The Dark EU is Unravelling

What is Darkness? Fear, Force,Control and Resisting Doing-the-RIGHT-Thing. Right is Light and Left is Dark; these are not accidental contructions.

Today, the world woke up knowing that the Brits have taken their country back from the EU despite all of the warnings of calamity by the Establishment (read: Dark Assholes). Just think of the millions of deals that have been made to keep the Establishment in power and in money. Just like in Washington DC and any other Capital !!!

OK. What happened? On Wednesday, June 22nd, Light, finally, got to 60 percent of the powre.  That means that on June 23rd, the Brexit Vote day, Darkness actually had less than 40 percent.  We all heard how the Stay vote would win and even at 4pm London time, they Media released that the Stay crowd was winning by 52-48.

Light has been telling me to be unconcerned and that the Brits would regain their freedom.  The next piece of information that I get is that Germany will leave the EU quickly as well as all of the other producer nations. The EU will collapse rapidly as a political entity.  What else? The UN will also collapse rapidly as it is very Dark. Throw in NAFTA, the World Trade Organization and the TPP and TFA efforts.

What about all of the Dark Companies? They are on the hit list also.

What is Light? Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Doing-the-RIGHT-Thing. Light was there for the Brits and they embraced it.

So…We have all seen what happens when Light gets the upper-hand; we have an improbable event happen on the world stage; all the bookies were betting against it.

In my last post, I opined about what Light would be doing as it gets stronger. Light is telling me that it can do whatever it wants to do after it has 65 percent; that happens on 7/7/2016.

Whatever my track record has been on timing, consider yourselves (yes, you and the World) warned. Start listening to that Inner Voice or Spirit Guide; the changes, they are coming and it will NOT be pretty for many of us.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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