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Please reread the Michael Experiment post. In that post, I explain that Lucifer and Michael each got one-third of the Host of Heaven (inhabited planets) for a grand experiment to help people (Spirits-in-a-Body) accelerate their progress back to the One faster.

OK. The remaining third was retained, by the One, as the “Control” and it has a level mix of Left-Spin and Right-Spin energies at 50 percent each.  Lucifer’s third was 80 percent Left-Spin (Dark) energy and Michael’s was 80 percent Right-Spin (Light) energy.

Even though Lucifer means “bearer of Light”, He has been associated with Darkness ever since. OK. This experiment lasted 300,000 years and was terminated only two years ago in 2014. Yes, this multi-world changing event happened in your lifetime.

What happened?

Earth played a major role in the ultimate decision.  Earth was the only planet in all of the nine universes that was partially in Lucifer’s territory and partially in Michael’s.  Because Earth kept transitioning from mostly Dark to mostly Light over the 300,000 years, it developed differently than any other of the millions of inhabited planets.

About 200 years ago, Earth started sending out signals of an unusual energetic configuration; it was like popping corn in a microwave.  It started out with a pop here and a pop there, quite slowly, but it got everyone’s attention in the bureaucracy of Heaven.

Suddenly, all of the advanced Spiritual Beings from anywhere wanted to come to Earth to participate in this rapidly evolving new path.  By that, I mean that they wanted to be born as one of us here, on Earth.

I was one of these and so are you. Some of us came here in the early 20th Century; many more came in the mid 20th Century and most of us came here in the 1990s and 2000s; the popping reached a crescendo as we entered the 21st Century.

I came here to find and share a new path; see my Transform Yourself page.

When the Great Experiment was terminated, Spirit, or the One, had enough information on how to reconfigure the Multi-verse and has been transitioning the entire Host of Heaven (millions of Inhabited Planets) from 50 percent Light and 50 percent Dark , 80 percent Dark and 20 percent Light and 80 percent Light and 20 percent Dark to a new configuration of 67 percent Light/Right-Spin and 33 percent Dark/Left-Spin energies.

So… That is the big picture view.  All Spirits-in-a-Body everywhere will be operating in an energy environment that is 2/3s Right-Spin (Freedom, Truth, Choice, Self-Reliant, Self-Responsibility and Doing-the-RIGHT-thing) also called Light.  Yes, they will also be operating in an energy environment that is 33 percent (less than 1/3) Left-Spin (Fear, Force, Control, Big Government and Resisting-the-Right-thing) also called Darkness. This will take up to 9 years (or orbits) for each planet in the Multi-verse.

Here on Earth, we are ahead of the curve; we will hit the 67 percent take-over point at 2pm (1400) on Tuesday, July 13th.  14 is the Creation Number and each new day actually starts at 1400 hours despite our convention of the day changing at 12 o’clock midnight.

Any time after reaching 67 percent of the Powre, Light has the Authority from Spirit to make whatever changes it wants to make. Darkness has been in charge for all of our recorded history and has made a mess of many things and places.

I chose to be born as an American.  Why? Because Light put a lot of embedded energy into the creation of the USA knowing that Darkness only had around 200 years to try to destroy it.  Darkness has been successful in trying to destroy it, but guess what? Darkness has run out of steam; out of ammunition and out of power. Everyone is disgusted with the events coming out of Washington, DC and is demanding change.  That, is Light taking over.  The Dark status quo lost in Britain, is losing in the EU and will lose in the US Elections in November.  The Muslim Terrorists appear to be expanding, but this is their high-water mark.

For those of you who have wondered why the United States never went to the Metric System? The answer is quite simple; Light would not allow it as the Metric System is Dark.  In the US and British system, water froze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and boiled at 212 degrees Fahrenheit; both of these add up to 5 and a 5 is really the Creation Number, 14. In the Metric System, water freezes at Zero degrees; this is a negation of an important Creation event everywhere in our world.

You may think this is unimportant nonsense, but the number 14 is a critically important number for all of us.  See my Home page.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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