How the Shift Works

None of us alive have experienced a Shift of the Ages; moving from Pisces to Aquarius.

I initially thought it was a straightforward process; NOT!

When we entered into Aquarian energy back in December 2012, you know the end of the Mayan Calendar, it wasn’t Aquarian energy yet. We entered into a kind of neutral transition between the two Ages. This transition takes nine (9) years and will be completed on December 21, 2022. Counting the 9-year transition, each Age lasts for 2,160 years.

What happened in these last 9 years is unknown; these transitions include extended, negotiated agreements between Dark energies and Light. Of course, none of us know anything about those agreements. The one thing we know is that Aquarian energy will emerge as dominant after the transition. In Taurus, Aries, and Pisces, Darkness had 80% of the available power in our world/Solar System/Local Universe; this explains why Fear, Force, and Control have played such a dominant role in all of our remembered/recorded history. The Male dominated the past three Ages; thus his story (history). In Aquarius, the Female will dominate, Aquarian energies will support more Freedom, Truth/Integrity, Choice (Good ones), Self-Reliance/Responsibility, Individual Rights over Group/Collective Rights, and doing the Right things.

During this transition period, we have seen positive and negative swings back and forth; Covid was a huge negative happening, but it has allowed many of us to wake up to tyranny and be able to see the wrongness of many decisions our Elites have made for us. Think Climate Change and Global Warming. Think Globalism and Globalization. Think WEF/Davos/Bilderbergers/Rothschilds. Think killing coal, oil, nuclear power, and total dependence on natural gas (from Russia?).

Yes, we are all experiencing the war in Ukraine; it is horrible and Russia has become a Priya nation. But hey, worldwide sanctions are killing the Global World Order; that’s a good thing.

We are in the last year of the transition.  By January 30th, Darkness got 10% of the power. By February 28th, Darkness got 20%. That was all for Darkness. In March, April, May, and June, Light got 10% for each (40%). This will occur for July, August, September, and October for 80% of the powre.

So, now, on July 4th, Independence Day in the US, Light has twice the power of  Darkness. We are in the last half of the year as well. The Rules of Engagement (ROE) are, seemingly, that Light could not use its powre against Darkness until July; although it may have jumped the gun at the end of June (the Supreme Court wins).

My point is that the forces of Big Government, the Deep State, WEF/Davos/Bilderbergers/Rothchilds/Central Banksters, the EU, and the UN have all lost the War. They may still win a few battles, but 20% does not trump 40% or 60% or 80%; their losses will become larger and larger. Think about it; are Russia and China forces of Darkness? YES. Are they winning? Have they gotten any of their major objectives? No, some small ones maybe. Wait and see what will happen to these Dark countries. This will apply to Dark regions and states. Light has been blocked, limited, suppressed, and stomped on for the past 6,480 years (or more); being strong in Darkness will be an invitation for attack. US States that are very Dark include New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts. Rhode Island, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and California; these all have significant pain coming. Through in Delaware. Maryland, and the District of Columbia (DC) as well. In Europe, London, Paris, Berlin, Minsk, and Moscow are all on the Dark Side of the Force.

Today, it was reported that the 3 Gorges Dam has three (3) major cracks; it will not be long. After major upheavals in China, massive earthquake activity will kick off a Cascadia Earthquake and Tsunami that will hit the US West Coast (Vancouver, Seatle, Portland, and San Francisco). That will trigger the “Big One” along the San Andreas and California will become the Isles of California. Washington State, Oregon, and California are among the Darkest Regions anywhere on Earth. Parts of New York and Illinois are not far behind.

Light will be fully empowered and moving against Darkness on New Year’s Day, 2023. We are moving into a several 100-year Mini Ice Age. We have food shortages that we can clearly see coming. We have energy shortages that we can clearly see coming too. This coming winter will be a bad one; very cold. How bad will things be in 2024, 2025, 2026, and out? Our growing seasons will shrink; learn how to grow food indoor or out.

We are already seeing mass migrations of people with the refugees from Ukraine. What will the coming cold and food shortage do? Will it be worse? The world that we all know so well is falling apart. Supply chains are broken, energy and food are getting very expensive; many of us may have to choose between being warm and eating. Buy those middle layers of warmth. Recommend Marino Wool. Don’t forget the socks and gloves. Buy extra blankets, quilts, and sleeping bags. Get that food that does not expire; rice, beans, pasta, lentles, split peas. Get a small, portable stove that burns wood. Find a place in the country; leave the cities soon. We are already seeing what happens when the trucks stop delivering. Cities are collective entities; they are hive-like and are very dark. Collective rights are wanning; become more self-reliant.

Be a survivor; prepare now. It is not a matter of “IF”, but “When” the Shit will hit the Fan (SHTF). It is coming. The Earth Changes have already begun and they will be worse coming.

Light, Love and Laughter,



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