The Dark Forces have run outa Luck!

Everyone should have their heads on a swivel; keep watching for the massive changes happening all around.

I have written about the shift in energies that are transpiring this year. On July 30th, Light/Right-spin will have 50% of the powre in the world; Darkness/Left-spin only has 20%.

OK. What’s changing? First, there is no such thing as Luck or Accidents or Happenstances or Coincidences; everything is a Setup by Spirit. Yes, you can call it synchronicity, but Setups are more direct. What is a Setup? It is a series of events, people, or transactions arranged for you by your Angels or Spirit Guides.

Hopefully, you will believe me about Setups. Here’s why. If you know that Setups are being deployed around you or with you in the center, you can ask about your Setups. You can ask about positive and negative Setups. I would start with the Negative ones first. I try to remember to ask about negative Setups once per week. Knowing they are coming allows you to prepare in advance; you know, change something to avoid it. But, even more important, you can ask if you can delete, modify (lessen), or delay the negative Setup. If you know about it, you can take action to avoid/lessen the negative experience(s). Hey, if you’ve got positive Setups coming, you can look forward to them or even ask if they can be quickened or increased in scope. How does one ask about Setups? Yes, use the nods and shakes. And yes, put your hand on your heart if you want to validate truthfulness.

We all have Setups as individuals, groups, companies, political parties, and nations. And yes, you can ask about Setups at all levels. So, in August, Light/Right-Spin will be able to give (or start to) negative Setups to dark/left-spin individuals (especially billionaires/political leaders), groups, companies, parties, and nations. Think Putin and Russia, but many others come to mind. What I am saying is that many people and organizations will be given many new negative Setups; their Luck will appear to have shifted to Bad. Instead of winning their agenda issues, they will lose and the losses will get worse and worse.

We have been watching the collapse of Globalism for several months, but it will quicken. Germany cannot continue as it was; just not enough natural gas coming from Russia. The same will apply to most of Europe, especially next winter. What about food? Fuel? Electricity? Heating? Cars/Trucks?

Something positive now. All of you Right-spinner out there will be able to give positive or negative Setups to others. This may not happen until the end of August (60%), September (70%), or October (80%), but it will happen this year. It will also depend on how strong you are in Right-spin power (70s, 80s, 90s percent).

Here’s something positive to do right now. Take any situation that you are thinking about. You can ask for an MBO; a Most Benevolent Outcome. This is a way of turning a negative Setup into a positive one. You can give MBOs to others. It is more powerful when you give them to other Right-spinners. This is kind of putting a positive Spell on someone/something. Setup and Spell are both 5-letter words.

Anyway, our world is just now coming out of 10,800 years of being dominated by darkness/left-spin powers that brought us massive amounts of fear, force, and control. With the many negative Setups being pumped out, that dark world will start to implode rapidly. Hand out the positive Setups and MBOs to people who are makers and givers. People who smile in their eyes and with their hearts. People who are thoughtful, kind, and considerate. People who provide service(s) to the rest of us. Service people always find a way to push beyond themselves.

You can also hand out the negative Setups. Instead of trying to kill someone, hand it over to Spirit or the Universe to come up with the most appropriate Setup; this is a great way to avoid any Karma issues. Who knows? They can become ill or can slip on the ice. You can give out as many negative Setups as you feel necessary; again, the execution is up to the higher realms. Setups are not limited to a single issue. We tend to think of them as money, love, health, or possessions, but can be all-in-one. You can help the Universe with your intent for positive and negative Setups or MBOs.

Be sure to give yourSelves positive Setups/MBOs when it comes to enough food, fuel, shelter, electricity, and transport. Do this at least once per week unless you can make them last longer. Ask for help from like-minded people; survival is a group sport.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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