. Today, we will talk about Pain Wells. Say you have a finger that has been hurt and is chronically swollen or bent. Or you have a Bunyan. Or a scar. Or a rash. These are all physical representations of a Pain Well. Blindness, Deafness, and Imbalance/Falling Down are all Pain Wells too. Poor dental health is too. Whatever issue you have that is unwanted, but somehow, you have accepted is a Pain Well.

So, ask yourSelf if this issue is a Pain Well? Then ask what it is from 0-9. Reduce/eliminate its powre down to Zero/0 as quickly as possible. Do this for all of your Pain Wells. This is a way to change your Pain Wells; keep at it.

Nothing in this life happens immediately. Everything takes time. If it has taken years to develop, it is not going away overnight. But, perhaps in a week or two, or a month or two. Keep going back and asking what its power is; eventually, it will disappear.

This is energetic healing. Have fun with this. You are the creator; this technique allows you to be a Conscious Creator.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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