Are you a Free Wheeler?

I write about people who are Left- and Right-spin and they are very different from each other. Today, I will break everyone into three more categories; people who are guided all the time, people who are guided part-time, and people who are not guided at all. I call the unguided Free Wheelers; they can go in any direction or do anything. They can even change what they are doing or where they are going suddenly in the reverse or in a totally new direction.

I keep writing about talking to yourSelf using nods and shakes. The first step in doing that is to ask if your Angel or Spirit Guide wants to talk to you. For some of you, you do not get an answer. This is puzzling; why would you Guide not want to talk to you?

Perhaps, you are here as a Free Wheeler. If so, you are free to do, or say, or go anywhere; there are no consequences (from a Spiritual perspective). You did not come here to do any heavy lifting or, even work of any kind. For Free Wheelers, this lifetime is a vacation from work; they are here to play. We all know about these people; they do not take anything seriously. They are here for fun. They are fair weather friends; no work, please.

If you are a Free Wheeler, you are not being guided at all. How many of us are Free Wheelers? This may be a bit shocking, but 50% of us tend to be Free Wheelers. Just like being Left- and Right-spin, we are a mix of being totally Free Wheelin and being part-time Guided. When a part-time guided person is not being guided, he/she is Free Wheeling. For most of the 50% of Free Wheelers, only 10% are partially guided (lightly guided).

For those part-timers who get pushed a bit harder, they have work to do, but still, have lots of playtimes. The work and playtime are more limited than the Free Wheelers. As the amount of work increases (and the playtime decreases), they move towards the guided group. Part-time Guided people make up 45% of us. The Guided Group is only 5% or 1-in-20.

Say you are a part-timer and you want to move to the guided group; can you do that? Yes, you start talking to yourSelf and state your Intent to pick up more work. If you are doing any work at all, your Guide will speak with you. This applies to Free Wheelers who are doing any amount of work as well. They will have to set their Intent to be taken seriously by their Guide for the conversation to take place.

So, it’s not just Left- and Right-spinners, but being guided or not. Being guided applies to both the Dark Force and the Light; there have always been good and evil people. And, most of us in the middle. You can be a wonderful Human Being that is listening to guidance from both Darkness and Light; being both fearful and wanting more freedom. We tend to think about the Angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other.

Think about it, how did Jesus, Bhudda, and Mohammed happen? How about Hitler, Putin, and Stalin? Or Gengus Khan? How about Alexander the Great? All of these people were guided. Nothing (No Thing) that happened to them was accidental or luck or happenstance; everything was a Setup.

My major point here is to inform you that you can move in the direction you want by exercising your Intent; you can consciously create. If you want to get off the merry-go-round (Free Wheeling)? You can. If you want to get more purpose (more work)? You can. We are all put here to make choices. Most of us do not know we have these choices; there are no instruction manuals on being Human.

Sometimes, it is very hard being a Free Wheeler. They are always looking for greater/more purpose. But equally, it can be hard to start working.

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