Are You a Right-Spinner?

I have been talking about Light taking over and moving into the Aquarian Age/Photon Belt for a while.

Today, let’s talk about being right- or left-spin. Whenever we hear about a weather system, it is frequently described as a High or Low Pressure System; High Pressure spins clockwise (to the right) and Low Pressure spins counter-clockwise (to the Left).

OK. You have to agree that the concept of spinning energy is there, right in front of us, in Nature. So… weather systems have both left- and right-spin energies; that makes sense as Low Pressure systems bring us rain and High Pressure systems bring us sunshine. Both as absolutely essential for life on Earth.

This extends to everyone and everything; we are all a mix of left- and right-spin energies. This applies to rocks, water, plants, animals and, yes, Humans.

So…I am going to focus on Humans; all of us come here at birth with an orientation towards Darkness (Left-Spin) or Light (Right-Spin). Once we are here, we can choose to move move towards the Left or the Right. Again, I define Darkness as fear, force, control and resistance-to-change and Light as more freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility and changes-for-the-better.

What we choose for our orientation is frequently influenced by the dominant force in our world. Up until the last 30 days, the dominant force was Darkness and most people born before 2000 chose to be oriented towards Darkness as it tended to make for an easier life. For the people born after 2000, they knew a change was in-the-works and most of them chose to be oriented towards Light.

For those of us born before 2000, 90-95 percent of us are Left-Spinners; we want to be told what to do and what to think, even if subtly. Left-Spinners like the system with all of it’s corruptions and intimidations.

OK. What about the Right-Spinners? We are always trying to “fix” the system because it is so wrong to us. And, we keep running into trouble with the Left-Spinner all around us who don’t want the system “fixed.” Do you understand what I mean by a Right-Spinner?

All creativity comes from the Light. Another way of saying that is, All creativity comes from Right-Spinners; this is true whether it is music, art, food, wine, financials or software programming. Oh, Left-Spinners are involved in all of these, but are always copying – never being original.

Alright, Light has taken over. That means that Right-Spinners have taken over. Wow, it is a good time to be a Right-Spinner; all of those Dark Assholes, who stopped us in the past, cannot do so now.

Another aspect of the takeover of Light is the arrival of White (Light) Majik; it, too, is Right-Spin. Majik was always here, but seemed to disappear when Light was only 20 percent of the Force; now Majik is 67 percent of the Force and Magic (Dark, Left-Spin) is 33 percent.

Does this mean that there is still Magic out there to be used by Dark Beings? Yes, but Magic can be overcome by Majik, easily, now. So… All of those $Billionaires out there who accumulated all of that wealth with Magic; oh well, they will not be able to hold on to it. Same with Political Power and Sexual Power; too bad, so sad.

OK. I started this post by asking if you were a Right-Spinner?  If you are, the times, they have changed; you are now empowred. The old ways of doing everything (all based on Left-Spin) are now changing. Yes, you can now “fix” everything that is wrong around you. You may have to start small, but you will be able to go “Big” very soon.

Most people do not think in terms of their Spin or the use of Majik/Magic. It is not even in the lexicon to describe yourself as being of the Light or of the Darkness; it got too confused with Good and Bad or Good and Evil. Both of these concepts are too general, what do they mean? Everyone can be good and bad, but only Left-Spinners (you know, fear,force and control) can be evil.

In recent years, many Right-Spinners have started calling themselves Light Workers or Light Beings as they were being prompted from within about the coming Aquarian Age. The Left-Spinners thought this was cute and “New Age” and tended to think everything would stay the same; everything has stayed the same for the past 6.5 thousand years, why would it change?

We have now moved into Aquarian energies that are the basis for Right-Spinners and Majik; it is now time to start using your Majik Wands. Have fun with it!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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