Try “Evicting” Them

The old Dark energy was used for fear, force, and control. Frequently, when it was opposed, people were just killed. That was just the way Dark energy was used.

Now, we are moving into new energy which is based on Order with more freedom, truth, good choices, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, and, generally, doing the right things.

The old energy approach was to club us all with fear and if we resisted, hit us financially or have us killed in many ways. That worked for the past 10,800 years; this is why our world is so messed up.

We cannot just kill people anymore; that approach is no longer supported by the new energy. We must come up with a new methodology for removing the Dark/Left-spin leaders who are still trying to rule us using fear, force, and control. I have already written about using negative Setups; that will work, but it is not an energetic replacement for killing them and getting them gone quickly.

We can EVICT them. That is a very powerful 5-letter word. Like Setup, it turns the details of the action over to Spirit/Universe but is more direct in terms of rapidity of time and scope. When we use Evict, we are taking their power away (political or group) as well as wealth, money, or position. But hey, if you want to get rid of a Dark Asshole in your life, Evict him/her from your life; they will have no choice but to disappear or just fade away.

If it does not work quickly enough, keep trying at the start of a new month; August 50%, September 60%,, October 70%, and November 80%. Your Eviction Spell will be getting stronger over the next four months. But hey, we have 40% now which is twice what they have; try it, you may like the results.

When I say use Evict, I am not just talking about evicting them from a house or apartment. I am talking about evicting them from a job (your boss), a company, or a political position. Think about it, Russia, China, and the EU have largely been evicted from the family of nations. When I can, I will evict Putin, Xi, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel, Arden, Alibressie, Trudeau, and more. Can’t forget Clinton, Soros, Gore, Bush(s), Zuckerburg, Fauci, and other HiTech Tyrants. This also applies to judges, bureaucrats, and generals that are on the Dark side. Hell, if I can, I will evict the entire Deep State/WEF/Davos.

Evict will only work for Light/Right-spinners; the Dark assholes do not have the power they used to (only 20%). Like using negative Setups, their seeming luck will change for the worse, but quickly. Again, there is no luck, it has always been Dark/Left-spin or Light/Right-spin power/powre. They kept on telling us there was so such thing as magic, but they were using it to amass wealth and power constantly. For fear, force, and control; how does one become a billionaire without magic/majik. Now Majik has 80% of the powre and the gain/volume is increasing (November).

Yes, they will try to steal the elections again, but they do not have the power to do so anymore.

To the sheeple, people will die of accidents, diseases, poisons, bullets, and more. No such thing as accidents.

If you want to use your powre to evict any of the above Dark Assholes, pile on.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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