Big Move Against Islam

Darkness lives in the Kaaba on this planet. What is the Kaaba? If you are a Muslim, you are required to face the direction of Mecca and bow down at least three times a day. Why?, Mecca is where Allah lives; Allah is Darkness and lives in the Kaaba in Mecca.

The Kaaba is really a six-foot square block of black obsidian with sharp corners and lines. It is housed in a large tent-like structure and is the holiest aspect of Islam; this is where the Haj, or Pilgrimage occurs when good Muslims parade around the Kaaba nine times in a counter-clockwise direction (Left- Spinning).

Again, this is the Home of Darkness. Darkness is male. Darkness is Left-Spin. Darkness is fear. Darkness is force. Darkness is control. Darkness is resistance to change. Now, you understand the stone-age primitiveness of Mohammedism or Islam. Women are Light. Now, you understand why women are so mistreated in Islam. It really is this Black and White.

Ok. Light has taken over. It’s February and Light is going to flex it’s new muscles. Oh, Light is going to be taking Darkness on in spots all around the world, but the main event is going to be in the Middle East and Muslim Countries. If you step back and look at what is happening, Iran and the Shiites are warring with Saudi Arabia and the Sunnis and, we, the West, are caught in the middle. Guess what, the Muslims are all barbarous, terrorists who deserve gruesome deaths; they are, by definition, very Dark.

Wait a second, what about the Moderate Muslims? What about the “Good” Muslims? Hey, they still worship Darkness. Jihad is a book, not a chapter, in the Quran. Islam was spread by the sword; Jihad is an integral part of the political, theocratic expansion of Islam.

Alright, Light is going after Darkness. What does that mean? Things are not going to go well for the Middle East; lots of strife, turmoil, death, destruction among all of the Muslim lands. What is happening in Syria and Iraq is going to be expanded to include Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia. Eventually, Mecca and Medina will be under 300 feet of water as the entire Arabian Peninsula collapses into the sea; Darkness is not going to be happy.

What about the Muslims in Europe? That is an issue that will not be pretty either. The Muslims do not assimilate and demand separateness; even worse, they are now turning towards terrorism to move their expansionist agenda. Europeans, empowred by Light, will demand that Muslims be expelled back to their home countries whether they are wanted or not.

What about the Terrorists? They appear to be winning; is Light going to degrade and destroy them as well? Yes, the Muslims are among the Darkest-of-the-Dark on the planet. Light will be allocating special resources against them.

What about the Catholic Church and it’s antipathy towards Women? Will that be addressed? Yes, but the Christianity does not have to be destroyed; it can be reformed. Re-member, Light is female powre and male domination is something left-over from Darkness; women will rule.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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