Big Picture Update

Light, officially, takes over tomorrow, January 23rd. 2015. That is a triple 14-day. I don’t know exactly why it has taken so long, but am told it is happening tomorrow.

OK. What does that mean? Light, now, has it’s own agenda; it is not just a case of opposing the agenda of Darkness. Yes, the excesses of Darkness will continue to be opposed, but Light is powering up it’s own version of re-distribution of wealth and getting rid of millions of the people here who have too much Darkness.

Why must they be gotten rid of? They operate out of fear and exercise far too much force and control. Guess what? They are not going to change. They will get in the way of freedom, truth, choice, integrity, order, not a police state, etc.

Far too many of them have given too much powre to the State and the State, everywhere, is out-of-control. Light will bring back the focus on individual rights and responsibilities, not those of groups. Hell, most of the groups are far too Dark and will be leaving. The Politicians and Bureaucrats, who technically work for us, but work for themselves, are all going bye-bye.

It sounds as if there will be a lot of Chaos unleashed when all of these Dark people begin to leave in large numbers. Not so; order will be released from its chains and the survivors will be free to do the right thing.  What about the thugs and looters and men with guns? They will be leaving quickly. What about the prisons? What will happen to them? Those who are Dark will also leave quickly and those who are of the Light will be freed.

Everything in our lives that is based on ruling through the barrel of a gun will be dissolved and extinguished. That means law enforcers, prosecutors, judges, the military, the IRS, etc. Taxes will become voluntary, really.

All of these laws and regulations that are based on statutes will be dissolved and extinguished as well. The Law, under Light, will bring back commonly understood Common Law. Admiralty Laws, the Golden Fringe around the US Flag will be disbanded, but the effective elements of contracts between mutually agreeing parties will continue.

All of those speed limit laws and drunk driving laws will be going bye-bye; they are all based on Statutes. Common Law Self Responsibility will be enough.

Say goodbye to the UN, the EU and the over-reaching US GOVERNMENT; they will all be gone by the close of 2015. How is this going to happen? They are all incredibly DARK and will not be allowed to continue.

Say goodbye to oppression of women in all of its forms; re-member, Light is female. Something especially offensive to Light is the evil force we call Islam. Darkness, on this planet, actually abides in the KaaBa in Mecca; this is something that every Muslim must bow down to at least three times a day.

What I am saying here is that the future, under Light, will not have to concern itself with Islamic Jihadists or Islamic Terrorists or, even, Islamists as they are ALL too Dark to stay.

Whoa. Are you saying that there are no good people among the Muslims? No, it’s not about being Good or Evil, it IS about being oriented towards Darkness. The Muslims are not the only Dark religion, look at the Buddhists and the Catholics, but there is room for reform in these.

Let’s get back to money and wealth. Light is going to be taking away the wealth from those oriented towards Darkness and giving it to Light Beings. This will take the next three years to complete, but will start with a giant financial crash soon. What is going to happen is that the accounts of all of the Dark people will grow holes and all of their money will fall out. Wait a second, account do not have holes? Yes, they have loopholes, don’t they?

Money is just another form of energy; it flows in the form of coins, paper and, recently digitally. Darkness has controlled the flow of this energy for thousands of years; no longer.

Anyway, this is all be putting into play tomorrow, finally.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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