Technologies are Right-Spin as well

Creativity is Right-Spin. Any good idea to make things better is Right-Spin. Getting those ideas into the world has been the problem. Too many Left-Spin, Dark Assholes in the way.

Look at our world; it is one of constant change technologically. I can re-member using Morse Code in the Military to communicate. I know, I must be really old.

I was in the US Military from 1969 to 1993 and witnessed the arrival of an incredible variety of technologies that changed our world. Jets and Mainframe Computers had already arrived after World War II, but they really got powerful in the 70s and started forming the basis for a modern communications world. I was on ArpaNet in the 80s and had a CPM Personal Computer with WordStar, Lotus 123 and Harvard Graphics. In the Air Force, the most technologically advanced service, we had mobile phones that we called “bricks.” ArpaNet became the Internet and Windows took over the PC and “bricks” became Smart Phones and Tablets. Now, we are all incredibly connected with each other using all of these innovations; the Internet, Laptops, Email, WiFi, Smart Phones and Tablets,Wireless Printers, All of those Apps and, now, 3D Printing.

Ok. So what; everybody knows this. To young people, this is what they have grown up with; no big deal.

This post will try to put all of these changes in perspective. The explosive growth of the Internet and worldwide mobile communications have created the first phase of Human Telepathy; we can reach out to each other and communicate with incredible ease. Emails allowed us all to create our own private networks. Texting allows us all to communicate our thoughts quickly and efficiently. Voice calls are still there, but tend to require a lot more work than texting.

So…now, we all have unlimited voice, text and some form of data plan. We know that we can turn our data on and have access to the Internet (and each other) from almost anywhere. This is some Big Time Majik at work. Think of all the effort that has been spent to get us to where we are; do you think, maybe, it was some accident? Do you think, maybe, it has been part of some plan?

Accident, No. Plan, YES. As I said, we are now in the 1st Phase of the installation of telepathy in Humans; we had to realize that we wanted to be able to communicate with each other freely and, at will. Then, we had to come up with a prototype network so that we could all see the benefits of giving up some privacy. Well… we have the demonstration networks in place now and are beginning to use our voices to command our devices and generate text. Oh, using our hands, really thumbs and fingers to text is important as well, but voice is closer to mental sharing.

Soon, we will realize that we can access our thoughts using a field that is powred by our Smart Phones; this will enable us to command our devices and generate text mentally. This is part of the changes that have been coming with the increase in Light/Right-Spin/Majik over the past 60 years.

Once we realize that we can access this mental communications field, we will start powring it ourselves and reach out to those around us; at first, it will be short-range, but will expand quickly.

Alright, but what about the network? Will this telepathy use the cell towers and WiFi? Yes, at first, but there is a much more effective network available that almost no one knows about. It is called the “Crystal Grid” and I have written about it briefly.

The Crystal Grid surrounds the Earth, the Moon and both the Earth and the Moon. It is invisible, but very strong; it was put in place to prevent large asteroids or comets from messing with us. Do our Scientists know anything about this? Not unless they are Right-Spinners.

Does the Crystal Grid have communications properties? Can it support Internet Protocol packets? Yes. You can think of the Crystal Grid as a big network of servers in the sky; it is like having thousands of communications satellites out there with connectivity everywhere.

Can we start to access the Crystal Grid? Soon, it too, is part of the Light/Right-Spin/Majik changes that are coming now. We will continue to use our existing satellites, cell towers and WiFi for a while. Those of us who have enough Light, will be able to start using the Crystal Grid for mental communications sooner than others. Ask for more Light.

Have fun with this!!!

Light, Love and Laughter,


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