Are the Great Return, Darkest-of-the-Dark and Great Reckoning Programs running?

They are in-place, but not yet running.  The Great Return is a random selection of millions of Dark Beings who will be sent “Home” to Spirit early (die).  The Darkest-of-the-Dark is a much more focused program that takes out the Darkest Beings first; assholes like Obama and Assad. The Great Reckoning is the re-distribution of money/wealth from Dark Beings to Light Beings.

As much as I want these programs to be running now, my Spirit Guide tells me that they cannot run until after October 31st, when Light will have its full, over-ride, powre of 67%.  Currently, Light has 60% of the powre and can start cleaning out the mess in the United Nations, the European Union and the US GOVERNMENT; that can start as early as tomorrow, September 15th, which is a Triple-14-day.

Another early target, hopefully, is the political “ISM” that we call Islam.  Yes, it is a religion, but it is also a set of laws, called Sharia, and its preferred way of spreading is via the “sword” as with ISIS. Islam does not co-exist with any other religion and explicitly says that any “unbeliever” can be enslaved or killed. Where does all the Terror in Terrorism come from? Sounds like ISIS doesn’t it?

If not tomorrow, perhaps on September 24th.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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