New Technologies can come into the World

In an earlier post, I wrote about the concept of Energy Envelopes; the one we all know is the New Year on January 1st. Well… if a new year is a new energy envelope, how about a new month?  Yes, we are about to move from January to February and, each, has its own energetic properties.

What makes this year a bit unusual is that Light is in the process of taking over from Darkness. Yes, Light did take over on January 23rd and is, now, preparing to deploy it’s version of programs for things like attraction to the opposite sex, the sex act, acquiring money, holding on to money, acquiring success, holding on to success, being able to change your body, healing yourself, allowing youthfulness for yourself and allowing powres. Like it or not, these are all, now, within the realm of Light; not Darkness.

OK. Are you saying that these new programs will be installed into the world in February? Yes! But, not just into the world, into everything and everyone. The old, Dark ways of doing everything are being replaced with new, different, better ways.

We have all heard that nothing changes; that people do not change and that we will always have death and taxes. Well… this has been true for 6.5 thousands years and that is a long time. It is no longer true, Light has taken over and is throwing out all of the old ways. Yes, that means, medicine, education, our legal system, business, the military and our governments at the local, state and national levels.

The nine days from January 23rd to the 31st have been used to create these new programs and they will be installed during the 28 days of February. Yes, they will be installed in two phases each lasting 14 days each; there is that 14-number or Creation Number again.

OK. What does this mean for me? If you are of the Light, this will be a very good thing; the tables will be turned. All of the Dark people who have accumulated 90 percent of the wealth, you know the one percenters, will, suddenly, lose their ability to acquire and hold on to money and success. By suddenly, I mean a very big change by the end of February. Perhaps, the Global Financial Melt-down will happen very soon.

This will happen to their health and youthfulness as well; too bad, so sad. Oh well, they have had their day in the Sun and now, it is our turn.

Here is some outstanding news; all of you Light Beings who have been messed with by Darkness over the years will be able to “heal” yourselves. Yes, I am talking about Health issues like dis-eases and syndromes and maladies; everything from diabetes to heart disease to cancer, but this also extends to financial healing of poor credit and just not being able to hold on to money. Yes, women/men and sex too. And yes, success too.

And, now, I can talk about technologies. For those of you who have visited my Revitae Technologies website, you know that I have a bunch of ideas to make things better for everyone. The trouble has been that these ideas/technologies were all of the Light and I had to wait until Light took over to bring them into the world.

Well, Pilgrim, it’s that time. I can, finally, bring these technologies into the world without having to worry about being killed. They are all disruptive technologies to varying degrees, especially the Static Electrical Generator. What is even better, it is not just me. There are many other new technologies that have been on hold as well.

Now, the Lotus Flower can unfold.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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